The Rockstar Chapter 67

“Are the chilli fries good?”

Leng Ba walked in, glaring at Zhao Liya with an unkind look in her eyes.

Zhao Liya took a hard bite of the spicy fries and smiled extraordinarily brightly, “It’s delicious! Teacher Leng Ba, do you want a piece? I didn’t expect that Li Tiezhu, this iron rooster has become extravagant even after he got rich, and used to treat me to ice-cream that was a nine-piece pirated version of Haagen-Dazs.”

“He’s frugal as hell, these are the chilli fries I asked him to buy for me.”

“Huh? Bought it especially for you? Sorry!”

“That’s okay, let’s give you one.”

“I really didn’t know, if I had known he bought it for the cat …… no, for you, I wouldn’t have eaten it. Sorry!”

“Is your voice okay with eating spicy food before singing?”

“No problem! I’ll eat hot pot.”

“That’s great.”

Leng Ba’s mouth was polite, but his expression was not polite at all, always cold, he loaded the rest of the chilli fries and carried them in his hand, and then said to Li Tiezhu: “Next time you buy something for me, don’t open the courier, it’s not polite.”


This is pointing at the mulberry outlet ah.

Zhao Liya instantly lost her appetite and threw the rest of the chilli fries into the rubbish bag that Li Tiezhu had just put on, turning around and leaving. Ugh! It turned out to be cat food!

Cats are great, right?

We’ve been through Li Tiezhu’s wardrobe together, why are you so stingy?

Leng Ba also did not speak, can not say why, she just can not get used to Zhao Liya and Li Tiezhu self-cooked look, spicy bar does not matter …… right?

She is really angry, she helped Li Tiezhu so much, he actually said in the interview that the best female …… friend is Zhao Liya?

Not me?

I would have turned my heart to the bright moon, but the bright moon shines in the ditch!

Cat, not happy.

Exclusive canned food still stolen, not happy Plath.

Through a few days of dangerous living together, Li Tiezhu, the empiricist with insufficient intelligence, has summarised some experience. To the cat bar, softening is not possible, it has to be hard!

To suppress the cat hard under the body, not allowing her to resist!

So, he paralysed into the sofa and said:

“One less packet of chilli fries isn’t enough? Why don’t you just buy some more? Peel an apple.”

Leng Ba grumbled and peeled the apple, halfway through peeling the apple before remembering that something was wrong, he did something wrong, why am I still peeling the apple for him?

However, peeled all peeled ……

In the corner, holding the guitar Qin Tao, has not played a sound for a long time, shivering.

Let the tutor peel the apple for you?

Ayo Xiu’er?

Last time, I saw these two women sneaking …… even more excessively today, actually arguing? Jealousy like. Li Tiezhu is open, right? Moreover, it is clear that I do not know why the teacher Leng Ba who is very angry, but actually obediently peeled an apple?

That low brow look, tsk!


Qin Tao just thought he was transparent and didn’t dare to move a muscle.

Li Tiezhu is a double kill?

Definitely a double kill!

Zhao Liya is still so small, how can you scare your hands? Really Nima …… envy ah! Teacher Leng Ba needless to say, definitely very resistant to killing.


“Click! Well, the programme apples are so sweet.”

“Sweet, huh?”

“Anything else?”


“Go back, the show is about to start, work hard and be responsible, okay?”

“Got it!”

The cat retreated obediently with the “cat can” in hand.

Qin Tao let out a long sigh of relief and crawled over, asking with an agitated face, “What’s the situation? The three of you are not right! Yo Sis Guo Yi …… Leng Ba took you on the five stripes and insinuated …… with your girlfriend.”

Li Tiezhu nibbled on an apple and said, “You raise pigs for the rest of your life.”

Qin Tao: “Ah! Today’s weather is really good, the old man pinch a finger to calculate the time and place and people, you must take the championship tonight, go for it! Brother!”

Li Tiezhu’s mobile phone rang.

Captive cat: thanks for the cat cans from the owner, meow~

Foster cat: transfer 0.5 RMB, note: cat concentrating on work.


After another half hour break, the newscast ended and the game officially began.

The final was slightly different from the previous competitions, with a temporary draw before the match and gifts. After all, the ones who made it into the top ten were all very strong and basically counted as debutants, not the kind of characters from the previous auditions.

Seven thirty-five.

The first round of qualifying draws for the Western Region Final of The Super Voice began.

Inside the studio, the audience was all present, the four judges were already seated, and the host read the title line before announcing the rules of the draw. The ten finalists stood in a row on the stage, ready to open the final battle of ten into five.

Only the five who advanced would be able to participate in the national final afterwards.

The rules state that ten goes into seven in the first half, and seven goes into five in the second half. That meant that the contestants who advanced needed to sing two songs.

Li Tiezhu was confused, what the hell is the competition system?

I’ve only prepared one song.

On the stage, there were ten boxes on a huge table, and inside each box was a competition number, as well as a gift from the sponsor.

Li Tiezhu was the third to come out for a draw, and randomly picked a box in the middle.

Number: 1.

Meaning that Li Tiezhu was the first to appear in the show.

The host began to render the atmosphere, “It’s actually the first to appear! Li Tiezhu drew number 1, I don’t know how you feel at this moment, the first to appear in the final, will you be nervous?”

Li Tiezhu: “The director’s cue board said for you to ask me what the name of my new song is and if it’s original. You don’t follow the routine to host?”

Host: “…… So what’s the name of your new song?”

“The Persian Cat.”

“Huh? Is that the name of the song?”


“Do you have a cat?”

“The director asked you to ask if it was original.”

“No, I’m just asking, do you have a cat?”


“So is this song for your cat?”

At the judges’ table, Miss Leng Ba’s face bristled red beyond recognition, her freshly manicured nails clacking and scratching under the table board. Oh my god! Are cat owners crazy?

Writing songs and all that, even though cats feel honoured, but in such a public place, wouldn’t it be a bit too wild?

It’s exciting!

On the stage, Zhao Liya took a peek at the blushing Leng Ba, skimming her lips, looking at the cat’s exuberance!

Li Tiezhu swept a glance at Lengba, sure enough, she misunderstood, it is all sent by the system ah! It is not deliberately written for you.

There is no way to explain.

The Rolling Yangtze River was sold to the Three Kingdoms theatre group, so they could only sing the song Persian Cat. In fact, Li Tiezhu himself refused, after all, the lyrics are a bit excessive ……

But, intelligence can not be wasted at will ah.

“Of course, I said that I will participate in the entire competition with an original song.”

Li Tiezhu said stiffly.

“Let’s look forward to Li Tiezhu’s new song ‘Persian Cat’, please open your gift box.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“It’s a pair of earrings! The label says they’re worth thirty-five thousand yuan, congratulations Li Tiezhu.”

“Can we change the gift? The earrings are useless.”

“You can’t exchange it, but you can give it to one of the girls present. It’s your freedom to give it to whoever you’re best with.”

The host teased.

Li Tiezhu sneered, “Do you think I’m stupid? With whom the best send who, did not send the girls do not all hate me ah?”

“Then …… choose a girl you think is the most beautiful to send.”

“This is possible.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t think about it carefully, this is the way to choose a more offensive one.

He swept around the stage and off the stage, and when he saw the coy and shy smile of Miss Lengba, Li Tiezhu returned a gentle smile, and then, taking the earrings, he walked towards …… Zhao Liya.

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