The Rockstar Chapter 68

Li Tiezhu smilingly handed the earrings to Zhao Liya:

“Give it to you! It sure looks good on you.”

Zhao Liya is focusing on the cat’s expression, suddenly was Li Tiezhu send earrings, instantly confused, you have a disease, right? Your cat is excited like that, look at the eyes of that look …… result, you give it to me?

“No! What are you sending me for?”

“The host said to give it to the prettiest girl.”

“But …… Miss Leng Ba she ……”

“She’s older, a woman not a girl.”

“Turtle ……”

“Don’t be polite, they’re all good friends.”

“You think I’m being polite to you?”

Zhao Liya accepted the earrings and looked at Li Tiezhu sympathetically, out of the corner of her eye she had already seen the eyes of a certain cat on the stage spitting fire.

You made your own death, don’t blame me!

See how your cat teaches you a lesson.


The host was also confused, he thought that Leng Ba had just brought Li Tiezhu on the show, Li Tiezhu must have returned the favour by sending earrings to Leng Ba, so that he could also create momentum for Infinite Challenge, but he didn’t think that Li Tiezhu was blind!

Zhao Liya is pretty, but is she better than Leng Ba?

At least, Zhao Liya, who has not yet grown up, is now at this age, is no match for the full and delicate teacher Leng Ba.

What’s in your eyes?

Wanted small steamed buns and old bread buns, which big, which more full you heart do not count?

“Don’t you think Miss Leng Ba is prettier?”

The host arched his fire.

Li Tiezhu shook his head decisively, “Well …… Zhao Liya looks better! You aesthetics can not.”

Straight male aesthetics, pure supremacy!

The host was shocked, and subconsciously looked at Leng Ba: “Leng Ba teacher, Tiezhu said that you don’t look as good as Zhao Liya, what do you think?”

You’re the one who is a woman, your whole family is a woman!

Leng Ba was picking at the table board under the table, and said calmly on her face, “Liya is indeed very pretty! And about the same age as Li Tiezhu, it’s actually quite normal for him to like her type, right?”

The host’s arching fire was unsuccessful, so he had to continue hosting the draw.

Zhao Liya drew No. 8, is a pretty good position, the gift is relatively inferior, is a pet collar, worth twenty dollars.

The draw ended, the host began to ask the judges, which contestant is favoured to win the championship.

Yi Feng: “I’m bullish on Zhao Liya.”

Lin Fan: “Zhao Liya! She’s extremely musically talented and has good singing skills.”

Chen Posong: “Li Tiezhu, I think, he writes songs very well, his voice is not bad, his singing is almost but can be learnt.”

Leng Ba: “Li Tie Zhu is very good and hardworking! But I’m optimistic about Zhao Liya, she’s pretty and has audience appeal, she can get more votes. The name of Piano Princess has also gathered her a large number of fans in advance, giving her an innate advantage. So, her singing style was monotonous, her song writing was average, and all these shortcomings were covered up. Moreover, she’s still young has a lot of room for improvement, I’m optimistic about her!”

What the hell?

Zhao Liya heard straight frown, not against Li Tiezhu against me? Cat so humble? Is a cat this sinister?

She is most unable to hear others question her song writing strength.

You can say that I can’t play the piano well, you can say that I can’t sing well, but you can’t say that I can’t write songs well! And, truthfully speaking, Zhao Liya’s song writing strength was quite strong.

Zhao Liya looks well-behaved.

But actually ……

“Thanks for the recognition, teacher! I’m honoured. May I ask if there are any major problems with my last writing ‘Big Fish’? Please review it, teacher, and I’ll make sure to improve it.”

So, Zhao Liya directly disliked it.

Although Leng Ba came from a musical family, she grew up dancing in primary school, how could she do music reviews?

Adjusting her sitting posture, Leng Ba said, “It’s not a big problem, but it’s not good either. When it comes to writing songs, music theory and technique are secondary, talent is more important. Go for it!”

