The Rockstar Chapter 70

Moths and snowy willows with golden strands

Laughing and smelling darkly

I’ve been looking for him for a thousand years.

suddenly look back

But he’s in the middle of the lights

After singing an ancient song, Zhao Liya received applause from the entire audience, even the live streaming pop-up screen was filled with shouts of approval.

After so many periods of the competition, the piano princess finally pressed Li Tiezhu, the bumpkin, on the basis of Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya are good friends, these pop-ups did not say anything excessive, and the noise could not be up.

This ancient lyrics are already classic, and the song is also written quite wonderfully, although not as good as Li Tiezhu’s highlights, but also extremely colourful.

Chen Posong said: “For the moment, this song is the first, Li Tiezhu’s song is also good, but still a little worse. The rest of the cover players but also did not fully comprehend the essence of the song, on the contrary, Liya this song written by himself, sung by himself, the style is extremely unified, very good.”

Yi Feng also nodded repeatedly, “A rare national style song, very good! I think we are lacking this kind of national style song.”

Lin Fan said, “Good to listen to! Top of the line, Lia’s level of song writing is getting higher and higher.”

Leng Ba finally said slowly: “The song is well written, it’s a bit like Li Tiezhu’s, you don’t have a problem with me saying that, do you?”

Everyone was stunned, what does it have to do with Li Tiezhu?

Zhao Liya frankly said, “Yes! This is the song Three Kingdoms inspired me, we have a lot of very good words in the five thousand years of China.”


Leng Ba added, “Hmm. You song writing is good, but this is an ancient style song, you ah …… voice is not soft enough, and the body is hard, it is like, using the posture of singing rock and roll to sing opera, the whole is very incongruous. You haven’t learnt dance and acting, that’s understandable, but singing is a performing art after all, there are some things ah, still can’t relax the training, it’s not something to take for granted.”

Zhao Liya got it, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes again, the cat is biting again.

Though let your horse come over, don’t think that I, Zhao Liya, am some kind of simple and bulldozing white rabbit! Let you see how this lady ick (ruá) cat!

I’ll make sure you kick it so hard that you won’t even recognise your mother.

After all, with an IQ of nearly one hundred and two, Zhao Liya’s mind was like electricity, and she instantly thought of a way to counterattack.


“Teacher Leng Ba is right, my voice is just a little too sharp, how should I soften it down? What kind of softness is the softness of the ancient style? Like a cat? A soft body and a soft voice?”

Zhao Liya had a respectful face and started digging a hole.

Leng Ba nearly choked, mentioning cats again?

She didn’t dare to speak, and looked at Zhao Liya with intimidation in her eyes.

Elder Chen Posong slapped his thigh: ”Hey! Right right right! It means cat, I just didn’t think of how to describe it, your singing voice isn’t gentle and soft enough, and there’s less of a trace of the ancient woman’s temperament. It’s really a bit like that posture and voice of a cat!”

Good assist!

Zhao Liya gave a secret cry and said, “Right? I want to learn and get better too, but there’s no one to teach me.”

Chen Posong pointed to Leng Ba beside him and said, “Leng Ba studied acting, learn from her!”

Leng Ba instantly exploded.

Learn what?

The body of a cat? The purr of a cat?

You’re a snake charmer!

This hoof is deliberately picking a fight, how dare a trainee bully his mentor! The offending Master Chen is still helping to stick the knife in, it’s too hard to bear.

Zhao Liya followed suit: “That’s right! Teacher Leng Ba, your acting skills are so good, can you teach me how a cat purrs? And movement temperament and such, thank you.”

Leng Ba didn’t want to take it, who are you? Also, it’s too shameful.

Cats only perform in front of Li Tiezhu.

Snapped ……

The applause rang out, and even the hosts and judges applauded.

After all, this was an opportunity for Miss Leng Ba to show her face. She was an average singer and didn’t have much of a part as a song judge, so she thought that she should enjoy this session where she could show off her professional strength, right?


The cat refused.

Coldbar: “……”

Zhao Liya, you’ve gone too far!

On stage, Zhao Liya was new to the stage, but knew her way around acting, with three parts embarrassment and seven parts pity, she said, “It’s fine, forget it if teacher Leng Ba is not willing to instruct, maybe I’m not qualified enough ……”

The scene was slightly awkward.

Leng Ba was framed to get off the stage, so he could only force a smile to stand up and said, “Which is not the case! Guidance does not dare to be, is to learn from each other, learn from each other.”

Zhao Liya: “Wow! Thank you teacher, I’ll learn catcalls from you.”

“Eh …… well, well. This imitation of animals ah, it takes a long time of observation, as well as more practice to get the hang of it, like this.”

“Teacher must often pretend to be a cat, so good! Super likeness!”

“Ahem! Did you learn?”

“No, didn’t see it. Please do it again, and catcalls oh, just now you didn’t.”

“I ……”

Leng Ba mouthful of old blood surging, almost seven orifices bleeding, finally or by virtue of the deep internal force forced down, a gentle smile, hands propped up on the judges desktop, around the half circle, soft as if boneless in general, the body lingering shapely, winks, and then ……

Eyes slightly narrowed, red lips lightly opened:


The scene applause once again, acting as an animal is difficult, but Miss Leng Ba acted too realistically, living a kitten ah.

Leng Ba quietly gritted her teeth, damn it!

It’s not over!

Zhao Liya, who had a good time inside, showed a surprised expression, then looked at Li Tiezhu in the rest area, “Like it, right? Tie Zhu, she’s just like a real cat!”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

She was originally a real cat, I’ve seen tougher ones. But, then again, what’s the point of playing a cat in a good singing programme? Acting, isn’t that Miss Leng Ba’s speciality?

Leng Ba couldn’t hold it in and said, “Why are you asking him? Hurry up and learn.”

Little hooves sneak attacked me even if, but also live @ cat breeder, you are …… public execution? The next show, you wait for me.

Zhao Liya perfunctorily learnt a little bit: “I don’t look like it! Or Leng Ba teacher is great, you teach me again?”

Leng Ba: “Come down and talk about it, it’s a competition.”

Zhao Liya laughed happily, “Thank you, teacher, you’re so nice! You are the most likeable cat I have ever seen!”

Leng Ba: “Next contestant.”

A cat is also what you call it? It’s intolerable!

The victorious Zhao Liya proudly stepped off the stage, bouncing like a white rabbit, and came to sit next to Li Tiezhu, with a meaningful smile on her face, glancing at Li Tiezhu from time to time.

The cat …… in Li Tiezhu s house is quite fun! Ho ho ho!

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……”

Li Tiezhu didn’t notice Zhao Liya’s strange appearance, but instead softly hummed an overly cheerful song.

Half a minute ago, the system was activated again:

[Ding! The host’s programme session triggered the gifting mechanism, giving the host a free song called “Learning to Catcall”. Please ask if you want to receive it?

The dog system …… is giving away a song for free for the second time ah!

Of course collect it.

However, this song is obviously not suitable for a hard man like Li Tiezhu to sing, so he hummed and hummed and felt strange.

“New song?”

Zhao Liya poked Li Tiezhu, your cat was icked by me, you still have the mood to write a new song?

Are you still in the mood to write a new song?

Li Tiezhu scratched his head: “Ah! Right. You guys just learnt to bark like a cat and got the inspiration for the song called ‘Learning to Bark Like a Cat’.”

Zhao Liya was thunderstruck, your cat was humiliated, and you took this to write a song? Are you still a human being? Or is your cat that statusless? Doesn’t the master have to care about her feelings at all? It’s so exciting!