The Rockstar Chapter 64

“I’m not very good at any of the Three Kingdoms songs, and I don’t usually listen to them when I’m busy on the site.”

Li Tiezhu coyly scratched his head.

The crowd smiled good-naturedly, I believe you damn it? A genius who can write ‘Big Fish’ and ‘People Like Me’, rarely listens to songs? Just kidding!

Leng Ba, however, knew it was the truth and was quite pleased in her heart, let you run wild!

Li Tiezhu stood forward even more coyly, “Then let’s sing one of my own Three Kingdoms songs, a new one.”

Xiao Yueyue was the first to applaud: “My goodness! So amazing? My idol has a new song!”

Yi Xing was also excited, “Go Serious Brother! Woo……”

The others clapped along with them, it was an unexpected pleasure to hear Brother Serene’s new work on the show.

Leng Ba was the only one who was unhappy, a new song? It’s over, it looks like this guy is going to win again. There was never a bad song he wrote, Cat knew him too well.

Li Tiezhu cleared his throat and sang cleanly:

Rolling Yangtze River

The waves have eliminated the heroes.

Right and wrong, success and failure, all turn out to be empty.

The green hills are still there

The sun is still setting.

Xiaoyue exaggeratedly covered his mouth, bitchily acting touched.

Yi Xing’s eyes all lit up and sparkled, Brother Serious is still really amazing, this new song is very different from his previous few styles, pale and ancient, with a slight flavour of Americana and opera, it’s awesome!

The rest of the few people were also mesmerised by the song, it was so flavourful.

Leng Ba quietly grinds her teeth, damn, it’s really another good song, the cat also thinks it sounds good!

Li Tiezhu finished singing in one breath:

A pot of turbid wine to meet with joy

How many things have happened in the past and present

All in laughter…


Applause rose, not only the several stars present, even the director and the staff also applauded, this song …… is too trippy!

Li Tiezhu finished singing, bowed coyly, and retreated back to Xiao Yueyue, pursuing the matter of repairing houses in the countryside.

Fang Bo brought his own host aura, followed by a little coaxing, and then ran to the opposite side of the thief, and said to Leng Ba:

“Thanks to Li Tiezhu contestant’s wonderful performance of a very good song. The following is for Li Tiezhu’s mentor, Miss Leng Ba, to comment, what do you think of this song? Did he sing it well or did Yi Xing sing it well?”

Yi Xing was modest on the side: “I’m not good, Tie Zhu sang it better ……”

However, no one listened to him, they all looked at Leng Ba.

Leng Ba was stunned, then she put up her mentor’s frame, her acting skills have always been outstanding, slowly said, “It’s not bad! The centre of the air is not too full, the song writing is still okay, can’t dance, poor evaluation. I think this round …… Yi Xing wins!”

Under Leng Ba’s blatant favouritism, Wei gained the right to enter the labyrinth first, and the Wu side could only enter three minutes later.

Each key could open a state’s box and randomly get a secret book on the art of war, Zhou Yu Xiao Yue Yue’s side had four keys while Leng Ba Sima Yi’s side had five keys. Not only is there one less key on the key, the number of people is less Xiao Yue Yue’s side is also less two people.

Wei: Lengba (Sima Yi), Zong Xiaobao (Guan Yu), Huang Sanshi, Piggy, Squirrel, Yi Xing. Six people, five keys.

Wu: Xiao Yue Yue (Zhou Yu), Fang Bo, Sun Lei, Li Tie Zhu. Four people, four keys.

After entering the labyrinth, both camps chose to split their troops tactically, with Wei’s Sima Yi and Guan Yu leading two people in search of the secret book, and Wu’s side of the room Bo Sun Lei all the way, and Li Tiezhu and Xiao Yuezhu all the way, each with two keys.

Zong Xiaobao got the backwater and went to challenge Fang Bo, and was defeated by the beauty trick, OUT.

Zong Xiaobo used the beauty trick to challenge Squirrel, and was taken away by Squirrel’s smooth hands, out.

