The Rockstar Chapter 6

Li Tiezhu, who was perfectly outside of the storm, lived these days as fulfilling as ever.

Whether it was the draft or the system, it hadn’t changed Li Tiezhu’s life for the time being. However, he began to subconsciously dislike people often, often making those workers who were used to flirting with him get down, which was the pot of that skill gifted by the system.

On Tuesday night, Li Tiezhu thought hard for half an hour and finished the last summer holiday homework topic that he would do, and the whole person was filled with a sense of achievement.

When he was stealing joy, the phone rang, it was Qin Tao who called.


“Tie Zhu, you must hold on!”


“Have you been online lately? People say you plagiarised ‘Someone Like Me’ when you sang it, but I know you definitely didn’t!”


“Yeah, the thing is, two days ago there was an eighteenth-tier composer from Baodao who posted that ……”

Soon, Li Tiezhu finally figured out the so-called plagiarism fiasco, no wonder Teacher Zhang called to ask. But he knew that he didn’t plagiarise, there was a system and he still bothered with that?

Isn’t it just a matter of spending some IQ points?

“There’s no rush on this matter, for my next competitions, I’ll be competing with my own original songs. It’s impossible to plagiarise every song, right?”

“Nani? Bro! Are you serious?”


“Even though I know you can write songs, are you sure? No one’s ever done that in the history of the show!”

“Let’s give it a try.”

“Go for it, the rest of your brother’s life depends on you.”

“Won’t let you raise pigs.”

“By the way, I was interviewed by the media today about you. I was afraid that they would harass you, so I didn’t let them find you, I accepted the interview to help you say a lot of good words, but also …… set up a bunch of Flag …… you have to be mentally prepared.”

“Grass ……”

“On the jitterbug, Nishikawa observes ……”

“You …… might as well raise pigs.”

Li Tiezhu hung up the phone.

It couldn t be more normal, couldn t it? If he didn t often give Li Tiezhu some strange Flag, Qin Tao would not have received so many severe beatings in school.

However, he still wanted to see what kind of bullskin this bastard had blown again, so that he wouldn’t be unable to round it back up himself when the time came.

The function machine can not watch the jitterbug, Li Tiezhu went out to find the old man’s son.

The old man’s body is not good to do heavy work, every night to the construction site to guard the gate, the wage is not high, but wins in the easy.

The light in the guard room is on, but no one.

Li Tiezhu then turned towards the staff canteen, went in from the back kitchen, went up the stairs, counted to the third room from the left and knocked on the door of Aunt Liu’s room.

“Which one?”

“Me! Tie Zhu.”


Inside the house, the lights came on and there was a pattering sound, plus a strange yelp from Auntie Liu.

Not long after, Li Lao Han came out of the room with his shirt buttoned up.

“Do what? Dog days, not sleep at night? To go to steal cattle Mai? Labour and your Liu Aunt to discuss work things …… you come to do what?”

“Mobile phone change, later change back.”

“Just this thing?”

“Anon. I’ll go guard the door for you, you guys discuss the work slowly, no rush, discuss it out loud. Also, you’ve had a back injury, let Auntie Liu be on top during the discussion, her body tugs solidly.”

Saying that, Li Tiezhu replaced the mobile phone and turned to walk away, leaving behind the red-faced Li Laohan.

Li old man moved: baby grew up, all know heartache old man.

So he turned his head back to the house, actively involved in the discussion of work, the words of the special kind of dense.

In fact, do not blame Li Tiezhu too blunt, this is the system pot “dislike of heaven and earth dislike of air” skills pot, this is a passive skills, not controlled.

Li Tiezhu went to the guard room to guard the door, picked up the old man’s cottage smartphone brush Jieyin.

Searching for Xichuan observation, I found a video:

The cover of the video is the round and ugly face of Qin Tao, with a line of big words written on it:

Deadpool reveals the true face of Brother Masamune!

The video is an interview, in which the good-looking reporter’s sister “presses” the red-faced, fat little Qin Tao.

“Qin Tao, you are Li Tiezhu’s good friend, right?”

“We are brothers.”

“Do you know his phone number?”


“Can you give it to us? We’d like to interview him. There’s a lot of debate about him online ……”

“Can’t give it.”


“I guarantee with my personality that Tie Zhu absolutely didn’t plagiarise, he doesn’t even know the pentatonic score, how can he copy it? You guys shouldn’t bother him either, his family is very poor, every year during the summer and winter holidays, he has to work at a construction site to earn tuition fees, it’s very hard.”

“You’re making it hard for me! The red packet we just gave you, refund?”

“Cough …… You guys interview me as well, I’m his agent, right! Interview me.”

“Last question, how far do you think Li Tiezhu can go in the competition?”



“He has to win the title, I said!”

“Eh …… Well, that’s it for today’s interview, we’ll be following up with our observations in hopes of finding the Serious Brother himself.”

The reporter couldn’t take it anymore.

Qin Tao finally snaps, “Li Tiezhu my buddy! If he doesn’t win the championship, he’ll eat Xiang live!”

Grass ah!

This Flag is big, not to mention the flavour.

Li Tiezhu read it, the heart straight scolded Qin Tao this dog said.

Li Tiezhu want to take the first grade, Li Tiezhu want to sleep with the school flower, Li Tiezhu dare to hit the headmaster, Li Tiezhu can urinate upside down……. There is a reason why that bastard has not been beaten up in the past two years.

The overall champion?

The last overall champion of her father’s assets over a billion, the whole factory staff voted collectively, and even opened a brokerage company specifically for her.

Do I have one?

Even if there is a system, it may not be able to do more than the gold master dad ah!

Li Tiezhu is so stupid that he knows that the overall championship is too impractical, he just wants to complete the task to get some rewards. As a result, he was forced down by his detrimental friends.

What to do?

It’s impossible to be a wimp, Li Tiezhu has experience, the more wimpy other people the more they bully you. Therefore, in the face of the “enemy” Li Tiezhu has never been a punch in the past.

After thinking for a long time, Li Tiezhu used the old man’s mobile phone to register a Shake Shack number, and then took a video.

“Serious people who copy songs ah? Hello everyone I am Li Tiezhu, this year’s Super Voice I will compete with all original works, and, I am confident that I will enter the top ten of the finals. If I can’t reach it, my agent Qin Tao will run naked on Chunxi Road.”

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the video quickly became popular, and the plagiarism incident of Serious Brother fermented again.

“Cough…… I’m done talking about work.”

Li old man walked back to the janitorial room, waved his hand and signalled Li Tiezhu to go back to sleep. The child goes to the construction site every day, the old man is heartbroken, stupid to stupid, after all, it is his own son.

“So fast?”

Li Tiezhu surprised, the old man’s body more and more not as good as before ah, used to be a candlelit night chat all night.

Li Laohan’s face was dark.

“Mobile phone for you.”

Li Tiezhu handed the mobile phone to the old man.

“Here you go, I’ll just use a feature phone and change the card.”

Li old man switched the two people’s mobile phone cards, and then kicked his son out of the janitorial room with some emotion, and his eyes actually flashed with tears, “Dog son ah! There are island study materials in the mobile phone, learn by heart.”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head and left, sighing in his heart. The old man never cared about his own learning, but also used his smartphone to give himself down information?

It’s really a pity for the world’s parents!