The Rockstar Chapter 72

The little white rabbit was white and white, with two ears up, and Zhao Liya was standing up, nodding her head slightly in salute towards Leng Ba:

“Thank you teacher for teaching me how to learn cat calls in the last round, I benefited a lot! Thanks also to the genius Li Tiezhu, who got inspired to write this new song on the spot and gave it to me to sing. Below, a new song for you all – ‘Learning to Catcall’.”


As five thunderbolts hit the roof, Leng Ba’s eyes glazed over, and a strong sense of humiliation arose.

‘Learning to Catcall’?

Or did Li Tiezhu just write it?

Killing is not a headache, Zhao Liya, you really went overboard! Li Tiezhu you %#@&*¥#…… I was bullied by her miserably, you still came to inspiration?

This meow is a human thing?

I am your kiss cat ah!

Seeing Leng Ba’s whole body trembling beside him, Yi Feng whispered with concern: “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

Leng Ba smiled sadly: “Nothing, someone wrote a song for me, I …… am high! Xing!”

Yi Feng frowned, listening to your tone is not very happy.

Assisting the old Darren Chen Posong smiled and said, “Ya Ya that child has been well-behaved since childhood, you have carefully guided her before, of course she wants to thank you.”

Leng Ba felt that listening to the old man speak, toothache.

Lin Fan eyes and nose, not a word, sensitive, he found that Leng Ba and Zhao Liya …… had problems!

On the stage, Zhao Liya was not in a hurry to sing and continued:

“Before, I thought of singing as too simple, thanks to teacher Leng Ba for mentioning it. Just now, offstage I asked Tiezhu for some more advice, after all, he has a cat, he knows a lot about cats. His cat is white, soft and beautiful, but she has a bad temper. Li Tiezhu can play with her any way he wants, and she will do anything to please him, but she bares her teeth when she sees other people. Has Teacher Lengba ever seen that cat?”

Why are we talking about cats?

Li Tiezhu was confused, where did I keep a cat? Where has Zhao Liya seen it? Lying is not a good idea. ……


Nope, did she say that?

How did she know?

Then she gave me the cat collar for Miss Leng Ba? Is Zhao Liya a little witch? Also, she made Mr Leng Ba learn to purr like a cat in front of the public. ……

Raising her eyes, she looked at each other with four eyes.

The cat has a sad, pathetic face.

Li Tiezhu hurriedly moved his gaze away, the answer was confirmed, and looking at the cat s humiliated little appearance, Li Tiezhu couldn t help …… stealing joy.

Not good!

Zhao Liya, I promised to sing this song “Learning to Catcall” to you, but did not let you sing this match ah! This song Learning to Catcall is going to be a big deal.

The cat is so pathetic.

Leng Ba smiled brightly, her hands under the table, rubbing holes in her jeans, “Never seen it, I’ve never been to Li Tiezhu’s house.”

Zhao Liya sat in front of the piano, “That’s a pity, his cat ah …… can be fun.”

Leng Ba face with a smile secretly grinding teeth, cackling.

Ding dong ding dong ……

Zhao Liya played the piano, and her clear face suddenly became soft and charming, with a hint of lethargy, cat-like and gentle, and her voice changed from the previous fresh and sweet, and became soft and sweet:

Let’s learn to catcall together

Let’s meow, meow, meow, meow.

We’ll pamper ourselves in front of you

Aigoo meow meow meow meow.

My heart is pounding

I’m in love with your bad smile

If you don’t say you love me, I’ll meow.

When the song started, Leng Ba exploded in place, and if it wasn’t for the live broadcast, she was sure she would have rushed up to tear Zhao Liya apart.

The man is too much of a bully!

I thought it was just a public execution, but I didn’t realise that the white rabbit was ruthless, this is simply a blatant abuse ah.

Li Tiezhu secretly observed Leng Ba, the cat is really angry, she breathed faster it. After this humiliation, the cat must be too embarrassed to continue to play the cat game, right?

Maybe it is still a good thing.

Of course, after the incident, the cat will definitely have to bear some anger, not afraid, not afraid, it is better to have a long pain than a short pain.

Life is bright again, thanks to Zhao Liya!

The other judges and the audience, however, were mesmerised by the song, it was so sweet! The tune is simple, but it’s sung with a really unique rhythm.