I don’t have talent?

Zhao Liya secretly grinds her teeth, you can! Your master bullied you, you don’t dare to be wild, so you come to pick on me? I, Zhao Liya, am not a vegetarian.

Take it!


“Thank you teacher! Thank you very much!”

Zhao Liya bowed slightly towards Leng Ba with an extraordinarily respectful expression, then, taking out the black pet collar she drew from the raffle and walking towards Li Tiezhu, she said, “I don’t have much use for this, anyway, you have a cat, so I’ll give it to you.”

Li Tiezhu was startled, looked at Lengba on the stage, and waved his hands, “No! No need.”

Zhao Liya directly stuffed Li Tiezhu hand: “Take it! Your cat is wild, when you see people, show your teeth and wail, annoying. Next time I’m around, remember to use this collar to tie the cat up, otherwise, I’m afraid I can’t help but beat her up!”

Li Tiezhu was confused, I don’t have a cat? Why are you grimacing? Besides, why would you beat up a cat?

Can you beat it?

He didn’t know that Leng Ba sent a screenshot of the money for the cat to Zhao Liya, and thought that this matter was known to heaven and earth, and the cat knew that I knew.

Under the stage, Leng Ba’s anger went straight to the sky.

A strange shame ah!

This little girl is too inappropriate! How dare she humiliate me on such an occasion?

Li Tiezhu muttered, “Really don’t need to, I have a different cat she ……”

Zhao Liya took the collar to adjust the size: “What’s different? I’ve seen Persian cats before! Look, this collar can be adjusted in size, it definitely fits!”

“That …… thanks.”

Li Tiezhu took the collar and stole a glance at Teacher Lengba, yes, the collar does fit, but …… can it be worn?

Zhao Liya walked back, “Cats should be bolted if they don’t listen, especially when you go out to sneak your cat, don’t let your cat bite people everywhere, it’s easy to get beaten.”

Li Tiezhu: “Where is the cat slipping ah?”

Zhao Liya: “You can ah, anyway, your cat is different.”

The second half of this sentence was almost staring at Leng Ba.

Come on!

Go ahead and hurt each other!

Leng Ba shivered with anger, but did not dare to speak, can only take the nails hard to pick the table board, creaking, but also to squeeze out a smile on the face.

The line!

This is a declaration of war, right?

Then don’t blame me!

Originally, this meow simply disliked you, but now it’s different, you’ve messed with this meow!

Li Tiezhu foolishly put the collar away, Ha, Zhao Liya wouldn’t really think I have a cat, right? How can that be, this collar can’t be given to Teacher Leng Ba to wear ah!

It’s a waste.

How about giving it to Qin Tao? He really does have a Persian cat at home.

Soon, the nine contestants retreated from the stage, and Li Tiezhu stayed on stage to sing Persian Cat. The accompaniment was made with the help of Tencent’s agent Zhang Xiaomeng, who found a professional music studio in Shudu.

Looking at the system information, it seems to be a song from another world called Luo Wen, with a lazy and delicate style:

Voice petite voice low screaming

The long night is no longer silent

The first two sentences, Li Tiezhu red face, two kinds of the same called “Persian cat” creatures, the image of overlap in the mind, let out a low cry, feel particularly ashamed.

I told you I couldn’t sing this one, right?

But stingy as Li Tiezhu, of course, also can not afford to spend IQ points to buy a new song.

In the waiting area, Zhao Liya’s sweaty hairs stood up, so revealing? Shameless! The first line is so raw!

On the judges’ table, the other three judges nodded their heads in appreciation with a smile on their faces, the tune was good, very flavourful.

Leng Ba bites her lower lip, her sense of shame bursting, this guy is overdoing it, where have I ever made strange noises in front of him? It must be his blind thoughts! Excessive! Also the long night is not silent, you are thinking of something evil ah.