The Rockstar Chapter 65

Ten o’clock at night.

Dead silence in the parked SUV.

“Never mind, I’ll go down and take a taxi, thanks teacher.”

In the passenger seat, Li Tiezhu lifted his backpack and was about to get out of the car. Saying that he was sending me to the airport, he really did stop halfway again as a demon.


Leng Ba coldly grunted.

Li Tiezhu did not move, silently playing with his mobile phone, also did not speak, looked at the last message sent by the “captive cat”.

“Hurry up and apologise to your cat!”

There is no desire to return, Li Tiezhu cleared the chat record, and the note should be: cold bar teacher.


I Li Tiezhu Shi can be killed not to be humiliated, respect you are a teacher, you still have to inch forward, these days by your bullying did not resist you when I am a sick cat ah? In the second half of the programme, Li Tiezhu figured out, what cat not cat, boring, bullying again.

When you were bullying me, what did I say?

I, Li Tiezhu, am so stupid!

What’s wrong?

Am I proud?

Li Tiezhu opened the taxi software in WeChat, the first time he used it, he was not too skilled, and his mouth was cold:

“Apologising is impossible to apologise! It is impossible to apologise again in this life! Does the teacher have anything else to say? If not, I will take a taxi and leave.”

Do you hear, do people speak?

Leng Ba clenched her lower lip, reddened her eyes, and soured her nose.

Li Tiezhu looked askance at her, acting really good, think I will still fall for it? I can be smart now!

No one speaks, the atmosphere is weird.

Li Tiezhu has learnt how to take a taxi, then, open the car door, carry the bag to go.

“The cat …… is thirsty.”

A tiny voice came.

Li Tiezhu was helpless for a while, not speaking of martial virtues! Come to sneak attack! Come to cheat!

Glancing at the teacher, he found that her eyes were watery and pitiful. Li Tiezhu is a burst of sighs, this goblin is also invincible! Soft and hard.

“Axi it! I’ll go to the roadside to buy you a bottle of water ……”

Li Tiezhu dropped his bag and got out of the car powerlessly.

“Drink yoghurt.”


A moment later, Li Tiezhu returned with the yoghurt, “Teacher, here.”

“Call the cat.”

“Love to drink it or not! Grandpa’s!”

“Don’t be mean, the cat is scared.”


Leng Ba sipped yoghurt, stretched out his finger to poke Li Tiezhu: “That …… note, trouble to change back …… before getting on the plane, remember to play money yo.”

Li Tiezhu covered his face, “……”

Sinning ah!

Young man, I advise you rat tail juice.

Ten minutes later, Li Tiezhu finally escaped the clutches of the devil and walked into the airport drinking the cat’s yoghurt.

Leng Ba was furious in the car: “How dare you be mean to the cat? Against you, the next good voice competition let you look good! Not voting for you anymore.”

Jingle Bells.

“The Cat Breeder” transferred $0.5, note: money for the cat. No more temper tantrums, or else you won’t be able to keep the cat!

Seconds back:

“I’m sorry, the cat knows it’s wrong. Please punish me!”


Ding! Congratulations to the host for advancing to the primary level of “Cat Breeder”, the degree of Persian cat domestication is 5%, rewarding the song “Persian Cat”, consuming 0 IQ points, please ask if you want to receive it?”]


This system is so evil! Why is there such a strange attribute? Is it poisoned?

The cat is rebellious like that, where is the 5% to tame it?


Emma smells good!

It’s free, I’d be a fool not to claim it.

When the plane took off, Li Tiezhu collected the song “Persian Cat” and went through it in his head, it is good to listen to, but he can not sing.

The lyrics are too revealing.

If the cat listens to this, the tail will not go up to the sky? How can I discipline her? No, I mean, how can I be friendly with her teacher?

It’s true that the cat game is a bit difficult to talk about, but if the cat refuses to admit defeat, this straight man is not afraid of her, and will confront her head on!

“For the competition in three days, sing ‘Rolling Yangtze River’ without spending more intelligence value.”

Li Tiezhu scanned the system data again.

