The Rockstar Chapter 77

Slightly startled, Zhao Liya removed her small rucksack and patted it, “There’s patchouli.”

Li Tiezhu parked the car, carried Yi Xiaomao down, and broke open his mouth, “Come! Irrigate! Fill two more bottles.”

Yi Xiaomao: “Thank you ah big sister, gudu …… choking cough ……”

For a while, Yi Xiaomao came to his senses, thanking Zhao Liya again and again, his chubby little face was full of gratitude, even going to grab Zhao Liya’s hand, which was stopped by Li Tiezhu.

“Hey, the person who saved you is me.”

“Wasn’t it you who hit me? Gaha ah, serious brother how do you ride?”

Yi Xiaomao said oddly.

Li Tiezhu frowned, this buddy is still not fully awake, had to explain it, Yi Xiaomao indistinctly, also said a little about himself.

It turned out that Yi Xiaomao lived close to the training base, plus many people online trolled him for being fat, and his stomach flopped when he sang, so he decided to work out and lose weight, and ran from the hotel to the base this morning.

However, in the East China Sea at the height of summer, the ten o’clock sun is also thievishly poisonous, even more poisonous than Rongmu.

So Yi Xiaomao running weak heat stroke, staggered down from the roadside, almost hit the bike Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu see him still save, so he drove him to the base to feed medicine.

Li Tiezhu: “Well, you go home and rest, we have to record the programme.”

Yi Xiaomao: “Look …… down on who? Serious brother, who is still not a player?”

Said and walked into the door, and there was a cameraman following the filming.

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, he is really not concerned about the situation in other regions, naturally, he does not know Yi Xiaomao.

Zhao Liya said, “Yi Xiaomao, the champion of the northern region, writing songs is superb, his singing is better than yours, he is your strongest opponent. You have to be careful!”

Zhao Liya said and left.

Li Tiezhu stayed behind and waited for the others, and three minutes later, Qin Tao and Xiao Zhen crawled into the base with a snail-like crawl as they pushed the car.

Xiao Zhen gasped like a cow: “All …… blame this fat man for being slow, otherwise …… I would have arrived earlier.”

Qin Tao used all his strength and rolled his eyes, “……”

Now, the staff are dumbfounded, the young fresh meat Xiao Zhen is still really Li Tiezhu buddy?

It shouldn’t be ah!

Thought he was just tying up Li Tiezhu’s hype, how did they get in touch? Moreover, he came on a bicycle? Where’s his Rolls Royce? Flat tyre?

Wang Zegang also wondered, but this did not prevent him from being happy.

Also a traffic idol, Xiao Zhen was much more powerful than Luo Fei Yan, and there was something to be said for that.


Qin Tao, who was an assistant, could rest in the resting area with his corpse, drinking yoghurt and swiping his mobile phone, but Xiao Zhen couldn’t, and although he was so tired that he was about to vomit blood, he still had to sit on the sofa in the hall and wait for the other contestants to arrive.

The temperament should be taken enough, the smile should be gentle, not to be compared to Cai Xukun.

See how stable my brother Tiezhu is!

The hall has six seating areas of different colours in an arc. Each seating area represents a race area, and each area has five chairs, two chairs in the front row and three in the back row.

A total of thirty contestants from the six regions arrived one after another, sitting in six different areas.

Western Region: Li Tiezhu, Zhao Liya, Zhou Yiran, Yun Yang, Lin Xiao

Eastern Region: Cai Xukun, Xiao Zhen, Li Kaoru, Liu Xiaoxiao, Liang Yun

Southern Region: Luo Feiyan, Wang Chu, Xi Menghan, Liu Wei, Li Ming

North Region: Yi Xiaomao, Zheng Yilong, Xu Nuo, Ye Xuan, Gu Xiaoting

Central Region: Zhou Shallow, Lin Kai, Zhuang Qi, Chen Zilan, Shen Yanqiu

Overseas: Justin, Zhang Jichen, Jin Geun, Nishiko Watanabe, Coco

Soon, the people arrived.

