The Rockstar Chapter 61

Sun Lei typed, “Hello? Old Fox Huang, have you found Guan Yu? Who the hell is Guan Yu?”

Huang San Shi: “You first, who is your Zhou Yu.”

Sun Lei: “Why should I speak first?”

Fang Bo said, “It’s fine, tell him, he’ll know sooner or later anyway. Our Zhou Yu is Little Yue Yue.”

Huang Sanshi burst out laughing: “Pfft! Haha …… So the labels given by the showrunners are all reversed? The majestic Zhou Yu is Little Yue Yue, I thought he was Sima Yi, and the tall and heroic Guan Yu on our side is Zong Xiaobao.”

This side Fang Bo and Sun Lei laughed, and Li Tiezhu laughed.

Xiao Yueyue had a sulky face, “What’s wrong with me? Am I not majestic enough? Idol, why are you laughing so happily too?”

Li Tiezhu said, “Don’t you think it’s funny?”

Xiao Yueyue: “……”

Huang Sanshi suddenly said, “Hey? Who is the one talking? There are other people there? The programme team didn’t say, aren’t there three guests? Why do you have two?”

Xiao Yueyue went up and said, “I picked them up on the side of the road.”

Huang San Shi: “Who?”

Xiao Yueyue: “My idol.”

“Xiao Yue, who is your idol?”

“You guess?”

“You, I …… I’ll get you killed later! Let you rob my disciple’s box.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Idol protect me!”

Then, Sun Lei hung up the phone and said, “There are only two remnant scrolls on the old fox’s side, not afraid, there are three more on the piggy’s side, ask them who Sima Yi is.”

Fang Bo said, “According to the laws of Zhou Yu and Guan Yu, it’s probably a female.”


“The sense of contrast, and besides, Sima Yi has worn women’s clothes.”

The call went through.

Sun Lei: “Hey, Piggy. Who is your Sima Yi? Our Zhou Yu is Xiao Yue Yue, and Guan Yu over there is Zong Xiao Bao, this programme group is also too undisciplined.”

Piglet said, “Our Sima Yi is very strict, but she won’t let us tell you who she is. By the way, we also know that you have an extra person, the squirrels have seen it, hehehe …… Sima Yi said we are sure to win!”

“Is Sima Yi a girl?”

“You guys guess.”

The phone was hung up.

Sun Lei spat, “So arrogant? Which Sima Yi is so arrogant? Can take pigs and squirrels flying?”

Driving to the shopping centre, it took a lot of effort to find the four keys, then the four of them sat back in the car and prepared to wait for the rabbits. After all, they had a car and should be the first to find all the keys.

Not a moment later, Huang Sanshi, Yi Xing and Zong Xiaobao arrived, and with the old fox’s divine calculations, they found the keys with almost no effort.

When the three were about to leave, they met Sun Lei and Fang Bo who came down from the car, and Little Yueyue was in the car lying by the window looking at the hilarity.

“Do what?”

“How’s the alliance?”

“We won’t ally with the person who robbed my family’s Yi Xing chest unless the conditions are favourable.”

“What kind of conditions are considered generous?”

“Give us a key.”

“How about another offer? Also generous.”

“Let’s hear it.”

Huang Sanshi and Fang Bo faced off against each other, snubbing each other.

Over here, a cameraman approached Zong Xiaobao, who had fallen at the very back, and carrying a machine, asked, “Teacher, where did you put your keys? I’ll take a close-up.”

Zong Xiaobao was wary of this recidivist Sun Lei while hiding behind the crowd to take off his shoes, “Here it is, put it in my shoe, although it’s a bit hard on my feet, but it’s quite hidden. Is brother smart?”

Li Tiezhu grabbed the key and twisted his head, “Smart.”

Zong Xiaobao was dumbfounded for three seconds before he shouted, “Someone grabbed the key! Teacher Huang, that cameraman grabbed my keys, my keys are gone!”

Huang San Shi looked towards the cameraman who took the keys and walked to the car to hand them to Xiao Yue Yue, also confused.

Yi Xing suddenly said, “It’s Li Tiezhu! It’s over! We’re left with this one key on me.”

