The Rockstar Chapter 66

Holding the mobile phone to watch the sound jitterbug pre-match live broadcast of Leng Ba, with other fans as disappointed, Li Tiezhu this time did not tie the make-up artist, and no other demonic scene-stealing behaviour, honest and almost lazy.

He arrived at the TV station at 5.30pm, late.

“Heh! Count on your conscience.”

Leng Ba found out that Li Tiezhu had brought the “canned cat” and guarded it with great care, not even giving it to Qin Tao, so she couldn’t help but be secretly pleased.

The time came to six o’clock, and the programme team – released the meal.

Li Tiezhu in order to wait for Qin Tao to send the accompaniment back to eat together, hungry in the dressing room waited for a long time, but waited for the hiccups back to the Qin Tao.

It turns out that after the delivery of the accompaniment, the goods went to eat, ate a full two-person boxed lunch.

“Huh? Why didn’t you go eat?”

Qin Tao looked at Li Tiezhu with a weird face, not active in eating, brain problem.


Li Tiezhu put the spicy strips in a plastic pocket and carried it out the door, leaving the words behind for fear that Qin Tao would steal it. Seeing that there are still a lot of boxed lunches left, Li Tiezhu asked the aunt who put the food:

“Auntie, have all the people from the programme eaten? How come there are so many left?”

“All of them have eaten, you are the last one. Those beautiful actresses want to keep fit, so they didn’t eat much. It’s a pity that the food is so good!”

Auntie looked at the ten or so boxed lunches and said.

Kung Pao Chicken, Spicy Rabbit, Pork in Hot Pot, Shredded Pork with Fish Flavour, and Mapo Tofu.

Taking a share of the same, Li Tiezhu said to the aunt, “Ten boxes, let’s have five boxes each. How about it?”

Auntie said, “Can you eat it?”

“Take it home and eat it. My old man’s favourite food is shredded pork with fish, and the return of pork for wine is also fragrant, and recently the price of pork has gone up again.”

“Is this …… okay?”

“How wasteful if you don’t eat and throw it away?”

“The young man is right.”

Auntie neatly packed up the remaining five boxes and hummed a little song as she pushed the food trolley to leave for work.

In a certain dressing room, Leng Ba covered her face, as for? Five boxed lunches, and now the jitterbugs are broadcasting live, did you forget about it again? The cat is ashamed for you.

On the other side, Zhao Liya cried and laughed, and almost choked on her meal.

Jitterbug Live is also constantly sending pop-ups to tease Li Tiezhu, saying that he is stingy, earthy, and silly, but most of them are good-natured flirting, and some people directly praise Li Tiezhu for his filial piety.

After a short period of time, the jitterbug live broadcast stopped, and at six forty-five, the preview of the East China Sea TV programme began.

Fifteen minutes of short film, the first ten minutes is the western region of the tournament review, at the same time with four mentors and some stars of the comments, predictions and so on, but also tonight’s regional finals are divided into give baked into place.

The biggest suspense is – whether Serious Brother can win the title.

And what kind of original song he will bring tonight.

The second five minutes of the short film is a preview of the second episode of Infinite Challenge, which airs tonight at 10:30pm.

Originally, this teaser was usually meant to be placed during the Super Voice competition interstitial adverts, but because this episode featured Leng Ba and Li Tie Zhu, the TV station placed it directly in the Voice’s pre-competition preview clip.

When the two programmes were linked, the ratings would definitely be higher.

Li Tie Zhu riding Xiao Yue Yue?

Li Tiezhu tying up Fang Bo and Sun Lei?

Li Tieh-Chu tackles Yi Xing single-handedly?

Li Tiezhu writes a new song on the spot again and again?

Li Tiezhu bullied Leng Ba?

This short film, three minutes, ten or so highly gimmicky shots, Li Tiezhu accounted for five, attracting the audience who watched the live broadcast in Tencent video pop-up screens.

“Leng Ba teacher is so pitiful, Li Tiezhu wolf heart and dog lung this thing to do …… beautiful!”

“Suddenly felt that Li Tiezhu is good with this programme.”