There were familiar contestants who were exchanging pleasantries, Luo Feiyan had the most people around her, followed by Cai Xukun and Xiao Zhen, almost all of the Eastern and Central Regions were surrounding them, making Xiao Zhen have no chance to come to Li Tiezhu’s favour.

Overseas region’s self-contained, after all, are not familiar with the domestic players, but there are many players to say hello, after all, they are back from abroad.

Yi Xiaomao of the northern region, his face red, alone, no one took care of him, the northern region all went to Luo Feiyan’s side to greet the big lady.

The western region is the most harmonious and low-key, five people are getting together to discuss where to eat hot pot at night, forcing Li Tiezhu to treat.

Is the division champion that good?

Zhao Liya was the most energetic and had to eat even if she was not feeling well. Being slaughtered by Li Tiezhu, she must take revenge and only order expensive ones tonight! Think about it, I’m happy. I kicked your cat and ate your food!

Hey, the cat’s fans have been blowing up for the past two days, hacking Zhao Liya furiously.

The white rabbit Ling Ran is not afraid, these two days she is in a manic period, provocatively in the jitterbug again posted on the video of singing “learn cat call” with Leng Ba, and @ Leng Ba.

Although Zhou Yiran and Yun Yang are not familiar with Li Tiezhu, they are not strangers.

Although Lin Xiao was squeezed by Li Tiezhu to participate in the additional round, but he is not cynical about Li Tiezhu in his thirties, this guy sent him bacon, just said, four pounds of bacon and ten sausages, every western race comrade has a share ……

After all, in my big Xichuan sausage bacon is a symbol of wealth, the only two can be hard just hot pot of the gods food.

Li Tiezhu said, “It’s no problem to treat yourself, I’ll look on my mobile phone to see where there is a cheap buffet hot pot.”

The crowd rolled their eyes together.

Zhao Liya: “If you’re going to treat, treat the most expensive one, or I’ll bully your cat.”

Li Tiezhu sneered, “Hmph! It’s the same as which one can’t afford to invite! You guys choose which one you want to eat, and order whatever you want. Robe family, never pull the plug!”

Cat, already scaly and dying ……挼不得!

Zhao Liya laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and covered her stomach. Li Tiezhu face is red, of course, the others do not understand where the cat’s terrier is funny.

“Yi Xiaomao? Sister Luo asked you to come over.”

On Luo Fei Yan’s side, there was a female child with a head full of dirty braids shouting towards Yi Xiaomao who had fallen behind.

Yi Xiaomao ran over on his arse and compensated with a smile.

The dirty braid said, “Come on, show Sister Luo a drunken street dance.”

Yi Xiaomao looked embarrassed.

The surrounding contestants, however, were up in arms, asking him to show his talent.

What kind of talent is this?

That was Yi Xiaomao’s Waterloo during the second round of the Northern Region, a punchline that circulated online. On that occasion, after he drank a pot of wine and sang on stage, he was asked by his mentor to dance, and then the “squirming street dance” became a stain on his life.

In the end, the shy Yi Xiaomao gave a performance that made everyone laugh.

Only when Luo Feiyan applauded did she let Yi Xiaomao go back.

On the Western Region side, Uncle Lin Xiao cut out, ”Remember? Tutor Lin Fan said that the intensive training would be particularly, particularly tiring, now do you understand? It’s not the courses that are tiring.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t quite understand.

Zhao Liya said, “It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t dare to mess with me.”

Yun Yang and Zhou Yiran secretly gave a thumbs up and Lin Xiao smiled bitterly, “Of course you’re different.”

Even Tutor Leng Ba dared to target her, who are you afraid of? I also don’t know how she messed with you. Moreover, your background, your means, tsk tsk …… we saw it with our own eyes, although we can’t see the truth or the original reason, but …… we are convinced.

At this time, the general director Hong Bo walked in with a folder in his hand.

“Good morning, all contestants! Welcome to the Grand Final of Super Voice, and welcome to the training base.”

The contestants gave a standing ovation.