The Rockstar Chapter 79

Next is the second place, Luo Feiyan, she chose a room with a separate cloakroom, after all, how can a celebrity not have a cloakroom? After all, how can a celebrity not have a cloakroom? Otherwise, where can I put the ten boxes of fashions, jewellery and shoes that I brought with me?

Of course, when asked, all she said was that she likes to swim, and that swimming can keep her in shape.

Zhao Liya was “forced” to choose a Steinway and Sons piano.

Thanks to Li Tiezhu, there is a masseuse, take the time to ask Li Tiezhu to come to the fire cupping.

The time came to eleven o’clock, the three contestants in the staff led to their respective rooms.

Li Tiezhu didn’t feel much for the house, instead he was interested in the advanced kitchen, just studying the ingredients in the fridge for ten minutes, then someone broke into his training room.

Yi Xiaomao stood timidly in the doorway with a red face, “Brother ……”

Li Tiezhu: “If you don’t go to the training room, what are you doing here in my place?”

Yi Xiaomao: “I drew the …… wine cellar.”

Li Tiezhu held a pig’s hoof: “Then what?”

Yi Xiaomao was on the verge of crying, “It’s your wine cellar …… that little wine cellar in the corner of your training room, that’s my training room. Excuse me!”

Li Tiezhu was speechless, dare to say that the so called small wine cellar is the one in my room? Haven’t gone to see it yet.

The programme team really knows how to play!

Seeing Li Tiezhu did not say anything, Yi Xiaomao became more nervous, twisted his head to look at the staff, and the staff did not answer. Anxious, Yi Xiaomao’s forehead sweated, and his face once again flushed with an immodest blush, he blushed to the root of his neck when he was nervous, infinitely shy.

Li Tiezhu walked over, stuffed the pig s trotters to Yi Xiaomao, and took out the key to look at the wine cellar.

Open it, inside three walls of wine cabinets, a small table in the middle, the space is narrow. Three sides of the wine cabinet, one side is a grapevine, one side is white wine, the other side is a variety of wines that Li Tiezhu has never heard of, and one of them seems to be the Remy Martin in the film.

Yi Xiaomao held the pig s trotters in both hands, humbly followed in, glanced at the white wine wine cabinet, and then said to Li Tiezhu:

“Sorry for the disturbance.”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, this girl, no, this little brother is also too introverted, right? Shy than a girl, you see how atmospheric my cat is? How long have you only been here and been bullied a few times? This is a northeastern brown man? Learn more from the white rabbit.

“The wine cellar is too small, how can I train? Don’t stay here.”

“Don’t! Brother Tie Zhu, the programme team said it’s okay, don’t kick me out ……”

Yi Xiaomao danced around with a pig’s trotter.

Li Tiezhu snatched back the pig’s hoof, “Don’t fall on it, it will affect the meat quality and taste. I didn’t drive you away, it’s so wide outside, it’s more than enough for the two of us to train together. Squatting what wine cellar?”

Yi Xiaomao was instantly moved to the point where his glasses reflected, “Really? But the programme rules ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Programme team? Let them come to me.”

After saying that, Li Tiezhu walked out of the wine cellar. At the door, after a few seconds of staring at the staff member who brought Yi Xiaomao, the other party panicked and fearfully averted his gaze …… to show his agreement (afraid of being tied up), before Li Tiezhu was satisfied to go to the kitchen to stew pig’s trotters soup.

“Xiao Mao ah? Come here and help me pluck the hairs on the pig’s hooves.”

“Ah? Hey! Coming coming.”

In the kitchen, Li Tiezhu was soaking seaweed, Yi Xiaomao was dealing with pig’s trotters, and Qin Tao was also let in by the programme at this time. Little Fatty also ignored why Yi Xiaomao was here, went to the fridge to rummage for ice cream, and went to the sofa alone to enjoy it.

Who says fat people can’t eat soft food?

Qin Tao: Li Tiezhu’s soft rice, I will eat it! Of course, what should be learnt is still to be learnt, and every night you have to report to Zhang Xiaomeng leader.

“Xiaomeng, where is your agent? Or an assistant?”

“I don’t have one, no money to hire one.”

“What about your bonus? A hundred thousand dollars. Also, you should have royalties if you’re original, right?”

“Gave …… sister for dowry and to buy a wedding house.”

“Oh, that’s fine, something like an agent right, there’s no difference between having it and not having it.”

Said Li Tiezhu also nudged towards Qin Tao who was eating in the distance.

Yi Xiaomao smiled coyly, “Who would want that for a serious person? Brother, thank you. You helped me in the morning, and after I finished, I wronged you and was not polite. And now you’re taking me in!”

“It’s okay, Zhao Liya said that you are my archenemy, I’ll contact you more to know myself and my enemy.”

“Ah? That can’t be! I won’t compare with you ……”

“Who knows what the showrunners are up to? The showrunners are dogged.”

Yi Xiaomao raised his eyes to look around at the cameras and gave a dry laugh, “Ha! I’m not so bad, I met Brother. Those who drew the utility room have to clean and set up by themselves, those who drew the billiard room are even worse, during the daily training period, they must have a turnover of one hundred yuan before they can leave. Not with such a tosser!”

The twenty-two year old Yi Xiaomao called Li Tiezhu brother, and this picture didn’t look out of place at all.

The pig s trotters were blanched and put in the pot, and the staff came again:

“Both contestants, this is your intensive training schedule, two classes a day in the morning and two classes in the afternoon, one hour per class. Then, here are the keywords for the first round of competition.”

The class schedule was simple, one lesson each for sight-singing, playing, music theory, and dancing.

The key words were important.

It’s one of the reasons why The Voice is so special and why it’s so hard for original artists to do well.

Each round of the competition has a keyword, and the contestants must sing songs close to the keyword.

Otherwise, the results will be deducted.

Moreover, the keywords in each round are quite different, so even ordinary singers find it hard to maintain their standards on songs with various keywords, and it is even harder for original singers to manage so many strange and weird keywords.

At this time, the contestants in each training room got the keywords, and the hundreds of cameras that had been set up long ago locked onto the contestants’ expressions with deadly accuracy.

In the scheduling room, Hong Bo purposely asked the executive director, Wang Zegang, to pull up the footage of Li Tiezhu’s room and laughed, ”Hey, let’s make you dislike me! Surprised? Happy or not?”

Yi Xiaomao apprehensively opened the keyword card, then his brain buzzed as he looked at Li Tiezhu:

“Brother …… country, national style?”

I’m a male nurse who just learnt to write pop songs and ballads, and you’re asking me to write about national style? Isn’t this making it difficult for me, Fat Tiger?

Li Tiezhu also saw the keyword, tilted his head and thought for a while before he figured it out, this keyword seems to be quite restrictive, but …… it’s none of my business, the old man has a system.

Yi Xiaomao said, “Brother, what do you think?”

Li disliked on the line, “Carrying forward traditional culture and inheriting Chinese rhythms, this is the good sound that truly belongs to China! The programme team is great!”

Yi Xiaomao was dumbfounded, “Brother, you’re the one who’s great your whole family is great ……”

Li Tiezhu turned his head and went to wash the seaweed to soak the kidney beans, but unfortunately the kitchen was too advanced and there was no pressure cooker.

Hong Bo in the dispatch room instantly collapsed: “Tsk …… Li Tiezhu so hard?”

Wang Zegang: “Is it unexpected? Happy or not?”

Hong Bo: “……”

It’s really the way of heaven!

An intense and exciting music-based competition, and you’re actually cooking? Director Hong Bo was speechless.

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