The Rockstar Chapter 75

In the afternoon, Li Tiezhu told the old man about going to the East China Sea to compete, and also got his permission. After all, Li Fugui knows that his own son’s study is hopeless, and he can do anything, as long as he has a future.

And then, Li Tiezhu asked Zhao Liya to donate to the Hong Fund.

Li Tiezhu hand has nine hundred thousand, but only donated seven hundred thousand, the rest stayed after the year in the old home to repair the house.

Two days ago, I received a picture of his old house sent by Xiaoyue Yue, but Li Tiezhu envy bad, and do not want to wait two years, the old man is not young, and then dragged on, then, it is more difficult to start a family.

After the donation, Li Tiezhu very doggedly invited Zhao Liya to eat nine dollars of hashtagan, and then politely indicated that he and Leng Ba teacher’s cat raising game is over, please give her a high hand.

“Really end the game? Sheesh?”


“How true?”

“A thousand times true.”

“Heh! Don’t learn to lie, you won’t learn. But don’t worry, as long as she stops showing her teeth to me, I won’t mess with the cat! For your sake! Besides, it’s not like I’ve lost, icking cats is something I’m a pro at! Hahaha ……”

“I’m not lying ……”

“Okay, okay! Remember to be more righteous next time you lie, and don’t look like I’m lying with a guilty conscience. See you in the finals.”


Li Tiezhu watched Zhao Liya leave on her speedo, and then went back to the construction site to find the foreman to settle the wages, this job is not going to work.


After the race, the Internet once again set off Li Tiezhu fever.

On Jitterbug, three Li Tiezhu songs about cats swiped the screen, especially “Learning to Catcall” sung by Zhao Liya topped the top of Jitterbug’s Red Songs list, squeezing out “You Smile So Good Looking”, which reigned as the champion for a fortnight.

Because of this song, Zhao Liya’s jittery account “hot pot should be eaten standing”, overnight exceeded 20 million, officially among the top of the jittery “net red” ranks.

And Li Tiezhu’s Shake voice number, although did not send a few videos, but still rose to 10 million fans.

For this reason, Li Tiezhu also squatted on the site of the open space to eat, recorded a thank you video, is Zhang Xiaomeng and Qin Tao, a positive and a pair of two brokers advice, said what fan management strategy.

However, for the 100 million fans reward that the system said, Li Tiezhu is not dare to hope.

Then this video of his was on the hit, after all, this is the first time Li Tiezhu has made his living environment public, attracting a lot of onlookers.

Xiao Zhen retweeted this video at the first time and said with a text:

Congratulations to brother for advancing! Wait for me, let’s meet in the finals!

Xiao Zhen retweeted this video also followed the fire, a lot of people for this black to pink, can with Li Tiezhu this kind of bumpkin to be friends, Xiao Zhen probably not bad, right? It’s all the company’s packaging pot!

That night, Xiao Zhen advanced to the second place in the eastern region, and Li Tiezhu also sent a video to congratulate him, Xiao Zhen was overjoyed, and the Tiezhu brothers …… spoke!

And on the Penguin Music New Songs List, Li Tiezhu also dominated half of the list, and had the momentum of dominating the list:

1, “Big Fish” Li Tiezhu

2, “People Like Me” by Li Tiezhu.

3, “Learning to Catcall”, sung by Zhao Liya, with lyrics and music by Li Tiezhu.

4, “Persian Cat” by Li Tiezhu

5, “Watering Sorrows” by Yi Xiaomao

6. “The Green Bird” by Luo Feiyan

7, “You Look Good When You Smile” by Li Tiezhu.

8, “Cold” sung by Leng Ba with lyrics and music by Li Tiezhu.

9, “The Case of the Green Jade – Yuan Xi” by Zhao Liya

10, “Persian Cat” by Li Tiezhu (Luo Wen version)

Nine of the top ten songs are from the “Super Voice” programme, the remaining one is still sung by the Voice tutor Leng Ba, with lyrics and music by contestant Li Tiezhu, “Cool”. The song itself is extremely good, just Leng Ba singing skill is not professional enough, plus the TV series has not yet started airing hot enough, so the ranking is not high.

