The Rockstar Chapter 62

“It’s not like the show says you can’t drive your own car, this is my Lord Sima Yi’s car! How is it? Are you angry?” Piggy dejectedly showed off with the little sheep riding the bus, “There’s air-conditioning oh!

The squirrel drove the car and laughed, “You laugh so cheap, change me I also hang up the phone. By the way, Leng Ba, our keys are put in your place, stable or not?”

Rear row, Leng Ba with a smile, playing the mobile phone: “Don’t worry, I’m a girl, who would dare to search my body not?”

Squirrel said, “No one else will, but Serious Brother can’t say. Our Xichuan’s Mangwaer, that Mang up is really Mang!”

Leng Ba disdainfully smiled, reckless my arse!

Even cats don’t dare to “kill”.

The phone is not working, the “cat breeder’s” mobile phone is really switched off.

That’s good!

Leng Ba smiled coldly: “Humph! Li Tiezhu? I’m going to play you to death today!”

“So scary! Leng Ba you laugh so horribly!” Piggy made a face of trembling in fear, “Are you really not afraid of Li Tiezhu? I just watched him carry away Yi Xing with one hand, the squirrel and I together can’t snatch him.”

Leng Ba said, “My identity is special, too special, he will be scared half to death when he sees me. Do you guys believe it?”

Piggy: “Why?”

Squirrel said, “I know. In the programme, Leng Ba was Li Tiezhu’s mentor.”

Leng Ba did not explain and was too embarrassed to explain in depth.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, outside an indoor stadium, a restaurant, Li Tiezhu’s four people blocked Huang Sanshi in the corner.

“What for? The director said for us to eat something first, it’s pause time now.”

Huang San Shi calmly ate his steak.

Fang Bo said, “Old Fox, do you think there are rules in this programme?”

Xiao Yueyue swallowed, “I’m hungry too, boss have a steak like his, no, four, the show pays for it right?”

Sun Lei looked to kick Xiao Yueyue and looked at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu: “He eats his, we search ours, get the key and eat whatever he wants.”

“Xiao Yue Yue, learn from Tie Zhu.”

Sun Lei nodded and began to grope around Huang Sanshi’s body.

Huang Sanshi chewed his steak, unusually calm: “Alright! Tell you what, I gave the key to Sima Yi. She promised to bail out our entire team, which means that we, Shu, have surrendered to Wei.”

Sun Lei took Huang San Shi’s two shoes and looked through them, there was no key, he decisively threw them away, “Who the hell is Sima Yi?”

Huang San Shi didn’t bother to pick up the shoes that were thrown three metres away, he continued to eat his steak, “She won’t let me say, you’ll see it later, she drove off to pick up Yi Xing and Xiao Bao.”


Little Sheep was the first to walk in and pounced next to Huang San Shi to complain.

Then, Zong Xiaobao, Piglet and Squirrel came in in a row, angrily denouncing Sun Lei and Li Tiezhu as bandits, Fang Bo as an accomplice, and Xiao Yueyue should abandon the darkness.

However, Xiao Yueyue only wants to eat steak.

Fang Bo said, “Where is Sima Yi?”

Sun Lei rolled up his sleeves, “Come, come! Come in and let this king see, what kind of god is it! Can make the old fox surrender.”

Li Tiezhu said, “Brother Lei get ready, come in and grab him! I’ll go first.”

Sun Lei winked knowingly.

Piggy and Squirrel, one on the left and one on the right, lifted the door curtain, and a graceful figure with slender thighs walked in with a three-quarter smile. Her stunningly beautiful face brightened the small dining room for a few moments.

Sun Lei Dun put down his sleeves and nuzzled towards Li Tiezhu: “Still …… robbing?”

Li Tiezhu was like a lightning strike, his small brain buzzing, rob a fart ah! There is only one thought in his head …… Death is here!

Coldba looked at Sun Lei: “I heard that someone wants to rob me?”

Sun Lei smiled sarcastically, “It was Li Tiezhu who said, this kid is the most not something, more bandit than me. Leng Ba such a beautiful girl also wants to rob, shameless! I yuck! Go and apologise to your teacher! Apologise to your teacher. Boss, is the steak ready?”

