The Rockstar Chapter 7

Three days later.

Friday afternoon, 22 July.


At six forty, Li Tiezhu, who got lost five times, finally met up with Fatty Qin Tao under the TV tower and ate noodles together.

“You …… don’t have a problem, do you?”

The fat man did not eat a few mouthfuls of noodles, and his expression was a little hesitant.

Li Tiezhu had already started drinking soup, “What’s the problem?”

“I was looking at your eye circles a bit dark.”

“No …… nothing, recently often stay up late to study.”

Qin Tao’s face was grave, and he thought, “This bastard seems to be more dull than before! You’re going red, what the hell study ah?

After eating and drinking, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao are ready to enter the TV tower to participate in the competition.

Then, they were stopped by the security guard.

“Go under the flyover if you want money.”

“We don’t want money, we’re in the race.”

“Hammer oh?”


“Name, identifying information.”

“Li Tiezhu, 17 years old.”

“There’s no such person on the list, you can’t go in.”

“We have PASS cards.”

The security guard sneered, pointing at the bin full of trash beside him, “Labour has received more than three hundred fake PASS cards today!”

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao were dumbfounded.


Just after seven o’clock, “Super Voice” Southwest Region studio, director Wang Zegang is directing everyone to set up the scene, suddenly, was surrounded by a huge swath of reporters and self media.

“Hello, “Super Voice” contestants, plagiarism of well-known composer wine pen teacher’s work, how does the programme group respond?”

“Tonight, the contestant who plagiarised Wine Pen’s work, will he come to the live competition?”

“What kind of measures will the programme group take against the contestant suspected of plagiarism? Will they be banned?”

“As a programme that has made many stars, what is your attitude towards plagiarism? Is it condoned or ignored?”

“Or is it that this ‘Serious Brother’ was actually promoted by the programme?”

“Please ask ……”

Wang Zegang took a firm stance and flubbed his words, stating that it could not be deemed plagiarism until there was solid evidence, and that, even if there was evidence, it was the contestant’s personal behaviour and had nothing to do with the programme group.

After sending the media away, the smile on Wang Zegang’s face disappeared.

Just a wine pen that had written a web song, counting a Jie Bao’s famous composer.

But it also seemed extremely unusual for him to target a vegetarian contestant like this, that guy was dirt poor, what was the value of targeting him? Could it be that he is targeting this programme?

Well, the water here seems a bit deep.

The best way to deal with it is to wait for that contestant to enter and deal with it yourself.

None of my business?

If he did plagiarise, block him, if he didn’t plagiarise, run a wave saying it’s a malignant slur from another show and earn a wave of sympathy.

Well, smart as I am!

Wang Zegang organised the setup of the competition site and stayed busy until 7:50pm, ten minutes before the start of the competition.

The assistant found Wang Zegang with the list and said:

“Director Wang, something has happened. The contestants should be one hundred, the actual number is ninety-eight, there are still two missing.”

“Who didn’t come?”

“One is Princess Zhao Liya, the piano princess who went to WYN to perform, she talked to the programme team beforehand, her flight was late, she couldn’t arrive until eight twenty. The other one, is ‘Serious Brother’ Li Tiezhu.”

“Grass! Hurry up and get in touch with me, dig three feet into the ground and bring him over to me!”

Wang Zegang wrestled with great fury, it’s over!

If that bastard is afraid of media pressure and doesn’t come to compete, the “plagiarism” will be the programme’s fault, which means it’s my fault.


“See? These are some of the most popular videos that he, my friend Chen Posong, personally awarded the PASS! PASS card issued by Chen Posong himself!”

The fat man was still holding his mobile phone, breaking it up with the rigid security comrade.

The security guard didn’t even look at it, “Do you think I haven’t read a book? This video is photoshopped, right? Several people have already come with so-called Netflix videos and tried to blend in all of them were recognised by me, no shame! Anyway, if you’re not on the list, you can’t go in.”

So damn witty as hell!

Qin Tao was speechless.

Not far away, sitting on the stone pier picking his brain Li Tiezhu face stagnant, not so? It’s hard to make up your mind to bind the system, but you can’t even get into the arena, wouldn’t that be a big loss?


Suddenly, a fragrant wind came, a real fragrant wind, a strange flavour that Li Tiezhu had never smelled before, a milky fragrance mixed with a light floral fragrance.

A woman wearing a sunglasses mask stood beside Li Tiezhu, a pair of big watery eyes hidden under the sunglasses.

Li Tiezhu looked up blankly and sniffed:


“Sure enough, it’s you, Serious Brother?”

“You know me?”

“Are you here for the competition?”


“Can’t get in?”


“Try something else.”

“What way?”



“The delivery guy who was let in by security.”


Nudging Li Tiezhu a bit, Zhao Liya walked through the TV station’s doors wearing her chubby assistant. For some reason, the sight of him sitting on a stone pier amused her; in real life, he was even dorkier than he looked on Jitterbug.

In the past few days, Zhao Liya’s mobile phone screen, almost by the “serious brother” contracted, all kinds of sand sculpture or sculpture explosion video.

However, the most important thing is that Zhao Liya is really like Li Tiezhu that song “people like me”, simply sang to her heart.

Zhao Liya started to practice the piano at the age of three, and at the age of eleven, the piano grade ten, and at the age of fourteen, she started to participate in recitals. During this period, many people looked forward to her as the future piano everyone.

However, at the age of sixteen, she suddenly participated in “Super Voice” and wanted to be a singer.

No one understood her, no one supported her.

The years of practising the piano alone and forcing a career change were never easy, just like in that song:

People like me who are not willing to be ordinary!

How many people are there in the world?

Not living in other people’s eyes, only living in their own hearts, Zhao Liya chose to walk her own want to walk the road, this song gives her the courage to take the first step, no more, no less.

She signed up for the competition the next day after listening to People Like Me.

Cluelessly witnessing the milky, creamy young lady entering the TV station, Li Tiezhu switched on the low frequency CPU and pondered for a while longer before figuring out the hints of the milky young lady just now.

It turns out that it is very simple to get in.

Wow! She not only has a fragrant body, but her brain is also smart!

Li Tiezhu called back Qin Tao, who was about to be violently beaten by the security guards, and ordered so and so.

Ten minutes later, after Qin Tao paid a thousand yuan to the takeaway clerk called, he understood. After all, the deliveryman’s clothes have been stripped away by Li Tiezhu, can he not understand?

Pretending to be a takeaway clerk!

Qin Tao was still a little worried, “Will this work?”

You’re not treating that security guard like a fool, you’re treating him like a blind man!