Current intelligence value: 93 points.

Remaining intelligence value: 9 points.

Music Achievement: 23 points.

Variety Achievements: 35 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.

Singing a new song went up 8 points in Music Achievement, but why didn’t the Variety Achievement go up after recording a whole day’s worth of programmes?

Maybe …… had to wait for the show to air before there was a reaction?

Li Tiezhu also do not care, call out the corner of the “cat breeder” task progress bar, found that there is a note below:

[The host will tame the Persian cat to 100%, and will gain 10 points of upper intelligence limit.

This is too difficult, isn’t it? Cats are so wild and demonic, how can they be completely tamed? I’m lucky if she doesn’t toss me. You stupid system, why do you still care about raising cats?

Wait, what’s the intelligence limit?

Li Tiezhu clicked around, and finally, found a row of small words in the lower right corner of the current intelligence value: the current intelligence ceiling is 99 points.


Li Tiezhu was disheartened, after half a day, I can still add up to six points of intelligence? What do I need to earn so much intelligence for?

Can I only buy songs with the extra intelligence? No, this system must have other ways to increase the intelligence limit, it can’t just be the one way to raise a cat, study it properly.

Back to Shudu is already Thursday morning, Li Tiezhu back to the construction site of the tin house on the sleep, the next two days is even more busy feet touch the ground.

The cat is very well behaved, as always, always report.


“Cat went to the Hengdian site and worked so hard.”

“The boss is just like Chou Pou Pi, Cat refused to film a kissing scene and she scolded her, oooh …… dead Yang stinky feet.”

“Your cat son first kiss forever! Amen!”

“Ask for a hug, the cat is going to shoot a night scene tonight. It’s miserable!”

“Transfer $0.50, note: money for cat. The construction site is working overtime to move cement, the cat retreats to disperse.”

“Good drop!”


“The cat had a nightmare about the owner beating the cat so badly.”

“After acting all morning, without removing his make-up, rushing to Shudu to be a good voice tutor, Cat is so tired.”

“Arrived at the TV station, made up a sleep, or Shudu is comfortable, still no make-up cat looks good? Attach a selfie.”

“Cat canned food remember to bring, cat is hungry.”

“Busy, cat go away.”

“Cat’s anonymous.”

At five in the afternoon, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao came to the backstage of the TV station with the accompaniment they had just recorded to participate in the lottery ceremony.

This was the Shudu division finals, the competition that determined the places in the national finals.

“I still think Rolling Yangtze is more upscale.”

In dressing room number 10, Qin Tao was still a bit chagrined, why did he agree to the odd request of the Three Kingdoms crew in the afternoon? Why can’t we sing our own songs on the show?

“It’s Rolling Yangtze, don’t beep, they’ve given money, 800,000 yuan! It doesn’t matter if I’m told not to sing for the rest of my life.”

Li Tiezhu is open-minded.

“What’s wrong with eight hundred thousand? You wrote this song, who will sing it if you don’t?”

“What’s the rush? Didn’t the director of Three Kingdoms ask me to sing the theme song? They’re quite sincere, and they even asked me to make extra money from guest roles. I think they just want to keep things fresh and understand. Also, eight hundred thousand isn’t a small amount, this theatre group is too rich, I’ll go and donate the money tomorrow, I’ll donate your share for you too!”

“Whatever, as long as I don’t raise pigs, I’ll do whatever I want, it doesn’t matter if it’s money or not.”

“Alright then, you send the accompaniment of the new song to the programme team, tell them to remember to play it, I don’t want to play and sing by myself anymore, it’s too tiring.”

“Good. I’ll take a packet of chilli fries for dinner.”

“Put it down!”

“What’s wrong? With me you’re still so calculating?”

Qin Tao resentfully put down the spicy noodles and walked away with the USB stick with the accompaniment stored on it, cursing under his breath.

Li Tiezhu rearranged the chilli fries neatly, this is not chilli fries, this is a cat can. When it comes to the upper limit of intelligence, you can not be sloppy, and you have to be conscientious when raising a cat!