With that, Sun Lei “righteously” pushed Li Tiezhu over.

Li Tiezhu: “……”

The smile on Leng Ba’s face disappeared, coldly staring at Li Tiezhu who was close at hand, his eyes straight.

Li Tiezhu lowered his head, his hands tugging at the hem of his clothes, his forehead sweating coldly.

The crowd was stunned, is this still the Li Tiezhu who robbed at the drop of a hat? Or is it the Li Tiezhu who is more powerful and domineering than Yan Wang? How …… is it like a quail? This is also too amazing! Is Lengba s tutor …… so powerful?

Leng Ba just stared at Li Tiezhu and did not speak.

The tip of Li Tiezhu’s nose was dripping sweat, and his expression was even more extremely embarrassed and fearful.

The others also did not speak, quietly watching this perverse scene, only feeling extraordinarily happy, a generation of fierce man Li Tiezhu also have today?

“Idol, the steak is here.”

Xiao Yueyue served the first well done steak to Li Tiezhu, and also wanted to push Li Tiezhu to sit down and eat the steak.

Li Tiezhu glared at Little Fatty with a foot, “Get lost!”

Little Yue Yue aggrievedly walked away with the steak, and then …… ate it silently by himself, it was delicious. That said, what happened to the idol? Did Miss Leng Ba bully him? Not important, I eat first.

Li Tiezhu knew that the cat was angry, and said anxiously, “That …… teacher, it s actually like this ……”

Leng Ba, however, pushed him away with one hand, “Boss, serve us some food as well, and we will continue to record the programme later.”

Li Tiezhu fell into a chair and secretly wiped his sweat.

It’s over! I shouldn’t have lied to her that it was a morning flight, it looks like she already knew that I’m participating in this programme, it’s all Xiao Yue Yue’s fault.

Over there, Sun Lei, Huang San Shi, Xiao Yue Yue, Yi Xing, and Fang Bo sat at a table.

Sun Lei laughed, “I didn’t expect Leng Ba to be so fierce as a teacher! Usually she looks gentle and kind.”

Xiao Yueyue: “She bullied my idol!”

Fang Bo patted Xiao Yueyue’s head, “Be good, don’t make a fuss! Eat yours. I think Li Tiezhu has changed a little too much, this kid is just honest, I guess he respects Leng Ba as a teacher in school.”

Huang Sanshi, however, had a twinkle in his eye, “Not like that! It’s not like respect, it’s more like fear, the little guy is trembling with fear.”

On the other hand, Leng Ba, Piggy, Squirrel and Zong Xiao Bao’s table admired Leng Ba’s “prestige”. The beast that was messed up in this episode of the programme, even saw Leng Ba like a kitten, shrinking into a ball and trembling.

Soon, the steaks were all served.

Li Tiezhu sat alone at a table, forcibly drummed up enough courage to carry the steak to Leng Ba’s table, sat down in the empty seat opposite Leng Ba, extraordinarily formal.

Squirrel said: “What? Mutiny? It’s fine to join our team, but you have to show some sincerity.”

Piglet said, “Tell us, which people have the key to the Kingdom of Wu?”

Li Tiezhu whispered, “Three are on me and one is with Brother Lei. Can I defect?”

The few people on the table were instantly delighted and nodded their heads. As long as they pulled in the forceful Li Tiezhu, there was only one key left over there, a sure win.

Leng Ba suddenly said, “No!”

Several people asked, “Why?”

Leng Ba: “I don’t want to be on his team.”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

A few people looked at Li Tiezhu sympathetically, it can’t be, Leng Ba and Li Tiezhu really don’t have a good relationship, right? Li Tiezhu was scared like that, not like a variety effect. By the way, he let Leng Ba take the popsicle during the audition in the first place, so I guess he was hated.

Li Tiezhu gazed at the steak for a long time before raising his head to look at Leng Ba: ”Teacher, do they have chopsticks at home? I don’t know how to use a knife and fork, but I’m hungry.”

Leng Ba gave a start, good wow! I can’t believe she didn’t come over specifically to apologise!