The Rockstar Chapter 71

Zhao Liya rather despised Li Tiezhu’s negative behaviour of not caring for his own cat, and then, happily asked Li Tiezhu to share the newly written “Learning to Bark”, softly sung to her.

Ouch nice oh!


The lyrics are quite realistic, and the tune is cheerful enough, tsk, tsk, Li Tiezhu is really a little genius!

Your cat was just written like this in the song!

It’s exactly the same!

This song …… I love it.

Leng Ba, who was serious about being a judge, occasionally looked at Li Tiezhu’s side, and became so angry that her hands and feet were cold, she bullied your cat, and you were still talking and laughing with her? Which side are you on?

The competition continued, the first round came down, Zhao Liya got the first vote, with a slight advantage over the second ranked Li Tiezhu.

The top seven advance to the second round, and the remaining three are eliminated.

The bidding order for the second round was derived from the previous vote rankings, with the one with the least votes going first and the one with the most votes going last.

Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya went last.

Lin Xiao, Yun Yang and other contestants took turns on the stage, pulling out their crushing stunts in an attempt to make it into the top five and enter the finals.

Even a female contestant named Zhou Yiran played a cos. already dressed in sexy clothes, she put on the cat ears she got from the raffle and gave a singing and dancing performance, which won her a lot of applause.

The competition started to heat up.

In the sixth place, Li Tiezhu appeared with a guitar on his back.

“This song is also called ‘Persian Cat’, thank you.”

This game Li Tiezhu was actually quite perfunctory, estimating that he could just make it to the national finals, and didn’t spend IQ points to buy other new songs, variously rubbing off on the system’s offers.

Originally, there were enough IQ points, but he was pitched 5 points by a cat song.

After all, the finals competition is many, Li Tiezhu’s IQ is not rich, why spend a lot of money when there is a special offer? And the song “Persian Cat” is quite good.

Eyes narrowed into a line

Gently tiptoeing

The tiles on the roof

Are the keys of her piano

Step by step

Little by little

Walking on the edge of love

Showing up when I want to show up

I can’t be seen when I want to be seen

Sleep all day if you want to.

I don’t care about anyone.

Li Tiezhu sang on the stage into, Zhao Liya in the waiting area to listen to the numb claw, Leng Ba in the judges seat clamped the root of the leg, the lyrics of this song is not as revealing as the last one, but why …… feel more terrible?

It is also too ambiguous, right?

Zhao Liya thought to herself, these two people are honeyed, are they rampant to this point? After all, it is a public competition ah! Tens of millions of people were staring.

The sweaty hairs on the back of Leng Ba’s neck stood up, did this guy just write random lyrics, or did he do it on purpose?

Edge of Love?

The cat didn’t mean it like that, don’t think too much!

Besides, I’d like to sleep all day and ignore anyone, you know me, but how is that possible? Yang PiPi is watching me every day to make money for her.

After experiencing the horrible lines of the last song “Persian Cat”, Li Tiezhu’s psychological quality was obviously improved, and this song was extraordinarily smooth, with no psychological burden at all.

It is only important to advance in the competition.

As for the cat?

Think what you like, I’ll sing it, sell you more canned cat food if you get angry?

I’m in love with her.

Danger! Danger!

Not in love with her.

Thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about

She’s always there in the background, in the background.

Sometimes silent and cold.

Sometimes gentle and shy.

No one can be the master of her love.

The song got the audience high, the tune was simple and pleasant, and by halfway through the song, many were already humming along.

The audience in the live broadcast naturally did not fall behind, and the pop-ups went off:

“This is Li Tiezhu’s first time writing dance music, right? It’s so beautiful!”

“Brother Serious is in love, right?”

“What falling in love, this is written for a cat.”

“Congratulations to Brother Proper for advancing to the finals!”

“If Zhao Liya’s second song isn’t as well written as Li Tiezhu’s, odds are that Li Tiezhu will be first.”

“The two of them are so good, will they get together?”

“Match a face!”

“Leng Ba: I’m against it!”


Zhao family villa, Her Majesty was watching the live broadcast with great interest, even swaying to the melody of “Persian Cat” with an intoxicated look on her face. The knight was carefully serving fruits on the side and secretly despised, Dog fart Li Tiezhu, also worthy of competing with my family’s YaYa for the championship?

Liu Wan Yun said, ”It’s so beautiful! Li Tiezhu deserves to be a genius. YaYa has learnt from him and her song writing has improved, the last ancient style ‘The Case of the Green Jade’ was good.”

