The Rockstar Chapter 69

Shake your little waist.

♪ Dance gently ♪

♪ Bright eyes like sparkling crystal reflections ♪

Sunny enough to be photographed

How white is the body

Little waist?


Zhao Liya instantly locked her eyes on Coldba, yes, this cat is with white blood, snow white no problem, tsk! Li Tiezhu is really a person who has appreciated cats and has seen the world.

Leng Ba squeezed out a smile and scratched her thighs with her hand under the table, damn it! Even if you have seen it, you still sing it out ……


Leng Ba suddenly found someone staring at himself, twisted his head to see, again this hoof? Only to see, the waiting area of Zhao Liya a face of horror with some mocking gaze, Leng Ba suddenly angry, what is wrong?

What’s wrong with me being white?

Definitely much better looking than your pair of little wangs!

Fuckin’ hell!

I glared at him, but I couldn’t stop glaring, so I continued to sulk.

Li Tiezhu saw Leng Ba’s expression was extremely unnatural, in turn, he relaxed, she was not angry? That’s good! Not afraid, not afraid, the cat is still very good.

So, Li Tiezhu’s singing gradually entered the state:

You send warmth to each other in bed late at night

Persian cat’s body is delicate

“To keep me company and relieve me of my loneliness.

The Persian cat in my arms

“The voice of the Persian cat in my arms.” “The voice of the Persian cat in my arms.

Wagging her tail, waving her waist and purring.

Meow Meow Meow ……

Miu miu miu ……

Li Tiezhu no longer focus on the ambiguities in the lyrics, just as if he really had a Persian cat, the whole song is completed very well, after all, there are accompaniment and harmony, the effect is really better.

It s just …… that the cat feels ashamed, and his thighs are crumbling.

This word is really excessive ah.

Could it be that he was writing down his nightmares?

I didn’t realise that this guy looked dull, but he was quite imaginative when dreaming. Hmph! Nonsense, a proud cat never cares to please a cat owner, a cat won’t cater to you like that.

Yuck, you’re dreaming!

Unless you help me dislike the hoofed Zhao Liya.

Li Tiezhu finished the singing, it was well sung and quite well written. But compared to People Like Me and Big Fish, this song was still clearly inferior.

Of course, the song wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t a big problem to help Li Tiezhu advance to the first half of the ten into seven.

The host took the stage and asked, “A very nice and loving song! Thanks again to contestant Li Tiezhu for singing. May I ask, is the cat you have a Persian cat?”

Li Tiezhu nodded, “Yes.”

Host: “How much did you pay for it?”

Li Tiezhu stole a glance at Lengba: “Didn’t spend any money, picked up …… picked up.”

“Wow! You this luck can ah! Pick up a cat on the roadside is a Persian cat?”

“Impure, right? I don’t know, anyway …… it’s pretty cute.”

“What colour?”


“Your Persian cat, what colour?”

“White! White!”

“Pure white? Not a drop of mixed colours?”

“Eh …… pure white.”

The host nodded, “Oh! White Persian cats are good looking!”

Li Tiezhu followed and nodded frantically, that was indeed quite good looking! It’s just that looking at it too much is not good for the body.

Leng Ba is about to explode ……

[Ding! Congratulations to the host, singing “Persian Cat” has increased the cat’s domestication level by 2%, currently at 7%. The host receives a special offer for another song, “Persian Cat”, at a purchase price of 1 IQ point].

There’s this good thing?


Li Tiezhu hardly had any hesitation, what was there to be afraid of with two songs of the same name? One song “Persian Cat” can tame the cat, wouldn’t two songs tame the effect better?

Current Intelligence Value: 93 points.

Remaining Intelligence Value: 8 points.

Music Achievement: 27 points.

Variety Achievement: 35 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.

“Contestant Li Tiezhu? Hello! Contestant Li Tiezhu?”

The host waved his palm in front of the dazed Li Tiezhu’s eyes and shouted.

“Do what? The host should be dignified.”