“Serious brother’s skilful bondage technique reminds me of the hundreds of films I’ve seen.”

“Upstairs, please slow down.”

“The new song is a classic even though only two lines have been released, identification is complete!”

“I heard that this was bought by Gao Xixi, who is filming ‘Three Kingdoms’, as the theme song. The director of the show pulled the strings.”

“Expectations for the new ‘Three Kingdoms’ have been raised again!”

“Teacher Leng Ba is really nice to Li Tie Zhu and even brought him on the show! Praise!”

In the dressing room, Zhao Liya, who had finished eating and drinking hot water to warm her throat, smiled wryly and shook her head as she looked at the pop-ups on the tablet. After all, that was kissing a cat! Tsk tsk …… this resources given, Infinite Challenge has become Lee Tie Zhu’s home turf!

What is Lee Tie Zhu capable of?


No, I have to gossip.

Zhao Liya took advantage of her assistant Wen’s inattention and slipped out of the dressing room, clutching her thermos cup.

And at this time, the last two minutes of the short film was playing the interviews with the participating guests after the recording of the programme that day.

“May I ask if you’re nervous about participating in a variety show for the first time?”

“Not nervous. This is the second time… The Voice is a variety show too. Is this your first interview? It feels like you’re not very good at talking.”

“Eh …… So what, you really participated in this recording by chance? It wasn’t designed by the programme team?”

“No. If you don’t believe me, ask Xiao Yueyue, his back still hurts from my fall.”

“May I ask which one in this episode is your favourite?”

“Teacher Leng Ba. The other one is Teacher Xiao Yueyue, I can relate to him, he’s very good at chatting, but his personality is too soft.”

“What about the others?

“Teacher Fang Bo is very cunning, don’t like it. Teacher Huang San Shi is scary, don’t like it. Brother Yi Xing dances well, looks good, sings …… a few others are not impressed, the most impressed is actually Teacher Sun Lei, right? He is hard I am also hard, we get along like this, you and I, of course, in the end, I am harder.”

“Huh? And who is your best friend?”

“My best boyfriend is Qin Tao, and my best girlfriend is Zhao Liya. Oh no, it’s a female friend.”

“Ahem ……”

“Bye. Be confident in your next interview, go for it.”

And then came the interview with Xiao Yue Yue.

“Brother Tie Zhu is my idol, a true idol! I’m super fond of him! He’s so strong! You have to win the regional final, my whole family will vote for you! With him in a group of super happy, he protects me, no matter what kind of, that kind of feeling …… mum! Can have a sense of security, is the beginning of his fall waist pain.”

“He is more than ten years younger than you, you call him brother?”

“Da man is a teacher, the hard man is a brother. What’s wrong with that?”

“Eh ……”

After the short film was released, the response was so good that the ratings for The Voice and Five Stripes tonight were, basically, solid.

Li Tiezhu didn’t watch TV, Qin Tao was playing the guitar on the side, Li Tiezhu finished eating the last bit of Ma Po Tofu Mixed Rice and was cleaning up the rubbish, when he saw Zhao Liya sneaking in.

“Can ah! All on the variety show, your family …… er, Leng Ba teacher is good for you ah.”

Almost saying the thing about raising a cat, Zhao Liya was slightly exuberant.

Li Tiezhu in the set of rubbish bags: “That’s a coincidence, Xiao Yueyue pestered me, not Lengba teacher took me.”

“You say it is, I believe it, hehe ……”


“Another original song tonight? What’s it called?”

“The Persian Cat.”

“Pfft ……”

“What? Laughing at what?”

“Ahem! Nothing, just …… hahahahahahahaha hiccups ……”

“Are you okay?”

“It’s fine! Just happy to see a chilli bar. Anon! Tastes good. I didn’t expect that! You’re such a frugal person, but you’d actually buy such expensive chilli fries?”

“A random purchase …… What? You put down the chilli fries!”

“Why are you so cheap?”

“Because ……”

Before Li Tiezhu could make up an excuse, the door to the dressing room opened, and Teacher Leng Ba’s gaze was like a torch, staring dead on the chilli fries that Zhao Liya was nibbling on.

Abortive life!