Sun Lei was unconvinced and challenged Squirrel with the just-found Stealing Beam, and was defeated by Squirrel’s playing beauty with another secret technique of going up to the room to draw the ladder hair, Sun Lei OUT.

Sun Lei room Bo combination, group destroyed.

This time, Wei five soldiers divided into two ways in the maze to encircle Xiao Yueyue and Li Tiezhu. Now, Wei got seven secret books, while Wu Li Tiezhu and Xiaoyuezhu only got a walk for the best plan, there is a book not found.

The show was quite exciting at one point, with a chicken and dog fight.

However, one hour later, Li Tiezhu miraculously got three secret books, and the opponents, Huang Sanshi, Xiao Piggy and Yi Xing, were eliminated. The situation was steeply reversed, both sides were two against two, and Wu’s side had one more secret book, five to four.

So, both sides agreed to fight head-on in the middle of the maze, two out of three.

Firstly, Squirrel and Xiao Yueyue dueled, Xiao Yueyue used the beauty plan to defeat Squirrel’s backstabbing, and Squirrel was eliminated.

Then, Leng Ba used the empty city trick to eliminate Xiao Yueyue who used the chain trick.

Only Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba are left in the field, Li Tiezhu has three secret books and Leng Ba has two. In the final round, the used secret books are not allowed to be used again.

Li Tiezhu knows that Leng Ba’s two secret books are Shunyi Xiangyi and Upper Room Drawing Ladder, according to the programme group’s settings, Li Tiezhu’s two secret books are restricted, only the anti-client can defeat the Upper Room Drawing Ladder, but it will be restrained by Shunyi Xiangyi.

Come on!

The final showdown.

Leng Ba of course came out with the Shundei that even if he doesn’t win, he won’t lose.

Then, Li Tiezhu snatched the Smooth Goat card with one hand, put it in his mouth, and ate it.

Leng Ba was dumbfounded, is there such a thing as bullying a cat? Doesn’t the programme team care?

The programme team stood firm.

“Li Tiezhu are you crazy? You …… you have messed with me! I order you, take out your three secret books and I’ll draw one. Two to two is only fair!”

Leng Ba pointed at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tie Zhu shook his head, “That won’t work, how about this. You take out that last secret book, I’ll take three, and we’ll each draw two, so it’s fairer. I’ll draw first.”

Leng Ba was a little hesitant: “Eh …… well!”

The four secret books were placed on the ground, Li Tiezhu squatted in front of the secret books, looked at Leng Ba, and said, “Teacher, infinite challenge, this is life!”

Leng Ba: “Eh?”

After saying that, Li Tiezhu grabbed the four secret cards and ran.

Only the miserable cat was left, confused in the wind: Li Tiezhu! Big liar! Even cheating his own cat!


The show is over, I thought Xiao Yueyue will win this issue as the main general, I didn’t think that the programme group still has a reversal, Fang Bo this treacherous thief, actually holding the imperial sword in his hand.

Before the start of the programme, the sword should determine the target to be chopped, and Fang Bo threw the colour to Zhou Yu. So, from the beginning he united Sun Lei, Li Tiezhu, the whole programme room Bo in order to small Yue Yue won the fight with all their strength.

Obviously, at the end of the show, Fang Bo beheaded Zhou Yu and succeeded in stealing the country and reigning over the world.

Xiao Yue Yue is still a tragedy.

Except for Fang Bo, everyone lost.

And Leng Ba, who was robbed of the secret, was the most furious, and didn’t have a smile on her face until the end of the show. It didn’t matter if she won or lost, what really made her angry was – the shit shovelling revolted!

Forget it if you cheated me out of my morning flight, just take it as you’re afraid of me.

But what are you doing robbing my card? Knowing that the cat is still angry, you refuse to apologise even if you don’t know how to feel sorry for it?

A few teachers are quite enthusiastic, after the end of the programme, have and Li Tiezhu to add WeChat. Li Tiezhu also pretended not to know Lengba angry, chatting with everyone quite high, and then cold draw escape.

Unfortunately, it was still intercepted by the cat driving the car.

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