Li Tiezhu muffled his voice.

The host almost spat out a mouthful of blood, you have the cheek to call me dignified? You’ve been distracted! It’s a competition. However, who made Brother Decent popular? Moreover, the audience also liked the part where Li Tiezhu disliked the host the most, so he had no choice but to hold his tongue and said:

“I just asked you, why did you think of writing a song for a cat?”

“You care about me.”

“Erm …… I mean what inspired you, the audience would love to know, wouldn’t they?”

“Because cats are cute.”

“Ha, I didn’t see that contestant Li Tie Zhu also has such a careful and gentle side, it’s really rare ……”

“The director made you cut the advert again.”

“Eh ……”

“What a fuss. Isn’t it just one song, ‘Persian Cat’? To tell you the truth, there’s more than one, and if I make it to the second final, I have a much better version of ‘Persian Cat’ that’s also an original.”

The host was confused, “Two …… two Persian Cat songs? How much do you love your cat?”

Leng Ba shuddered, like an electric shock, and the cat breeder …… was quite good at it.


Little girl, don t think that he only writes songs for you, I also have, and it is two songs! Two songs!

Li Tiezhu is also embarrassed, the system hard to give me what can I do? Passive skills then launched, said: “Calm down ah, how to be a host? Look at me, let’s thank contestant Li Tiezhu for singing, here we go into a commercial, thank you.”

After saying that, Li Tiezhu also glared at the host before turning around and going off the stage, and in his mind, he mimed that newly purchased song “Persian Cat”, which is indeed better.

At the time of the advert, the pop-up screen became active again.

“Li Tiezhu’s writing of this song is out of standard!”

“I think it sounds good!”

“Anyone who has a cat thinks it sounds good, it’s really gentle and apt.”

“The first song ‘Big Fish’, is Li Tiezhu a god?”

“I believe the second song ‘Persian Cat’ will sound better.”

“After all, Li Tiezhu’s song style is ever-changing, and the other song ‘Persian Cat’ is definitely completely different! Looking forward to it.”

“Li Tiezhu’s style is really elusive.”

“Men who have cats are the most loving.”

“Li Tiezhu Champion!”

“Piano Princess Zhao Liya is the champion! Li Tiezhu second is also quite good.”

The advert ended and the competition continued.

Smoky-voiced uncle Lin Xiao came out in second place, singing a heavy metal rock song, singing high to the audience, his strength was strong. With Li Tiezhu and Lin Xiao’s opening, the contestants at the back let loose, and a high quality singing competition was in full swing.

After the first seven contestants finished their performances, the scene was a bit anxious for a while, everyone played their best strength, making it difficult to choose between them.

In eighth place, Zhao Liya took the stage.

Instead of playing the piano this time, she chose to sing an original song with ancient lyrics, “Qingyu Case – Yuanxi”, accompanied by pipa, erhu and ceramic ocarina.

Ancient and light, the line was independent and elegant.

Of course, this is inspired by Li Tiezhu’s “Linjiang Xian – Rolling Yangtze River East Passing Water”, as early as three days ago, “good friend” Li Tiezhu sang this song to Zhao Liya on the phone, begging for comment.

After all, Zhao Liya professional, Li Tiezhu and her relationship is also close.

So, Zhao Liya was inspired, stayed up two nights, composed this song her favourite words.

The east wind releases thousands of flowers at night

Blowing down even more

stars as thick as rain (idiom); fig. no shortage of stars

BMWs and carriages fill the road with fragrance

the sound of a phoenix piping

the light of a jade pot turning

A night of fish and dragon dance

Waiting for the performance area, the contestants listened to have opened their mouths, this is also …… too good, right? The ancient words sung out so hanging?

The judges have been nodding, really good, this is the Chinese music. Only Leng Ba face with a smile, secretly picking nails, what the hell? This song, written vaguely better than Li Tiezhu ah!

It can’t be that my Tie Zhu helped her write it, right?

With her?