The Rockstar Chapter 78

In front of the seating area, Hong Bo stood behind a small table, opened the folder, and said, “Like previous years, this year there was also a national online vote before the finals to determine the most popular contestant award. Based on the voting rankings, the top three will be given priority to choose a training room, and the rest of the contestants will draw lots to choose. I can tell you that a training room is three hundred square feet, with a drinks bar, a lounge, and a Steinway piano ……”


The contestants exploded, so luxurious? It was only last year that the piano was a Yamaha.

Hong Bo was satisfied with the players’ reaction and smiled, “And, this training room also comes with a massage room with a professional masseuse!”

Immediately, the big screen behind Hong Bo appeared on the training room’s photo, the European style decoration is luxurious, especially the piano is particularly eye-catching.

“Wow ……”

“This is VIP treatment!”

“I’d take this room if I were number one.”

The contestants were talking.

Hong Bo added, “There’s also a training room with an indoor heated swimming pool, a special cloakroom, and another with a special wine cellar and equipped with a high-class kitchen and all kinds of ingredients.”

Photos of the other two rooms appeared, the swimming pool was so wide that it was heated 24 hours a day, and the premium kitchen was really high class, with two refrigerators, both with four doors!

The contestants continued to smack their lips.

Hong Bo said, “These are the best three rooms, the worst three are: a thirty square foot billiard room, a twenty square foot utility room, and …… a twelve square foot wine cellar.”

This time, there were no pictures.

“I go, it’s even smaller than last year, the smallest last year was eighteen square feet.”

“I hope I don’t draw the smallest one.”

“The billiard room won’t work either… equipment on the table?”

“How about the wine cellar? Drink whatever you want!”

The players are talking to each other.

Hong Bo didn’t interrupt and smiled as he picked up the Viva Mountain mineral water and took a sip, waiting for everyone’s discussion voice to die down before he said, “So, let’s reveal the contestants who won the top three most popular. The one who won the third place in the national online vote is, and the third place is ……”

Everyone was silent as they stared intently at Hong Bo.

Hong Bo looked at the folder, held up his glasses and scanned the circle, “The one who won the third place is ……”

Then he picked up a glass of water and bet a sip.

“Zhao Liya.”

Li Tiezhu raised his hand and blurted out, class snatch like.

Hong Bo: “Cough cough cough …… you, how do you know?”

Li Tiezhu looked innocent: “Guess.”

The whole audience laughed, Zhao Liya could not help but laugh, Li Tiezhu disliked people in the form of a big dislike of thin sound.

Hong Bo smiled helplessly, “Third place Zhao Liya.”

The contestants offered applause, not for Hong Tao, not for Zhao Liya, but for Brother Zheng Zheng.

Li Tiezhu pressed his hands down, low key, low key.

Hong Bo looked at Li Tiezhu and said, “The one who won the second place of the most popular contestant is, the second place is …… do you think it’s a man or a woman?”

“Hi ……”


“I’m really convinced of Director Hong.”

“The essence of this programme’s high ratings is in Director Hong.”

“Awesome! I guess it’s a male.”

“I’ll bet on Li Tiezhu, right?”

“I think it should be Cai Xukun!”

Li Tiezhu raised his hand again, “Female!”

Hong Bo: “You ……”

You’re damn well here to break up the show, aren’t you? Everyone else is co-operating, what’s wrong with you? Missed the question?

Hong Bo: “The second place is a woman. Serious brother, guess who the second place is for everyone. If you guess correctly, I’ll buy you a coffee.”

Li Tiezhu looked disgusted: “Forget about guessing, coffee is not as good as Banhua’s milk tea.”

Hong Bo was speechless and out of the mood, saying, “The one you …… won second place is Luo Fei Yan.”

Luo Feiyan stood up and applauded haughtily, her chin raised high. While accepting the compliments of the surrounding players, her eyes were a bit unwilling, why am I not first? There must be something wrong somewhere.

Then, Hong Bo said, “The following reveals the first ranked player, he is a male player.”

The contestants were in no hurry.

Hong Bo added, “And, he is also the champion of the division.”

Just like it wasn’t said, except for Luo Fei Yan, the champions of the remaining five divisions were all male players. Where was this to guess? Each of those five guys were so popular that it was possible for anyone to win first place.

Fresh meat Cai Xukun?

Mixed race rapper Justin?

Soprano Prince Zhou Qian?

Yi Xiaomao, the founder of creepy street dance?

Li Tiezhu, the original nerve knife?

Hong Bo revealed a smug smile and narrowed his eyes, humph! Can’t think of it, can you? He added, “He’s not too old ……”

Yi Xiaomao raised his hand, “Li Tiezhu.”

The crowd all laughed, Yi Xiaomao this guy is really drinking again, isn’t he?

No one can guess Li Tiezhu, he relies on cheap and stupid to attract attention, when he sings, his singing skills are not common, but his songwriting is not bad.

But, he is so dirt can have traffic?

Even Li Tiezhu himself shook his head.

Hong Bo stared at Yi Xiaomao until the other party lowered his head in shame before continuing, “The one who won first place is …… hey! Calculating begs, I can’t go on, Yi Xiaomao you guessed right.”

Yi Xiaomao was shocked, “Huh?”

Li Tiezhu second face shocked: “You say child exemption?”

Zhao Liya’s third face was shocked: “Treat! Treat! Treat ……”

Then ……

Thirty faces were shocked: no one thought that several flow fresh meat and power singers would be regrouped by the Xichuan bumpkin, which …… is not scientific.

Hong Bo said, “The third place Zhao Liya has twenty five million votes, and the second place Luo Feiyan has thirty two million votes. Li Tiezhu got fifty eight million votes, absolutely leading. And, thirty seven per cent of those votes came from, over forty years old …… female netizens.”

Zhao Liya: “I knew it! I knew it! Wan Yun’s mums are all over the world! When one mum falls, thousands of mums stand up!”

Li Tiezhu: “Huh???”

Zhou Yiran stuck her head out from the back row, “That’s right! My mum even asked me to get Tiezhu’s autograph for her, I just couldn’t wipe my face, and she even scolded me before I came this time.”

Zhao Liya turned around and silently high-fived Zhou Yiran.

Zhou Yiran: “Right? Even you …… my god! I even took Professor Liu’s class in Chuanle! Tsk tsk …… same people at the end of the world!”

Uncle Lin Xiao said, “If you sign it, please pass me a copy.”

Zhou Yiran: “Your mother too?”

Lin Xiao’s old face reddened: “Ahem, my daughter-in-law ……”

Li Tiezhu puzzled, how does it mean?

“Next, please invite the most popular contestant number one, Li Tiezhu, to choose his training room!”

Hong Bo signalled Li Tie Zhu to come over and look at the three photos on the big screen.

Piano, swimming pool, and kitchen.

Which one to choose?

Hong Bo began to render suspense again, “Each of the three rooms has its own strengths, which one will contestant Li Tiezhu choose? If I were him ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Pick the one with a kitchen.”

Hong Bo: “…… Why don’t you pick the swimming pool?”

Li Tiezhu: “Serious people who swim.”

Hong Bo: “…… Why didn’t you pick the piano?”

Li Tiezhu: “Leave it to Zhao Liya.”

Hong Bo: “……”