The Rockstar Chapter 63

This cat is angry, and the consequences are dire! Rage.

Li Tiezhu lowered his head in fear.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit stiff, Piggy joked, “Tie Zhu, haven’t you ever eaten western food? You’re really honest, oh, thanks to me being so afraid of you before, I didn’t expect you to be weirdly cute.”

Squirrel to his hometown to solve the problem: “No matter, I teach you, like this cut into a pile to get.”

Zong Xiaobao was happy: “OMG! Finally relieved, thought I would not eat western food, don’t be afraid of ah, brother also won’t, piglet brother, help me cut it.”

Little Pig spat and helped Zong Xiaobao cut the steak, these two people are clearly helping Li Tiezhu to resolve the embarrassment, there is no way Zong Xiaobao won’t eat western food.

Li Tiezhu clumsily learnt from the squirrel, but couldn’t learn.

A small white hand took away Li Tiezhu’s steak, then quickly cut it into small pieces and pushed it back.

Li Tiezhu gratefully said, “Thank you, teacher.”

Leng Ba remained cold and said towards the waiter, “Take a pair of chopsticks for this bumpkin.”

Now it was the turn of Pig Mouse Treasure’s trio to be dumbfounded, wasn’t it a bad relationship? Why did they still help cut the steak? Using the same knife and fork that she used, could this be the so-called one day as a teacher and lifetime as a father?

Chopsticks soon came up, Li Tiezhu stingy from the backpack carried out a small bag of chilli noodles, clip the steak dipped in chilli noodles to eat. Chilli noodles are left over from last night’s spicy hot pot, the cat usually does not cook by itself, Li Tiezhu is very economical to take away.

Leng Ba looked at Li Tiezhu’s strange way of eating and didn’t make a sound, it was his regular operation.

The remaining few people were shocked, so earthy?

Xiao Yueyue licked his face and came over, asked his idol for some chilli noodles and praised, ”Hehehehehe! It’s still my idol who knows how to eat! Dipping the steak in chilli noodles is as delicious as barbecue.”

Soon, the ten people finished eating and got up to go out to sneak around, in another ten minutes, the show was going to start recording again.

In fact, the meal was actually being recorded, Li Tiezhu’s contrast definitely had to be cut into the main film.

Only Xiao Yueyue, Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba were left in the restaurant.

Xiao Yueyue sat down next to Li Tiezhu in a curious baby-like manner:

“Idol, do you know how to do comedy? My master is organising a new show called ‘Newcomers in Comedy’, when the two of us come for an episode? Or we can go on ‘The Comedian’. I think you’re not only a good songwriter, you’re also a genius at doing comedy, especially when you tied up Mr Tony, Master said it’s a gift, and that the Grandmaster rewarded you.”

Leng Ba stared oddly at Xiao Yue Yue, who completely ignored her.

Li Tiezhu squirmed, “Why don’t you go out first? I’ll talk to teacher for a while.”

Little Yueyue got up aggrievedly, looking at Lengba with eyes that were still somewhat hostile, as if saying, No bullying my idol, nasty!

Leng Ba leisurely sipped her yoghurt.

Li Tiezhu saw that the cameramen had all gone out as well, preparing for the next recording, before he lowered his eyebrows and said, “Teacher, I’m sorry! I was wrong this time.”

Leng Ba remained silent, biting hard on the straw.

Li Tiezhu said stiffly, “I didn’t mean to lie to you, it’s …… really that you are too beautiful, and I am afraid to be with you.”

Leng Ba’s face, like a poker.

Li Tiezhu continued to apologise, his attitude was incomparably sincere and upright, but there was no return, and the cat’s face was ugly.

Finally, Li Tiezhu got tired and said feebly, “Please don’t be angry, cat.”

“Pfft ……”

Leng Ba blushed and covered her mouth to laugh.

Li Tiezhu hurriedly compensated for the smile.

Leng Ba, however, gouged out Li Tiezhu, lowered her head and operated on her mobile phone, got up and left.

Li Tiezhu is not lost, it is good that she smiled, finally achieved a milestone. However, is it time to open the mobile phone?

