The Rockstar Chapter 60

“Four Clothesline Scrolls, hahaha! Nine in total, I took four alone, it’s a sure win this round! Thank you idol, have one no? Stuffed leeks.”

Xiao Yueyue ordered a dumpling and ate it happily.

Li Tiezhu shook his head, my great Xichuan people only like to eat copra, he was fully focused on returning Lord Cat’s weibo on the side:

“I’m about to take off, you focus on your work, do not be lazy ah cat.”

“Will not, your cat can be well-behaved.”

“I’m switching off, cat go away.”

“Got it.”

The game is also played more familiar, Li Tiezhu even if ten thousand reluctance, but also understand the Daemon King’s routine, this time to ask me to get on the plane or not? Of course I said immediately took off ah, when I stupid it!

On the other hand, the recidivist Sun Lei and the human spirit room Bo was suppressed by force, they were tied to a piece of hands and feet, lying on the ground, crying and laughing.

They were tied up hand and foot on the ground, crying and laughing. I hadn’t counted on a serious brother who is good at tying people up!

“Serious Brother, if you have the ability to untie me, let’s fight one on one! I, Sun Lei, despise sneak attackers like you, my arse! If you have the guts, let me go.”

Li Tiezhu looked at Xiao Yueyue: “How about …… putting a sock in his mouth?”

Xiao Yue Yue dumplings are sprayed out: “Ha ha ha ha! I think it can be. Your stink or my stink?”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s definitely mine.”

Sun Lei: “Don’t! I was wrong! Brother, good man spare your life! It’s all room Bo this calf instigated me to deal with small Yue Yue, I personally to small Yue Yue that is love and can not bear to harm. It’s all Fang Bo’s fault!”

Room Bo was furious: “Bull head terrier you have gone too far ah! Who said to go to Xiao Yueyue to brush the sense of achievement? The residual volume does not residual volume is not important, abuse small Yue Yue play on the line, to the death abuse! Who said that?”

Sun Lei: “Bah! You’re spitting blood, I’m such an upright person, how could I possibly do such a thing?”

The staff of the programme were on the verge of falling down laughing.

Infinite Challenge was unconventional enough, but I didn’t expect that Brother Decent was even more unconventional, directly tying up the two major stars, and even more bizarrely, these two even started to kill each other.

Fang Bo ignored Sun Lei this grandson, towards Li Tiezhu said: “Tiezhu! We are all musicians, do you see this as a success ……”

Sun Lei messed up: “You count the shit musicians! I have also been on the Spring Festival Gala singing and breakdancing, I am the musician.”

“Fuck off!” Fang Bo arched his head away from Sun Lei and said, “Don’t pay attention to this bull terrier, let me tell you, when I was young, I was also an idol singer. We have a common language, hey! The two of you are weak, the pressure of the competition behind you is too much, protect me, I’ll help Xiao Yueyue get the championship.”

Sun Lei said, “I can do it too! I’m the best at grabbing things, grab all of the other two groups’ Clothesline edict remnants and Little Yue will win.”

Xiao Yueyue: “Then you two sing a song of my idol! Whoever sings well stays.”

Immediately, Fang Bo comes in with a song called “You Look Good When You Smile” and Sun Lei comes in with a devastating version of “Big Fish”.

In the end, both bailed.

Two more fighters are quite good, anyway, as long as the two of them leave Xiao Yueyue out, not afraid of fear.

The first part of the programme each find the main general, team up to complete.

Wu: Zhou Yu (Xiaoyue), Sun Lei, Fang Bo, plus an unexpected participation of Li Tiezhu.

Shu: Guan Yu, Huang Sanshi, Yi Xing.

Wei: Sima Yi, Squirrel, Piggy.

Next, the three forces have to go to a shopping centre, use the clues provided by the scrolls to find the key, and then rendezvous at a labyrinth called Jiuzhou Mountain and River Map.

“That shopping centre is a bit far, shall we walk?”

Xiao Yueyue looked sad, it was the first time he encountered a programme group that didn’t provide transport and didn’t pay them, the dumplings he ate were still on Tiezhu’s treat.

