The Rockstar Chapter 58

“Sorry for offending you, Zhao Liya she …… just misunderstood, right? You did not bully me! It’s all my fault.”

“Is this a matter of bullying or not? Is it wrong for me to bully you?”

“Then what is the problem?”

“Why did you …… start a rumour that I have a boyfriend? Didn’t I just tease you a few times? That’s to appreciate you, you don’t appreciate it even if it’s okay, a big man why do you still make rumours? Put me as that kind of that kind of ……”

“Isn’t that razor your boyfriend’s?”

“You! Pfft …… on that?”

“I’m sorry, I’m stupid, I don’t know how I messed with you, teacher, I apologise.”

“So it’s stupid not bad, then you’re forgiven! Eh! Teachers are just so broad-minded, you know, hahaha ……”

“Eh …… Teacher you don’t scare me.”

“People icy clean a cat, where is the boyfriend? This time but you provoke me. This vengeance will not go unrewarded is not catzi!”

“I have apologised ah! Cat …… catzi?”

“Hit the money!”

“Didn’t you just give it? Not enough? Name a number and I’ll see if it’s enough.”

“I said …… pay for the cat.”


Jingle Bells ……

Transfer $0.50, memo: money for cat.

Li Tiezhu put down his mobile phone, his heart is tired, the money to raise a cat in the end or give it, otherwise he will certainly not sleep well.

The teacher set this price ……

He lay on the bed for a long time and could not sleep, recalling the previous two hours of knife-like experience, could not help but be afraid of the aftermath, and the Daemon King was completely crazy! The acting skills certainly have no words, acting like a cat like a cat.

What is even more excessive is that she also threatened that this is not the last time, saying something about having a cat is a long term project.

Li Tiezhu suddenly felt that his life had become obscure and had no light.

Still didn’t top it, this night Li Tiezhu rightfully had nightmares again, the Persian cat was ferocious to the extreme.

Early the next morning, Li Tiezhu said goodbye to Miss Lengba, saying that he bought a ticket in the morning, in fact, he bought a discounted ticket in the middle of the night to save money.

This damn desire to survive!

“Yo! Why don’t you look too good? Didn’t sleep well at night?”

“What’s with the blushing, shouldn’t …… ah, I get it!”

“OK! All are people who have cats, what are you shy about? Come on, the cat will straighten your collar.”

“Here, here’s a shoe for you. The cat is good to you, right?”

“Not touched a bit?”

“No conscience! Let’s go, the cat has to go back to sleep, when you go back, don’t mess with other cats.”

“Oh, right. Don’t forget to pay every day, or the cat will starve to death.”

Lazily God a lazy waist, Leng Ba teacher wanted to return to the court like a victorious general, raised his neck to go back to sleep.

Li Tiezhu blushed and carried his bag, escaping from the devil’s den and seeing the light of day again.

The big devil is like a wolf!

Li Tiezhu wandered on the streets of the East China Sea, and once again spat in his heart, she …… was nervous, right? However, she is quite good to me, this pair of shoes is so advanced looking, and it is comfortable to wear.


What is wrong with me? Can’t bow down to the forces of evil!


At this moment, Leng Ba once again hid in the quilt and shivered, and her sense of shame was bursting, how did being a cat or something …… make such a thing? And also produced a strange sense of achievement.

However, as long as it can disgust Wang Dashao, it is not a loss!

Blame Li Tiezhu, blame him for being too stupid, too dumb, too cute, too fun, ah …… can t think anymore.

This kind of joy of bullying is simply too wonderful!

In the future, moderation is required.

The game of raising a cat without anyone knowing about it could certainly continue to be a rip-off. Anyway, that guy is really dull, empty of explosive combat power but cowardly and afraid to answer the battle, he can make any move he wants.

Only, no one must ever know, except for Zhao Liya, who seems to know something and isn’t afraid of her! She’s just his friend, I’m the pro-cat!

Hmph! Little girl, fight me!

The phone rang, the assistant urged Leng Ba to get up and go to record the programme. Hey! Mimi is a real pickpocket! Just finished recording “Cool”, and then picked up a reality show for herself, annoying, or when the cat is good.

Leng Ba in a rage, back to the three days did not dare to reply to the WeChat:

“I don’t have a boyfriend, that’s a misunderstanding, he also knows now, he can be harsh on me, you can see for yourself.”

Attached is a screenshot of Li Tiezhu’s transfer, 0.5 yuan, Remarks: money for raising cats.


“Shameful! Shameless!”

The bed-ridden Zhao Liya was shocked by the WeChat message and instantly lost her sleepiness.

Holy shit!

Is the world of grown-ups so scary?

Last time, Zhao Liya flirted with Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba’s relationship, Li Tiezhu in order to clarify back to a she has a boyfriend. Zhao Liya did not intend to talk about it, too chaotic, who thought that “Wan Yun mother” suddenly killed out, forced Zhao Liya to ask Leng Ba to raise your hand.

The other side did not reply for a few days, Zhao Liya also happy to relax, she did not want to care about this shit, they are willing to fight a willing, how to manage?

Who ever thought it would be this result?

Looks dull Li Tiezhu, actually …… have a cat?


Captive Persian cat:

“This canned cat food looks delicious, please buy one so your cat can eat it the next time you come to Shudu. Link ……”

After reading the message, Li Tiezhu alertly scanned around and found no one before clicking on the link.

How about changing this strange note?

Forget it!

It’d be a disaster if the cat found out, after all, she changed the note herself.

Li Tiezhu opened the link to see that the so-called cat canned food was …… spicy noodles.

“Is ten packets enough?”

“Enough, the cat kneels to thank.”

“Teacher you speak properly.”

“Call the cat.”

“Okay, Cat ……”

“Your cat will now get to work, bye.”

“Bye, teacher.”

“To say the cat goes away.”

“Cat go away.”


Li Tiezhu, like a thief, looked east and west to return the message, and then …… compassionately emptied all the messages and quietly bought ten packets of spicy noodles.

It is too miserable!

It feels like this life is finished.

I’m so hungry. I’m starving myself buying chilli fries. Let’s go get some noodles.

Li Tiezhu left the Magic Cave has been three whole hours, did not eat breakfast, also do not know where to go. After all, the plane will not fly until eleven thirty at night, and it is only ten o’clock in the morning.

This matter, can not let the cat know.

It is not easy to raise a cat person!

Li Tiezhu slipped all the way with his bag on his back, bought a little gift for the old man, Aunt Liu, Qin Tao and Zhao Liya, respectively, and then, looking for a Shuangqing Xiaomian, ordered a pea mixed noodles.

The taste is okay, but the chilli is not too authentic, so I want to sprinkle some of my own chilli noodles.

“Hello, can you help me hide this box? I’m Zhou Yu.”

Halfway through the meal, a chubby guy suddenly appeared and stuffed Li Tiezhu with two small silver boxes.

Li Tiezhu was bewildered: “Zhou Yu? The Zhou Yu of Da Qiao?”

Little Fatty: “It’s Little Qiao. I, Little Yue Yue, am now Zhou Yu. So what, I just robbed Yi Xing’s box, hahahaha hiccup, they are chasing me, so exciting, you help me hide it, I will come and get it later. Thanks ah!”

Li Tiezhu oh, put down his chopsticks, rolled over and was an over the shoulder fall, pressed the little fat man to the ground, then took out his newly bought mobile phone to dial Demon Spirit.

How dare you rob other people’s property on a clear day?

(Note: can be understood as a parallel dimension, the characters and programmes are similar, but there will be a big difference, do not have to deliberately examine, everything is for the plot)