The Rockstar Chapter 8

Li Tiezhu changed into his takeaway clothes and put on his takeaway helmet: “Yes, you guys hide don’t affect my play.”

“Can a hammer! We have been grinding with that security guard for two hours, he is not blind, he has recognised us all, you change your clothes and want to blend in? Do you think he’s a fool?”


“Aang my arse, you’ll be recognised.”

“No, that security guard is stupid, most people with less than average IQs have slight face blindness.”


Qin Tao suddenly felt that the useless knowledge had increased again.

A side of the stupid wait for the deliveryman himself, a cold wit, feel offended, what happened to face blindness? Eat your family rice?

Qin Tao once again stopped Li Tiezhu: “Brother, are you sure the fool is face blind?”

Li Tiezhu firmly nodded: “Of course!”

Qin Tao was sceptical: “How do you know?”

Li Tiezhu was a confident mess, “Heh! Of course I fucking know! I know it too well!”

Are you kidding, can I not know?

Of all the 50-odd people in the class, why am I the closest to you? It’s because your face and body are the most recognisable!

Li Tiezhu, dressed as a deliveryman, came to the security guard, raised the takeaway in his hand and barged in, and was undoubtedly stopped, and Li Tiezhu quarrelled with the security guard for a few moments.

The security guard is a little witty, he had to see the address and name on the takeaway list, Li Tiezhu cursed and showed him.

Well, the address is the 11th floor of the TV station building, yes.

The security comrade then let go.

So, Li Tiezhu spat at the security guard a few more times and swaggered in.

“This Nima can do it?”

Under the tree in the distance, Qin Tao was astonished.


I’m afraid this isn’t face blind, it’s blind!

The delivery man, on the other hand, felt even more deeply offended, is it true that I’m face-blind because ……


We’re halfway through the match, the show is great, the death elimination match is tense and exciting, but the crowd still isn’t too happy.

Because, Brother Serious didn’t show up.

The pop-ups were even asking when Serious Brother would appear on stage to perform every now and then, there were those who supported him with good intentions, and there were even those who maliciously denigrated him and waited for his plagiarism to be revealed, in short, Li Tiezhu became the biggest suspense of the match.

Director Wang Zegang was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, and from time to time he called his assistant over to ask:

“Is Li Tiezhu still not here?”

The answer was self-evident.

It’s over, it’s over!

Even the judges have heard the news that Li Tiezhu did not come to participate, after all, the next order of appearance are roughly set, even the late plane Zhao Liya are in the queue, but only no Li Tiezhu.

At the same time, the live broadcast pop-up screen also began to make things happen.

“Insider! Serious Brother didn’t come to the match!”



“It seems ironic that plagiarism is undoubted.”

“I don’t know which team operates it, claptrap, it’s cold now, right?”

“Don’t start rumours! Serious Brother must be here!”

“Brother Ching is awesome!”

“Brother Ching is the champion, or he’ll eat shit live on air!”

“Crap! You believe in what Postpartum Brother said?”

“Postpartum Brother? Is that the little fatty called Qin Tao?”

“Bet 50 cents that Brother Proper will definitely make an appearance.”

It was Zhao Liya’s turn to take the stage for the next set of competitions, and she said goodbye to her assistant and make-up artist and rushed towards the stage. Time was a bit tight, so she would go back to the director’s team after singing later and put poor Li Tiezhu in.

“Huh? It’s you? Thank you just now!”

In the corner at the corner of the passageway, a takeaway worker who was squatting in the corner eating snail powder suddenly raised his head.

“You …… recognise me?”

Zhao Liya was stunned, the takeaway clerk was none other than the proper brother. You really dressed up as a takeaway and mixed in? I am just joking. Moreover, I was wearing a mask and sunglasses before, almost covering my entire face.

How did he recognise me?

Li Tiezhu thought to himself, although I am face blind, but my nose is very smart. Even eating snail powder, I can smell her fragrance! I didn’t realise that Miss Milk Fragrance was not only smart, but also so good looking.

Zhao Liya was also happy for Li Tiezhu, smiling sweetly, bright as sunshine.

Li Tiezhu was all confused, “You …… look so good when you smile.”


This guy is so dorky, it’s funny.

Zhao Liya covered her mouth, “Go for the race!”

Li Tiezhu, who had an intelligence value of 82 points, said seriously, “Thank you! Miss Milk Fragrance, you’re a TV station staff, right?”


“I’ve been in for so long, how come no one greeted me? When am I going to sing on stage? You go ask your leader, thanks ow.”

“I ……”

“Here! My PASS card, my name is Li Tiezhu.”


Zhao Liya didn’t pick up Li Tiezhu’s PASS card, cried and laughed and walked away, this guy is really a fool.

Li Tiezhu knew nothing about the show’s operation, and although he managed to come in, he didn’t contact the show’s team at all, so the show’s team actually didn’t know that he had come at all.

Only sixteen-year-old piano princess Zhao Liya, a self-played and sung “geese north return” stunned the audience, so that the “Super Voice” scene applause thunder endless.

The eighth group of ten had finished competing.

Zhao Liya and another contestant won the judges’ promotion medals, and two others won the pending medals.

This was the first round of The Super Voice Western Region, 100 into 20. four judge teachers, each with only four promotion medals and four pending medals.

The elimination rate is frighteningly high.

That is to say, out of these one hundred contestants who have passed the audition, sixteen contestants will be selected first to advance directly, sixteen will be pending, and the pending contestants will compete on the following afternoon to find the four finalists.

This is next week’s 20 into 10 list.

However, there is an order of appearance, the judges can not do completely even use of the medals in hand.

So far, after eight groups have fought, there are only two promotion medals and three pending medals left, and the situation of the two groups behind is not optimistic.

Can that guy advance?

Zhao Liya came to the backstage dressing room and started removing her make-up. Suddenly she froze, why am I worried about that guy? He’s stupid and has a bad mouth, it’s weird if he can advance.

That said, twenty minutes ago, Zhao Liya was still a “staff” for a time.

Before going on stage, she conveyed to the director the news that “Serious Brother” had arrived at the battlefield, and now the programme team had found Li Tiezhu and placed him in the last competition group.

At that time, Wang Zegang almost jumped up with excitement, tears in his eyes, and immediately arranged for someone to go to the docking.

Soon the ninth group debuted for the competition.

The judges gave one promotion medal and two pending medals, leaving the tenth group with only one promotion medal and one pending medal.

A line of subtitles appeared on the screen:

Tenth Competition Group: Wang Hang, Li Fei’er, Zhao Zhe, Li Daxiao, Zhou Xixi, Mo Yu, Zhang Xiaoxiao, Zheng Qian, Fan Si Si, Li Tiezhu

The pop-ups went crazy once again, and even vaguely overshadowed Zhao Liya’s previous appearance on stage, and there was only one focus of the pop-ups, which was the “Serious Brother”.

“Brother Serious is here! Idle people retreat!”

“Li Tiezhu, rise up!”

“Good name! You look like a decent person!”

“Guo Xiaosi copies novels, Li Tiezhu copies songs, there’s not a single good thing about Chuan people.”

“The Decent Gang will always support you.”

“In ancient times, there was Li Bai Rex taking off his boots, today there is the Decent Gang Coldba taking popsicles!”

“Where is my postpartum brother? Abandoned?”

“Cheer up Tie Zhu, fuck Xiao Zhen.”

“Copycat dog, death to the whole family!”