The Rockstar Chapter 73

The host tried to warn, but it was too late, Zhao Liya had already placed the cat collar firmly on Leng Ba’s slender neck.

Zhao Liya pushed Leng Ba in front of Li Tiezhu without a trace:

“Look! The size is just right!”

Leng Ba: “Hehe! It’s such a privilege to be on the same stage as Piano Princess Zhao Liya! I’ll remember this day well.”

Then, Zhao Liya led Leng Ba in a cat dance and sang.

Leng Ba forced herself to endure the shame and humiliation, wearing cat ears on her head and a cat collar around her neck, and held up her hands to shake them next to her pretty face at a close distance from the cat keeper:

“We’ll learn to cat-call together, and together we’ll meow meow meow …… I’ll meow meow meow …… if you don’t say you love me.”

There was a round of applause after the song.

Cat and rabbit battle without suspense, the white rabbit is as strong as a bamboo sweep thousands of troops, the Persian cat was defeated and lay dead on the spot.

Zhao Liya then helped Leng Ba take down the cat ears and returned it to Zhou Yiran at the far end, and then …… she chatted with Zhou Yiran over there, completely without the intention of coming back to take the cat collar.

Leng Ba did it herself, but how could she not take it off.

A few people who are close to each other have realised what is going on, but it is not good to say anything, there is no evidence.

Lin Fan, who made his debut last year, was scared to death: are all the women in the entertainment industry so raw and fierce? Even Zhao Liya, who seems to be well-behaved and cute, is as scary as a fierce beast!

Li Tiezhu couldn’t watch it, after all, it was his own cat, strange heartache, he quietly approached Leng Ba: “I’ll help you.”

Leng Ba subconsciously put her head over, buried in Li Tiezhu’s chest, let him take the cat collar.

Li Tiezhu took half a day to take down, a palm of sweat.

Leng Ba turned off the mike and whispered, “Are you happy that she bullied me?”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Leng Ba raised her head with a shocked face, you actually didn’t retort right away? With your naive character, you wouldn’t hesitate and lie.

You are …… really happy!

Li Tiezhu had an afterthought, turned the cat collar in his hand, and quietly said, “Also …… not so happy la, you don t be angry, you wear it quite good looking.”

This is not a lie, Li Tiezhu thought, if the cat was wearing a cat collar a few days ago, he would have collapsed, who can top this?

Leng Ba did not make a sound, the cat breeder can not count on, this revenge has to be the cat itself!

The cat and rabbit battle is not Li Tiezhu’s fault, but the rabbit’s too sinister.


In the Zhao family villa, Zhao Muye frowned: “Why do I feel that Yaya and that Lengba don’t deal with each other?”

Lin Wan Yun said, “You just saw it? The two of them have been fighting all night.”

“This child Yaya is also, why did she clash with her mentor on a show? Is it because we usually spoil her too much?”

“What do you know? YaYa did well this time, and, she finished winning tonight! It’s a relief!”


“You don’t get it! I don’t blame you.”

Zhao Muye couldn’t figure out how the Queen-sama came to support its Yaya’s nonsense this time.

Although Lin Wan Yun didn’t know about the cat raising, she supported Zhao Liya’s blatant embarrassment of Leng Ba, let’s see you bully my family Tie Zhu. See how you still have the face to pester him in the future?

She …… still has it.


Soon the results of the seven to five vote were revealed:

First place: 832 points for Li Tiezhu. Received a prize of 100,000 yuan.

Second place: Zhao Liya 783 points. Received a prize of 60,000 yuan.

Third place: Zhou Yiran 602 points. Received 40,000 yuan in prize money.

Fourth place: Yun Yang 556 points. Received 20,000 yuan in prize money.

Fifth place: Lin Xiao 532 points. Received a prize of 10,000 yuan.

Li Tiezhu and others advanced to the finals and will be rushed to Donghai three days later to participate in the intensive training and the final rounds of competition, thus, the western region competition is all over.