Fang Bo said, “Let’s stop a private car and see if there are any kind people to drive us there.”

Sun Lei agrees, “I’ll get a female driver, after all, I have the most female fans.”

Xiao Yue Yue thought, “Isn’t it me who has the most female fans?

Li Tiezhu had absolutely no idea how the show was going to play, and had no intention of helping, he just agreed to follow Xiao Yueyue. Anyway, he came out too early in order to get rid of the cat’s threat, and had no place to go all day today.

Listening to Xiao Yueyue said that this programme group …… packs rice.

Li Tiezhu looked at the three people discussing tactics, could not help but wonder, “Isn t the programme group a car?”

Xiao Yue Yue rolled his eyes: “Which has a car? No car no money, I am all the way to run over, tired me all.”

Li Tiezhu pointed to the side of the road, “That’s the programme team’s car ah, it is also affixed with the Infinite Challenge sign, can’t you see it?”

Xiao Yue Yue: “That is the staff car.”

Fang Bo suddenly looked at Sun Lei, who had a heart to heart.

Brother Zhengjing is very on board!

Sun Lei pulled Li Tiezhu and ran towards that work van, while Fang Bo opened his arms to stop the staff, cooperating in perfect harmony, only Xiao Yueyue was at a loss.

The staff was stunned and froze for a while before reacting and running towards the car, only to be hugged by Fang Bo for a few moments.

Fang Bo shouted, “Xiao Yueyue quickly stop them.”

Xiao Yueyue woke up as if in a dream, his huge body blocked a few staff, happy: “Robbing the car ah? Is it that exciting? My idol is really serious!”

How did Li Tiezhu know it was a robbery? He thought it was the car of the programme team and sat up with peace of mind.

Sun Lei opened the car door and dragged the driver down and drove him away, greeted Li Tiezhu to move the car’s equipment down, Li Tiezhu worked extremely seriously, and soon the car was almost cleared.

Not long after, the four people drove away.

Fang Bo drove, Sun Lei sat in the passenger side with the rest of the team members on the phone to play psychological warfare, Xiao Yueyue and Li Tiezhu sat in the back row.

Xiao Yueyue lifted his feet, “The soles of my shoes are falling off, it looks like the pair of ‘suspect shoes’ I wore when I first arrived in Kyoto.”

Li Tiezhu then took out his flip-flops from his backpack and handed them to him.

Xiao Yueyue was happy, “Still the idol is good to me!”

Then the two of them chatted, ridiculously cordial, and the topics were extraordinarily new and high-end, and Sun Lei and Fang Bo were completely unable to interject.

“Does your family still grow Pods now?”

“Seed ah, every summer holiday I have to go back for ten days to collect buns, dry them for relatives, let them help me busy pig raising, so that I and the old man go home in the New Year to have bacon sausage to eat. This year, I went back first to collect the bale grain during my summer holiday and then came back for the competition.”

“Xichuan’s sausages and bacon are really delicious, I’m drooling.”

“You’re so popular now, have you repaired your house in your hometown?”

“Fixed it, my dad let it be fixed, three storeys.”

“That’s great! How much did it cost? I’m going to go home in a couple of years and fix one up too, so I can get my dad a wife.”

“You are so filial! It didn’t cost much, repairing the house cost about three hundred thousand, I think, and even if I don’t know about the decoration and appliances and stuff.”

“That expensive? Then I’ll just repair a two-storey one.”

“I really miss my childhood, when my family had a big yellow dog, I finished with it every day, and other kids didn’t play with me.”

“Me too, they always bullied me.”

“Did you ever have a dog?”

“No, I …… have a cat.”

“It’s okay to have a cat, cats can catch rats.”

“Huh? Right!”

Jingle Bells ……

Captive cat sends video call request.


Li Tiezhu shuddered in fear, hung up in seconds, and then replied back, “It’s taking off, I’m switching off the phone.”

Then, decisively turned the mobile phone off.

Xiao Yueyue was surprised on the side: “Your cat still has WeChat? So advanced!”