The Rockstar Chapter 74

Li Tiezhu suddenly blushed, It s all because the system forced me, I actually want to be a decent person and respect my teacher.

But …… how should I open my mouth to her?

Will she agree?

Leng Ba alert up, no reason, why are you blushing? Eyes sweeping around my body, a face of impishness is also exposed too obvious, right?

Li Tiezhu opened his mouth and closed it again.

The cat was very sensitive, suddenly felt a killing intent coming, could not help but sit a little further away from Li Tiezhu: “It’s too late, you quickly go back, or the site will be closed.”

Li Tiezhu: “My dad guards the door, and then late I can get in.”

Leng Ba: “……”

I should have known to bring the assistant, and now there are only two people in this room, if the nightmare becomes reality ……

Persian Cat, Dangerous!

Li Tiezhu scratched his ears, not the slightest intention to go, his not very smart little head is running wildly, how to save his intelligence.

[Ding! The cat taming game will not be able to restart after ten minutes of lifting, the current remaining time is seven minutes].

Li Tiezhu let out a long sigh, “Hey ……”

Leng Ba yawned euphemistically, “So sleepy, I’m going to rest, be careful on your way home.”

Li Tiezhu anxious: “No, you are not sleepy.”


“No, I mean, the game thing you listen to my sophistry ……”

“Pfft ……”

“It’s not sophistry, it’s an explanation, you listen to me.”

“Didn’t you say the game is over? What else is there to explain? I really didn’t blame you, don’t worry.”

“I do think, right, the game can also not end.”

Leng Ba did not speak again, a face of disbelief looked at Li Tiezhu, although the other party even reddened his neck, lowered his head and twisted his fingers, a face of shyness and panic, but …… how do I feel a pervasive malice?

This little guy would not be addicted to it?

Do not think, how can I play this game with you all the time? What do I want? To be bullied by you? To be humiliated by Zhao Liya?

You’re a snake charmer.

Li Tiezhu also knows that his request is excessive, I’m afraid that in the future, even friends can not do, but still must try ah, deduct 10 IQ points which can carry ah? Waiting for the end of the finals, just how to deduct can be ah.

[Ding, 5 minutes remaining]

Leng Ba did not say anything, looked at Li Tiezhu with eyes that were odd to the extreme, the latter was even more ashamed, and the two were frozen like this.

Li Tiezhu didn’t dare to talk any more nonsense, so he picked up his mobile phone and sent a message:

Cat breeder: cat?

Captive cat: ……

Cat Foster: How was the last canned cat food? Do you want to buy some more?

Captive cat: ……

Cat Foster: You look great in your collar.

Leng Ba was so angry that he dropped his mobile phone and shook his head, this guy is so naive, picking angry words to say, what’s in his head? Sister was bullied today is not bad enough?

You also make up the knife.

Over there, Li Tiezhu made a desperate attempt and took out the cat collar.

Leng Ba glared fiercely at Li Tiezhu: You dare!

Li Tiezhu slowly leaned over, lowered his head and did not dare to raise it, his hands were shaking. Dead! If you don t succeed, you will die! Spell a hand, the teacher do not blame me, it is all forced by the system, the dog system!

The two were close together, Li Tiezhu was shaking, afraid, and Leng Ba was shaking, angry.

Ding, 3 minutes remaining.

Li Tiezhu didn’t dare to continue moving.

Leng Ba didn’t escape either, glaring at him with a cold gaze.

If you dare, I will cut you off!

Well, there’s an ashtray provided by the hotel on the coffee table, very close to me. Pick it up and smash your dog’s head until it bleeds!

Continuing the stalemate, Li Tiezhu teeth clenched, no ah, the teacher is so good to me, how can I ……


This is immoral!

[Ding, 1 minute remaining]

Just die, or apologise to her if it doesn’t work out. Anyway, I don’t have a choice.

Whether she forgives me or not is her business, looking at her, she seems to have a preparatory action to take an ashtray, it looks like she’s going to get beaten up, this time I won’t fight back.

Li Tiezhu raised his hand.

Leng Ba dead stared at Li Tiezhu’s eyes, Li Tiezhu also do not hide, full of determination.

The hand stretched out.

Circle the neck.

Tie it tight.

[Ding, 0 minutes remaining]


How come there’s no next hint? Did it work or did it fail? Dog system you say something!

Leng Ba is dying of shame, what do you take me for?

Out of the corner of her eye, she locked onto the ashtray.

Li Tiezhu did not wait for the good news from the system and resigned himself to his fate: “Take the ashtray if you want to, although you can t beat me, I won t hide ……”


Leng Ba wanted to smack himself, why did he laugh out loud? This nerd! What do you mean I can’t beat you?

Li Tiezhu followed with a giggle that was far-fetched.

Leng Ba gasped, “Take it down for me, Li Tiezhu you’ve really gone overboard.”

Li Tiezhu hurriedly unwrapped a bag of canned cat food: “Eat one. I’ll go tell Zhao Liya that the game is over, she’ll definitely believe it.”

Leng Ba shook her head, take it off yourself, being so disrespectfully chained to a cat collar, who are you humiliating? And expect me to be your cat? Then, she raised her hand, took the chilli bar, lowered her head, and gently bit into it.

Damn, how did I ……

It’s like I’m being swayed by an inexplicable force! This is never my true will.

If Li Tiezhu knew, he would definitely suspect that it was the system at work.

In fact, who knows?

[Ding! Cat taming game restarted successfully, Persian cat taming degree increased by 2%, current taming degree 9%, no reward for now]

Li Tiezhu took a long breath, it’s good that it worked.

However, what does the teacher think?

He looked at Leng Ba strangely, and the latter’s pretty face flushed with shame.

Li Tiezhu smiled triumphantly, he really couldn’t hold down his inner joy, the cat is so cute! Leng Ba was so angry that her pink fist fell out, and Li Tiezhu didn’t hide, he was laughing. The teacher is really very cat!

Leng Ba huffed and puffed, “Ya! Promised you, you …… quickly take it down for me.”

Li Tiezhu picked up the remote control, “Watch some TV?”

Leng Ba: “You ……”

Li Tiezhu turned on the TV, and the two of them didn’t say anything to each other, sitting withered for a few minutes.

Ludong TV station is playing the advertisement of learning excavator, which is the strongest excavator technology China Ludong to find Lanxiang, wonderful, tsk tsk.

Li Tiezhu looked at Lengba, Lengba looked at the TV.

Finally, Li Tiezhu stood up and picked up the plastic bag, “Cat, I’m going back.”

The cat gave him a blank look and sent him to the door wearing a cat collar, “I’m not a judge in the finals, go for it.”

“Okay, cat.”

“I think you’ve gone bad, so bad! Bullying me without batting an eyelid! No need to explain, Cat won’t listen. Doesn’t listen!”


The door slammed.

Li Tiezhu looked at the closed door of the room and turned towards the lift, which was done …… joyfully.

Cat, really good!

In the future, it will not bully her …… right?

He didn’t know that tonight, Cat was losing sleep.

Early the next morning, Li Tiezhu woke up in the tin house of the construction site and opened his mobile phone to have a message.

Captive cat: the cat let the agent in the East China Sea to find a set of flats, not far from the TV station, the finals do not provide accommodation for the players. The address is …… Remember to pay your own rent. Meow~

Captive Cat: I overdid it last night, don’t be angry.

After lunch, the apprehensive Li Tiezhu received a reply, and his nosebleed almost sprayed out on the spot.

Captive cats: cats have been bolted up by you, which dare to be angry ah, you do not send word cats do not dare to take the collar, you see. (with a self-timer sleeping photo)