Zhao Muye: “What does that have to do with Li Tiezhu? YaYa’s song writing was taught by me, from childhood.”

Wan Yun’s mother cast a disgusted glance at her husband and gave a taboo smile, “Hehe.”



Xiao Yueyue has a bitchy face and bites his finger: “My goodness! It’s so nice to hear! The idol is so great, I also want …… to raise Persian cats.”

Guo Gangde shook his head and shouted at the disciples, “All of you, hand over your mobile phones, that person has gone crazy! You do not vote is not to walk out of this gate, master I old life does not matter, you are still young na, die here is not cost effective ……”

Donkey Qian hugged a two pot head: “Ooh! I’ll vote for Li Tiezhu if he sings rock.”

Guo Da Lin: “Yue, I like Zhao Liya.”

Guo Gangde: “Dad supports you, my son is so cute when he’s not afraid to die.”


A villa in the East China Sea.

Wu Yongqiang accompanied Xiao Zhen to watch the live broadcast, cursing: “What the hell is singing? Twisted and mushy …… pussy! And robbing the theme song of Kun!”

Xiao Zhen shook his head, “Don’t spray nonsense if you don’t understand! My brother’s song is extremely well written, and can be used as a hit song in any album. Moreover, he can’t sing it in a girly way, I’m even more girly, and so many people on the internet have cursed me …… It seems that I need to learn a lesson from him.”

Wu Yongqiang: “No, I know he threatened you with the video, but there are no outsiders here.”

Xiao Zhen: “You don’t understand! He and I are not fighting!”

Wu Yongqiang thought, “Did you fight? You don’t know him from a fight? You are simply “beaten”, at best, Stockholm syndrome!


The scene, Leng Ba was Li Tiezhu sung ears red, heartbeat slightly accelerated, I in his heart turned out to be so …… cool? I don’t know how?

Love and what not, of course it is impossible.

But this does not prevent Leng Ba from being filled with a sense of superiority in her heart, and it feels so good to be praised!

Then, a cold arrow flew.

Leng Ba saw, a certain white rabbit is staring at her sneer, a look of I understand you but I still want to 挼你的表情, cat, he Li Tiezhu can 挼, I Zhao Liya can’t 挼?

Mentor? A mentor who is a cat? Who’s a decent person who’s a cat? Are you a cat?

I’m …… a cat.


Drink TUI~

Mam ki ki ki lolu ya!

Abba Abba ……

Accompanied by the light and melodious melody of “Persian Cat”, the blackened white rabbit and the grumpy Persian cat are engaged in an eye-to-eye battle across the sky, with flames flying in all directions and a murderous aura.

The Persian cat squints her eyes

Persian cat on her tiptoes

Persian cat guards her love

And then it’s out of sight

Na Na Na Na ……

These last few lines, which ended almost in a full chorus, had an extraordinarily stirring atmosphere. And it was followed by a burst of applause so enthusiastic that it seemed to lift the roof off.

“Thank you Li Tiezhu for bringing the second song ‘Persian Cat’, a very good song! Please ask the judge teacher to comment.”

The host took the stage.

Chen Posong complimented, “This song is a blend of classical Persian market tunes and modern hip-hop, the strong Middle Eastern flavour is full of exotic and mysterious sensuality coupled with a light and pleasant melody, as well as the modern rhythmic sense of Hip-Hop, blending without any sense of incongruity, it is very uncomplicated. It can be said that the composition of this song is phenomenal, it is not as stunning as ‘Big Fish’, but it is new, unique and catchy, and will be sung to a high degree.”

Yi Feng: “It’s very catchy, I’m jumping up and down to it ……”

Lin Fan: “As Chen Lao said, this song contains too many musical elements, I don’t believe Li Tiezhu ‘who listens to songs in a serious way’, he must have listened to it more than anyone else and secretly studied it. It’s like a school bully telling you that he never studies and takes you to play games after class, then, he secretly gets up in the middle of the night to study. Hahaha!”

Cat: “I love this song!”

Li Tiezhu grinned, the cat likes it, so it is good, back off …… Don t pick a fight, I just want to advance.

Soon, Li Tiezhu retired, and the last player, Zhao Liya, appeared on the stage.

“Teacher Leng Ba, this song is dedicated to you! Meow~”

Zhao Liya stood by the piano, smiling innocently like a little white rabbit, and once again bared her fangs towards the cat. Milk fierce milk fierce!