Open the mobile phone and look, Li Tiezhu was speechless.

Captive cat: “How can a cat be qualified to be angry? The master is so fierce, the cat is afraid.”


The show continues to record.

Li Tiezhu continues to return to the middle of the Wu camp, after all, his own cat is now in the cranky phase, will not accept his defection at all, and may even bite.

Of course, Li Tiezhu actually did not think of defecting, after all, Xiao Yue Yue is so weak and needs to be protected. On the contrary, the hostile camp of Yi Xing, always like to hang around Li Tiezhu, looking for a variety of topics and Li Tiezhu chat.

The programme restarts, the Kyushu Mountain and River Map opens, a labyrinth built inside a basketball court.


Each group selects one person to sing a song about the three kingdoms, and the group with the highest rating is the first to enter.

Yi Xing squatted next to Li Tiezhu and chattered, “Tiezhu, how do you write songs? If only I were as good as you, I’d be great. Your body is also good, if I were this strong, my brothers wouldn’t dare to bully me.”

Xiao Yueyue was jealous and said, “Little sheep, your master is calling you.”


Yi Xing got up in bewilderment.

In the distance, Huang Sanshi shouted, “Yi Xing, sing a song about the Three Kingdoms.”

Yi Xing nodded his head in a budding manner, then improvised a dance and sang Lin Jiangnan’s “Dividing the Three Kingdoms at the End of the Eastern Han Dynasty”, the song was good and the dance was great.

After singing, Yi Xing went back to chat blindly with Li Tiezhu.

Xiao Yueyue alertly pulled Li Tiezhu away two steps, said to Yi Xing: “What are you doing? Go back to your team, why are you pestering my idol? I suspect you are a spy.”

Yi Xing looked naive: “I just want to get on good terms with Tie Zhu and then beg him to write a song for me.”

Xiao Yueyue: “My goodness! So shameless? Shouldn’t this kind of thing be done quietly? How can you say it with such a straight face?”

Yi Xing: “What’s the problem?”

Xiao Yueyue repelled Yi Xing: “Go away go away! If an idol wants to write a song, it’s also for me, you queue back.”

Yi Xing was upset and walked away, “You’re a comedian, what new song do you want ……”

Li Tiezhu said, “Write a song later! I’m busy with the competition now.”

On the opposite side, Leng Ba Dao: “What’s wrong with writing a song? Isn’t it just a matter of one or two hours? Little Sheep is much more popular than you.”

Dumbass, is this a polite refusal? Beware of being sprayed by Yi Xing’s fans.

Yi Xing said that Leng Ba doesn’t know what he’s doing! Writing a song for an hour or two? What a joke! Embarrassed, he hurriedly waved his hand, “No, no, no, no hurry no hurry ……”

Li Tiezhu was helpless: “OK! Write it and give it to you.”

The cat is fierce and afraid!

Yi Xing hurriedly thanked him, then jogged back to his master’s side, excitedly saying, “Master! Sister Leng Ba is so powerful! Tie Zhu promised to write me a song, he listens to his teacher so well.”

Huang San Shi: “You’re wrong, he’s just simply scared.”

Xiao Yue Yue silently rolled his eyes, not Kai Sen ……

Seeing that the rhythm was almost warmed up, Fang Bo announced, “For our team, Li Tiezhu will sing the Three Kingdoms song.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah? Me?”

Sun Lei: “It’s fine, feel free to sing, anyway, you’re not as good a dancer as Yi Xing, so you’ll more than likely lose too.”

Xiao Yueyue: “Idol! You’re the best.”

Serious people who sing?

Li Tiezhu was blind, he could not sing many songs, not to mention the theme of the Three Kingdoms, that is not a song ah.

Ding! Variety segment triggered a special offer system, the song “Rolling Yangtze River” only requires 1 IQ point].

The system died for so long and swindled again!

This seems to be an ancient lyric that appeared in a high school extracurricular book?

Click to buy.

Li Tiezhu now can be smart, the system provides no bad songs, at least at present did not come across, while there is a special price must buy, how to save IQ ah.