Huang Sanshi hurriedly covered Yi Xing’s mouth, and the wind pulled tightly and called out.

Fang Bo and Sun Lei smiled wickedly and started to go after Yi Xing, who had exploded himself, not realising that Huang San Shi hadn’t put the key on himself.

However, Yi Xing body times great, a sprint around the square, the two old man slipped into the air, but froze to catch up.

Yi Xing ran to the intersection and waved with a smile, “Bye bye brothers!”

Then, turn around and hit a “wall”.

Ten seconds later, Li Tiezhu came back with Yi Xing, who was still struggling and smiling bitterly, in his armpit: “Here, got it.”

Fang Bo gasped: “Thanks to you, or let the little fox escape.”

Sun Lei took the captive and began to ravage, “Run! Little sheep, aren’t you a fast runner? With this small body of yours, dancing is okay, dare to compare with our Tie Zhu? Make a fool of yourself!”

Yi Xing laughed so hard that he was dumbfounded, “Hahahahaha …… Tie Zhu pinched me so hard that it hurts, master save me.”

Huang Sanshi waved his hand towards Li Tiezhu: “Master is not resistant to beatings, you admit your own bad luck, we lost this game. Tie Zhu, the song is really well written! Sign it for me, my daughter especially likes you and follows every episode.”

Li Tiezhu was at a loss for words, “You flatter me, I …… haven’t signed for anyone yet, how do I sign?”

“Normal sign on the line, go home to my daughter she must be especially happy.”

“That good.”

After signing for teacher Huang, Li Tiezhu was kicked by Zong Xiaobao who rushed up.

“It’s not easy for my brother to be on a show, or Guan Yu, he was made to look like Jiang Gan by you, why are you so cruel? No, you have to treat me to dinner.”

“Brother, the blame is only on your poor vigilance.”

“My vigilance is poor, I …… forget it, why are you so hard? My feet hurt from kicking.”

Over there, Sun Lei finally found the key behind the little sheep Yi Xing’s mobile phone case and couldn’t help but laugh, “The key is found! Now that they don’t have a single key in Shu, is it eliminated?”

Fang Bo also looked at the staff, “Director, hurry up and announce it. out!”

The director of the scene silently shook his head.

Fang Bo and Sun Lei were puzzled, what was going on? Wasn’t it eliminated if the key or the remnant scroll was gone?


An electric car drove past a few people, and sitting on it was Huang Sanshi, who threw the key in his hand proudly, and rushed out with a single acceleration, “Yi Xing, Xiao Bao, meet me at the Nine States Mountain and River Diagram.”

This time it was the turn of Fang Bo, Sun Lei and Li Tiezhu to be dumbfounded, clearly took away the only two keys they had left ah, why did Huang Sanshi still have the key?

Yi Xing and Zong Xiaobao put their legs and fled, and no one chased them.

Then, the three of them looked at the car, Xiao Yue Yue pouted her lips and said with a shameful face, “I gave him a key.”

Sun Lei was furious, “What did you give him a key for?”

Xiao Yue Yue silently held up a piece of paper, “Teacher Huang said this is the first time the idol has signed, and it’s super valuable to exchange a key with me.”

Room Bo gasped and laughed: “Ouch I go! You are really good! The person is right here, you let Tie Zhu sign a hundred for you is fine, why take the key to exchange?”

Xiao Yueyue: “This is the first signature, not the same.”

Li Tiezhu can not stand: “You directly rob him not on the line? Give what key ah! You have to get hard.”

Sun Lei gave a thumbs up, “Tie Zhu has the style of my Yan King! Xiao Yue Yue let me down.”

Fang Bo said, “Forget it! Get in the car and hide, wait for Piggy and the others to come, the same routine to pit them against a wave.”

The three were about to get on the car when the luxury car parked behind them honked.

The squirrel in staff clothing, poked his head out and laughed, “Don’t wait, when you guys grabbed the keys, we already went in and got the keys.”

The car behind them drove off.

“They have a car too? Or a Porsche.”

Xiao Yue’s four had to follow suit and leave the shopping centre to the venue for the final showdown.

Li Tiezhu felt that the SUV just now looked a bit familiar.