Luo Feiyan, who is on the list, is the champion of the southern region.

Yi Xiaomao was the champion of the northern region and, also, a singer-songwriter with amazing strength.

Penguin Future Star Hot List:

1, Zhao Liya (2nd in Western Region)

2, Cai Xukun (1st in Eastern Region)

3, Luo Fei Yan (1st in Southern Region)

4, Li Tiezhu (1st in Western Region)

5, Xiao Zhen (2nd in the Eastern Region)

6, Yi Xiaomao (1st in the Northern Division)

After nearly a month of warming up in the divisions, the contestants of The Voice once again took the top six by themselves, with Xiao Zhen even getting a big jump in the rankings due to his successful whitewash.

In summary, this is the highest heat and most successful The Voice has had in so many years.

The finals will undoubtedly be very intense.

Unlike previous years, where it was known who would be in the top 3 before the finals started, this year it’s really hard to say. With the equally strong overseas contestants, it’s not even easy to guess the top ten.


Tuesday, 9th August.

The Voice programme team sent someone to the construction site to film a VCR for Li Tiezhu, which every contestant in the finals must prepare, mainly to better introduce the contestants to the audience.

Li Tiezhu is not inferior, leading the film crew all over the construction site, public toilets are not spared.

Li Fugui is even more honoured, dragging the old waist with injuries, hard to personally cook a whole table of nine bowls of hospitality film crew, and then secretly stuffed money to the film crew, so that they “take care of” Li Tiezhu.

Although the old man did not have the opportunity to watch TV, also do not know the situation of his son’s game, but very understand the “etiquette”.

Members of the film crew cried and laughed, who take care of who? Li Tiezhu is so tough, not to bully us is good, who dares to collect money?

That afternoon, Li Tiezhu carrying a canvas bag and the old man stuffed with sacks of bacon sausages and so on, with the film crew to take a plane to the East China Sea, accompanied by Zhao Liya and other contestants promoted.

In the early morning of 10 August, the film “Big Fish” held its premiere in the East China Sea.

Li Tiezhu sang the theme song at the premiere, and then after watching the film, he went to the expensive flat that the cat had found for him next to the Bund, where Qin Tao also lived.

Although with Penguin Culture Zhang Xiaomeng, Qin Tao has been subordinate to the deputy agent, but in fact it is a family friend and assistant, the little fat man is not annoyed, happy to learn from Zhang Xiaomeng, as long as they do not raise pigs ……

Qin Tao has already slept early, Li Tiezhu took a bath and sat on the bed to add IQ points to himself, the ten day deadline has arrived.

Current IQ value: 99 points. (Has reached the upper limit of the host’s IQ)

Remaining IQ value: 2 points.

Music Achievement: 61 points. (4 achievement points for singing “Big Fish” at the premiere)

Variety Achievement: 94 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.

Current main quest: advance to the top 10 of the Super Voice finals, rewarded with 50 IQ points.

Cat Taming Project taming degree 10%.


I haven’t had much contact in the past few days except for playing Cat Foster Money, so how did the taming degree inexplicably go up? Although it only went up by 1%, the system hadn’t prompted it yet.

The system is getting lazier and lazier ah!

This time, after donating 700,000, there wasn’t a single reward.

jingle bells ……

Captive cat: the cat prepared snail powder and self-heating pots in the kitchen fridge, the premiere was so late, hungry, right? Cat Heartache! Cat’s new drama is ready to go online, the roadshow is so tiring, ran to eight cities in three days and must sing “Cool” in every show. So pathetic! Meow~

Cat owners: drink more hot water.

Captive cat: …… scum!

Li Tiezhu made a bowl of snail powder, drank all the soup, and then slept beautifully. Is the domestication degree rising here? Everything is fine, it is that this flat is too expensive, if I had known that the cat was so wasteful, I would not have let her help.

Sleep sleep sleep, tomorrow is intensive training, I heard tutor Lin Fan say that intensive training is particularly tiring.