Sometimes I’m lazy as a cat

And when I’m grumpy I flail

You’re always gentle.

You can melt my heart.

I want to be your kitten

Leng Ba shivered, this is exactly the picture she performed in front of Li Tiezhu before ah, especially the last line, although it is true, but it is too shameful to sing it.

Li Tiezhu you big man! You really dare to write ah! Wrote it and gave it back to her to use to humiliate me?

At the end of the song, Zhao Liya also stopped playing the piano, took the microphone and walked to Leng Ba, stared at her, twisted like a cat, and sang cleanly:

I want to wear your jacket

Smell you on my body

I want to be your cat

Fall asleep in your arms

I want to fall asleep in your arms

Leng Ba hated to find a crack in the ground, she did go through Li Tiezhu s clothes, Zhao Liya has seen it, so she sang it simply. The lyrics are also enough, where has the cat ever wanted to sleep in your arms?

I should have known not to play this game, no, I should not have sent that screenshot to Zhao Liya.

One slip of the tongue.

I never thought that the white rabbit would be so vicious!

It was I who was careless, did not flash, deceived by her harmless false appearance, the rabbit smash does not speak martial arts!

Backstage dressing room, Qin Tao watched and shivered, this match masters over moves deadly moves, simply too wonderful! Zhao Liya and Leng Ba each showed their skills, and in the end, the tutor was actually hung in public, wonderful ah!

I really don’t know how Li Tiezhu subdued these two goblins, decent people don’t have this ability.

Qin Tao knelt towards the TV with a common cry, “Li Tiezhu cheating!”

The make-up artist waiting to remove Li Tiezhu’s make-up was startled, and chimed in, “Indeed cheating, three originals in one match, each one a classic.”

Qin Tao stood up with difficulty and smiled highly, “What do you know? A true classic is always below the stage, ordinary people can’t see through it.”

Make-up artist: “Huh?”

After ‘Learning to Catcall’ was sung, it naturally gained another unanimous approval.

The audience was satisfied, the judges recognised it, and even the contestants in the same arena were impressed with Zhao Liya. She couldn’t learn a cat’s cry in the last round, but this round was even more cat-like than a cat.

Especially those meow meow meow, simply didn’t make people die of sweetness.

After all seven contestants sang in the second round, the contestants came on stage one after another, and the four mentors also came on stage, ready for the final voting reveal session.

Zhao Liya was still not letting go of Leng Ba: “Teacher Leng Ba, what do you think of my performance just now? I’m not talking about the song, I’m talking about how well I learnt to bark like a cat. You are a professional, please give me more guidance.”

You are a professional …… cat?

Leng Ba is kind of convinced, the ones who have cats are assisting you, this game this meow admits it! Rabbit smash, you stop when it’s appropriate! Be a person!

Leng Ba: “Very good! Very good!”

Zhao Liya was delighted, intimately holding Leng Ba’s arm and smiling, “Really? It’s all because of your guidance, teacher. How about we sing a chorus of ‘Learning to Catcall’? I’ll learn from you again!”

Leng Ba sucked in a mouthful of cool air and twisted her head to look at the little rabbit smasher, killing people to kill them!

It would take two to three minutes for the voting results to be revealed, and the host was supposed to interview the contestants, but he didn’t expect Zhao Liya to propose a chorus with her mentor, so he asked the audience:

“Friends on the scene, do you want to hear Zhao Liya and Leng Ba teacher chorus ‘Learning to Catcall’?”

The host is so witty, I’m sure Miss Leng Ba will be touched by my efforts to find her a part, right? This is the self-cultivation of a host! I heard that Leng Ba’s new drama is going to sing the end credits, and this is definitely a time when singing scenes are much needed!

“Want to hear it!!!”

There was thunderous applause, especially the male audience was extraordinarily excited.

Although Zhao Liya looked like a cat, it was Leng Ba dressed as a cat that really turned people’s heads, so much so that they wanted to see it!

Leng Ba was desperate.

“Zhou Yiran, please lend me your cat ears, and Tie Zhu where’s your collar?”

Zhao Liya picked up the two pieces of equipment in a blaze of speed and installed them on Leng Ba.

The cat ears were okay.

But wearing a cat collar is overkill, right?