Next to be aired right away is Infinite Challenge, where Li Tiezhu once again amazes the viewers with how naive this guy can be.

Li Tiezhu is also very happy, after the competition, the programme team accounted for the communication of a bunch of things, until after removing the makeup and change slippers to leave the TV station, it has been twelve o’clock.

Jingle Bells……

Zhao Liya: transfer 0.5 yuan, Remarks: play cat money.

What the hell?

Li Tiezhu received the money, sent a question mark, and did not receive an answer for a long time, so he rode his bike and prepared to go back to the construction site, and just after leaving the TV station, he was summoned.

What should come will always come.


Current Intelligence: 93 points.

Remaining Intelligence: 8 points.

Music Achievement: 57 points. +30 (10 achievement points added per song)

Variety Achievement: 94 points. +39+20 (Infinite Challenge 39, The Voice 20)

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.

How do you still have the most Variety Achievements when you sing a song properly? It’s almost breaking 100, I wonder what the first achievement medal has as a reward.

Li Tiezhu carried a plastic bag containing four boxes of lunch and a cat collar, wearing flip flops beach trousers, standing in a luxury hotel suite, facing a cat in a formal dress, a little nervous, and could only think of something else to dissolve.


Lemba looked down at her phone and gestured to the couch in the living room.

Li Tiezhu sat down anxiously, wanting to trek up to suppress the cat like before, but in the end, he was not strong enough, and he was also responsible for the cat being bullied so badly tonight, mainly because of that song “Learning to Catcall”.

Don’t look at the usual cat to cat, in fact, Li Tiezhu and Lengba’s relationship is far from being so close, at best, it is an ordinary friend.

The big star that he amused to play it, Li Tiezhu know it well.

“Or else, the game will not play it?”

Li Tiezhu tried to say this sentence, the whole person is much more relaxed, she should also be afraid, right?

Game over?

This is also the reason why Li Tiezhu was called tonight, Leng Ba was really afraid, put the mobile phone on the coffee table, “It can only be like this.”

Saying this, she pushed the mobile phone to Li Tiezhu next to her.

Li Tiezhu looked down, holy shit!

Zhao Liya’s scarf, posted a screenshot of the transfer to Li Tiezhu, with the text:

Li Tiezhu’s cat is really fun! Still want to bite me, he Li Tiezhu play I Zhao Leah can not play? Chained up to play! Bashful to the board! Leng Ba. Li Tiezhu.

Attach picture, transfer $0.5 to Li Tiezhu, note: play cat money.

Leng Ba was so angry that he rolled his eyes, not to mention being publicly executed by the little rabbit smash, but also being hung on the scarf and flogged. Moreover, Li Tiezhu, what is wrong with you? And also received money?

Li Tiezhu raised his eyes and looked at Leng Ba: “I didn’t give Zhao Liya, I swear.”

Leng Ba swept a glance at Li Tiezhu: “Hey, I let her know about this. This niece is very evil! Li Tiezhu, in the future to distinguish clearly, do not cat a cat ah cat, we are still friends, the cat will not blame you because of this matter, no, is that I do not blame you. As for Zhao Liya well ……”

Li Tiezhu nodded, the feeling of regaining a new life is really good!

However, cat you yourself are quite evil, such a shameful thing you still tell others? How do you think? Taking your own life ah!

[Ding! If the host forcibly terminates the cat-taming programme, 10 points of intelligence will be deducted]


Begging for bean sacks ……

This dog system is not human, can’t it be cancelled? She is a big star, suddenly interested in joking with me, can’t be a cat for me for the rest of my life, right? You want to eat the fart?

I already don’t have enough intelligence points to last through the finals, if I deduct another 10 points ……

Li Tiezhu looked wryly at Leng Ba, in fact, it’s not bad to have a cat. This game, I’m not losing out, at most, I’m a little bit over the top morally, but it’s not so bad as to hurt the world.

Leng Ba froze, no, this goods eyes are not right ah!