The Rockstar Chapter 59

This Double Celebration Noodle House is an average business with not many people around.

However, when Li Tiezhu sat on the phone on Xiaoyueyue, I do not know where to drill out a large number of people, a huge piece of, to say the least, there are twenty or thirty.

“Yoho! There are accomplices?”

Li Tiezhu stood up, Ling Ran not afraid, big deal together on ah! I Li Tiezhu can’t fight, but I can’t run?

“Little brother, are you alright? Why did you beat Little Yue Yue?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Are you alright, Mr Yue?”

“Aigoo, isn’t this Brother Serious? It’s you, isn’t it?”

“Teacher Li Tiezhu?”

A group of people were staggering, and with strange equipment, yelling that gave Li Tiezhu a headache, but it didn’t look like an outlaw gang.

Only after a long time did Li Tiezhu realise that it was a recording of a variety show, and he appeared to have been foolish again.

He said to Teacher Yue: “Teacher Yue, right? Look at you, you don’t say clearly, I thought I met a robber. Besides, you don’t look like a good person, this matter, our responsibility is 50-50.”

Little Yue Yue pain ate teeth grin, simply can not speak.

Next to a cameraman said: “Teacher Tiezhu, you do not know Xiao Yueyue? Famous comedian! It’s very hot.”

Li Tiezhu: “Serious people who say comedy ah. Fire, my brother Xiao Zhen fire?”

Cameraman: “……”

Do not say, that is really more than Xiao Zhen fire!

Xiao Yueyue, this thing, he’s contagious, you know?

“Brother, I’m also your fan, did you do that? It hurts so much! Poor eyesight, ah! Poor eyesight! I didn’t recognise you at first glance, but you didn’t have to throw me over your shoulder! I’m being bullied everywhere today! My brothers are after me and even my idol is beating me up ……”

Xiaoyue Yue covered his face to sell cheap, but the joy of the chance encounter with a favourite singer can not be hidden, can not help but eyes glowing.

Li Tiezhu is as poor as he is talented, Xiao Yue Yue thief like his songs. Seeing Li Tiezhu, Xiao Yueyue seems to see the way he came.

Li Tiezhu slow half a beat, but also want to understand, full of apologies:

“Are you okay? Rarely see such an ugly looking star, sorry. In addition, I have experience in this matter of poor eyesight, I am also face-blind, it’s all due to poor IQ.”

Xiao Yue Yue was confused, are you a comedian or am I a comedian? How can you be so talkative?

Am I ugly?

Okay, change the subject. Face blindness has nothing to do with IQ!

“Brother! I but the last issue to you voted, not just my own ah, my master, my master’s wife, donkey Qian teacher, Yunde President Princess …… but where I can find the relationship are looking for, all to vote for you. As a result, the first time I met a real person, you …… gave me a fall of seven dizziness? This is not righteous, right? I am your iron fan! Boing Boing ……”

Xiao Yueyue pretended to sob.

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “I’m really sorry then!”

Xiao Yueyue small fist pounded Li Tiezhu chest, twisting waist and hips: “I’m sorry and that’s the end of it? Negative man! You have to be responsible for others! I am full of fighting spirit, but the result is injured by you, this recording programme I lost. Originally, with my intelligence, I could have won.”

Li Tiezhu: “Do you …… have any misunderstanding about your intelligence?”

Xiao Yueyue didn’t hold back and shouted to the sky, “Pfft …… Master! Take in this sinner! With him, the Cloud Virtue Society is a big hit! My goodness! Worthy of being my idol.”

Li Tiezhu: “What’s wrong? I’m a person who doesn’t tell lies and take offence.”

Xiao Yueyue: “This sentence is even more offensive! I this …… like this ah! Idol! You are my idol, I like your songs, and then, you beat me up. This is not polite, right? You have to be responsible. How about you record a show with me next? OK? Help me win! If you win, I’ll forgive you, okay?”

Li Tiezhu: “This ……”

A group of staff are also confused, is this appropriate? Should we give money to the proper brother? Does the director agree?

Xiao Yueyue said to the crowd, “Do you Infinite Challenge have rules? It’s settled.”

Then, he put his arm around Li Tiezhu’s shoulder and went to the corner for a jabber. The general idea was that you have to be responsible to the end if you beat someone up, or else you’re just starting a fight.

Things came to this point, Li Tiezhu was really embarrassed to reject Xiao Yueyue.

“This programme is recorded, right?”

“Of course.”

“The others aren’t quite sure what day it was taped, are they?”


“That’s fine, no problem if the cat doesn’t know.”

“Cat? What cat?”

Xiao Yueyue felt that the idol was a bit strange, what is a big man afraid of cats? It doesn’t matter, just promise to help me, hey, I have a proper brother by my side, see who can bully me!

The staff called to communicate with the director, and Director Yan is also a no-frills, immediately approved.

So, Xiao Yueyue gave the box to Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu put the two boxes into the big backpack, and continued to eat the noodles, and added a little bit of vinegar, the taste is better.

Then ……

Sun Lei and Fang Bo rushed over, and without saying anything, they pressed Xiao Yueyue, who had not yet had time to escape, and began to search the body.

“Brother! Brothers! That box is so big, how could I possibly hide it on my body?”

Xiao Yue Yue is going crazy, is this a body search? This is a tickle!

“Zhou Yu, hand over the remnants of the Clothesline edict! I’ll spare your life!”

Fang Bo shouted.

Sun Lei went up and down, “Stop yelling, scratch him, scratch him to death if he doesn’t give it.”

Xiao Yue Yue was about to cry, “Bandit!”

Sun Lei: “Hey! I’m a bandit how? Search him, maybe he lost the box and put the remnants of the scroll in his pocket, just like us.”

Xiao Yue Yue was shocked: “What? The remnant scrolls can be taken out of the box? Can the box be thrown away? The crew didn’t say that.”

Sun Lei continued to search his body, and his little underwear wasn’t going to be spared.

Fang Bo was more civilised and squatted aside and said, “Xiao Yueyue, don’t say brother doesn’t take care of you! You give us the remnants of the scroll, and we’ll keep you from dying. Otherwise, if we snatch your remnant scroll and still don’t take you, you’ll just go out ah! Think carefully.”

Sun Lei’s sinful hands spread on Xiao Yue Yue’s body, Xiao Yue Yue laughed so hard that tears came out, it’s tolerable, you old people of the programme group don’t talk about martial virtues!

Then don’t blame me for not speaking the rules.

Xiao Yue Yue shouted: “Idol save me!”

Sun Lei tickled Xiao Yueyue hard and teased, “Who’s your idol? Huang San Shi? When he sees us, he’ll have to back off, you know? Me! Infinite Face King. Fang Bo! Qingdao Little Zhuge. Together, no one can save you.”

Fang Bo watched from the sidelines, “Little Yue Yue, at this time you have to call Master, it’s not likely that Teacher Guo will descend from the sky riding a pig, haha!”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Don’t slander my master, the pig is so high, he can’t ride it.”

Li Tiezhu also finished his noodles and went to scan the code to pay, then opened his backpack and looked at it. In addition to the box and clothes, there was also a bandage that the cat stuffed him with, for the injury on Li Tiezhu’s back.

Wiping his mouth with a tissue, Li Tiezhu took out the bandage and walked towards the two stars he often saw on TV.

There is no other, only the hand is familiar.