The Rockstar Chapter 76

Collective training is a surprise to learn professional knowledge, after all, many players are not professional. In Li Tiezhu’s opinion, the classes will definitely be very tiring, and he has always been a scum.

With the unique apprehension of a scum, Li Tiezhu ushered in a new day.

“Hey shoo hey shoo hey shoo …… Tie Zhu? Pillar! Ha Ma Pi, etc! Wait a ha old me ……”

Qin Tao gasped like a cow as he boarded the small yellow car and advanced eastward.

Li Tiezhu stopped his car at the intersection and swiped his mobile phone with his head down.

The cat sent him some information, saying that it was Mimi’s Studio’s top secret tutorial for training newcomers, so that he could study and learn, so that he wouldn’t make a fool of himself during the finals.

In the words of the cat, you are now a star, so pay attention to your image and give the cat a long face.

The words are so dense that it hurts my brain to read them, so I’m going to fork them out.

Do stars still have templates?

Lu Yu: I don’t believe it!

Li Tiezhu doesn’t believe it either, and doesn’t even want to be a star.

It is now nine forty in the morning, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao ate a bowl of chaos on the roadside and rode to the training base.

“Rally at ten, what’s your hurry? It’s not far. Ouch, tired old me.”

“Without you, I’ll be there in ten minutes, but it’ll take me half an hour with you.”

“Look down on which? Wait for me to rest for five minutes, hey, hey …… mum sells pies ……”

Li Tiezhu ignored the little fat man, stomped the car and left.


A familiar Rolls Royce stopped in front of Li Tiezhu, and with a long whistle, cut off Li Tiezhu’s front road.

The window rolled down, Xiao Zhen waved with a joyful face, enthusiastic: “Brother Tiezhu! I didn’t expect to meet you here, what a coincidence! Come on, get in the car.”

Qin Tao first blocked in front of Li Tiezhu: “Xiao Zhen? What are you doing? What are you doing? Guapi!”

Xiao Zhen: “You are …… postpartum brother?”

Qin Tao’s face red, angry: “In my sitting not change the name of the line is not changed, I called production, not called Qin ……”

Xiao Zhen and ignore Qin Tao, get off the car attentively greeted Li Tiezhu, with a little grumbling:

“Brother, come on the car to sit, we are on the same road. Go to set training, right? Look at you, last night sent a message to ask you where to live you do not reply to me, godfather lent me a big place to live, you come together ah. As for cycling to the training centre? Donghai is my host, you this …… is not hit my face?”

Li Tiezhu said: “Cycling exercise, quite good, participate in the competition in a luxury car, the impact is not good, right?”

Xiao Zhen blanched: “Right right right! Brother is right, thanks to your reminder, or I will be scolded again! Why don’t I grow a memory! Then whoever, you guys take the car back, Brother Tie Zhu and I will ride to the set, you don’t have to follow. What are you looking at? I’m with Brother Tie Zhu, who dares to bully me? Go go go ……”

Li Tiezhu inner OS: I dare!

Inside the car, the driver was a little shivering, last time he was beaten too hard by Li Tiezhu, there is a psychological shadow, looking at the agent Wu Yongqiang. Wu Yongqiang smashed his mouth, did not say anything, a wave of the hand, the driver drove away.

Serious brother can not afford to mess with!

Then, the three people boarded the car and headed to the training place, a little known music base converted.

Li Tiezhu in the front all the way wildly, behind Xiao Zhen and Qin Tao tired into a dog.

Qin Tao: “Heh! Tired? That motherfucker is an animal, never seen him tired, belongs to a donkey!”

Xiao Zhen: “Guan Te (shut up)! Don’t curse my brother!”

Qin Tao: “Hajir one!”


“Ah! Finally back in the centre of Donghai! It’s so nice ……”

A Bentley, and a nanny car were parked at the entrance of the Good Voice training base. A bejewelled enchanting woman stomped on her hate heights and gracefully got out of the Bentley with the help of her assistant.

She carried the latest Chanel, removed her sunglasses, and threw them to the female assistant at the side before striding into the gate.

The female assistant took the iced coffee immediately after, more behind is busy carrying large and small boxes of seven or eight assistants, not far away, is the programme responsible for filming the staff.

“I’ll tell you howl, Su Hang kind of countryside place I don’t want to go for a second time in my life, out of the centre of East China Sea, I feel stuffy in the chest and short of breath, even the air is cheap! Suhang is even more dirty and broken and drop price, walking should be on the ground pad on the paper towel, if it is not recommended by Mrs Hua endorsement, I will not go to it. Hey! Who made me dedicated?”

The woman skimmed her mouth and chattered to her assistant.

The female assistant blamed herself, “It was my negligence, next time I’ll wear a tissue to pave your way.”

The woman laughed, “Don’t! I just said that, it’s not like I can’t suffer.”

Female assistant: “Miss Luo is naturally the most dedicated artiste ……”

Nearby, several cameramen had a look of eating their stomachs out.

And in the room not far away, director Wang Zegang, was so angry that he kicked down his chair, this stupid lack of dialogue, how can it be on the show? Still not be scolded to death?

This is it, or is it the first in the southern region?

It turns out that the director of the western region, Wang Zegang, was promoted by general director Hong Bo to be the executive director of The Voice spin-off programme Super Training Camp because he had the best ratings.

Every Wednesday to Friday, the trainees take part in intensive training and prepare for Saturday’s competition, with a 45-minute episode of Super Training Camp airing on Wednesday and Friday respectively, featuring mostly the trainees’ daily routines.

The hesitant Wang Zegang didn’t expect the first contestant to arrive today to give him a hard time.

“Delete her lines! Cut off the group of moving things in the back, this contestant …… take more shots, try to choose some images that can be used.”

Wang Zegang said to his assistant, there is no way, this Luo Feiyan …… he can’t afford to mess with.

Immediately after, the second contestant arrived, no luxury car, no army of assistants.

It is still my western region players who are reliable!

Seeing the visitor, Wang Zegang breathed a sigh of relief and smiled in a rare moment, “This would be the plainest player to appear today, right? No, Li Tiezhu hasn’t come yet, that guy won’t come running, right?”

The one who came was Zhao Liya, she was carrying a small backpack and had a ponytail, she and her assistant Wen were talking and laughing as they got down from the taxi, and politely bowed to greet the staff as they walked into the base.

WATCH! The famous Viyella piano princess has no frame, you damn a rich ……

Wang Zegang sneered.

Then, Wang Zegang was confused, another one came, no, it was two.

What the hell?

Only to see, Li Tiezhu stomped a small yellow car windy kill into the base gate, the most strange thing is that the basket in front of his small yellow car is still sitting in a pile of people, against the traffic rules ah!

If I’m not mistaken, the person in the basket is the winner of the Northern Region, the one who sang “Watering Sorrows” – Yi Xiaomao.

And, Yi Xiaomao was misty-eyed, covered in sweat, no, sweating, with an unnatural blush on his face, and grunting under his breath.

Did this bastard drink again?

Wang Zegang covered his face and cried and laughed, the old man s ratings …… this time are stable again!

Li Tiezhu came to the front of Zhao Liya, the car is not yet quite stable, and asked, “Have you brought medicine? This one has heatstroke.”