The Rockstar Chapter 80

All the keywords of the finals, set and sealed months ago, and will not intentionally target Li Tiezhu, Hong Bo simply want to see a joke, the results of disappointment.

Yi Xiaomao was very good and diligent in helping Li Tiezhu clean up the kitchen.

Knock Knock ……

The knocking sound sounded, and then the unclosed door of the room poked in an exquisite face.

It was Xiao Zhen.

He smiled sardonically, ”Busy? Bro. Want to play pool? Five yuan a disc.”

Yi Xiaomao couldn’t wipe his face and refuse, and just wanted to nod.

Li Tiezhu did not raise his head, the seaweed should be washed a few more times: “Roll! Come over at 1:30 to drink soup.”

Yi Xiaomao was shocked, brother, how do you talk to the flow of fresh meat like this?

Xiao Zhen head immediately disappeared: “Okay! Brother you busy. I’m going to knock on other doors. I, Xiao Zhen, good sound knocker.”

Yi Xiaomao was surprised, but could not help but sympathise: “The show group bullies people, Xiao Zhen is also too miserable …….”

Li Tiezhu coldly grunted, “Hmph! Is he miserable? Can’t you see him enjoying himself? He’s enjoying himself a lot. You’re the one who’s miserable.”

Li Tiezhu, who was sitting on 99 points of intelligence, had slightly snowy eyes.

Knock Knock ……

“Sis! Playing billiards no? Five dollars a disc.”

“Uncle, let’s go play billiards!”

“Little sister, I’ll teach you how to play billiards. Don’t close the door. Hello?”

“Leave me a message, okay? Brother, call me for billiards.”

“Liya? Tiezhu said he’s going to play billiards and asked if you’re with him, yes yes yes …… ladies free!”

“Billiards? No! I, Cai Xukun, only like to play basketball, my level can play professional league.”

“You’ve got it wrong, Kun, I mean you don’t come to the billiard room if you’re not doing anything, or else all the other guys won’t come.”

Xiao Zhen knocked on the door all the way and chattered all the way, without the reserve and idol baggage of a young fresh meat, instead, he was humble, pitiful and slightly cunning, and didn’t think he was ashamed in the slightest. He is shrewd, otherwise, just rely on the unique skills of “God’s hand” want to evening godfather?

These days, Xiao Zhen studied Li Tiezhu division of all the games, comprehended the sense of variety, and already “know” the meaning of stealing the show. With his level of even Li Tiezhu can not trap, it is expected to say goodbye to plotting and scheming, have to find another way.

Xiao Zhen is looking forward to being assigned to the billiard room.

The most miserable and humble flow of fresh meat, the drama can be less? Viewers bear to see the full beauty of my elimination?


The Voice Intensive Course Schedule:

Intensive training every Wednesday to Friday, with no classes during the day on Saturdays to fully prepare for the evening competition. Sunday to the following Tuesday is off, and it is also easy for eliminated contestants to move their stuff …… away.

First session (10:00-11:00), second session (11:15-12:15), lunch break. Third session (14:00-15:00), fourth session (15:15-16:15), dismissal.

The programme is not intense and even seems a little too loose.

But that’s just the basic lessons. The contestants still need to prepare for the competition during the rest of the time, choosing songs, practising, arranging and so on, which is not a friendly time especially for original singers.

Last year there was an original contestant who often stayed up all night writing songs and then stopped in the third round.

After he was eliminated, his only comment:

Being original on The Voice is hellishly difficult.

This year …… had two original contestants who were given keywords and had to write songs that matched the keywords in three days, yet they were calm as hell and chose …… to continue stewing pig’s trotter soup.

“Brother, it’s time for the kidney beans to go down, right?”

“There’s no hurry, if you put down the kidney beans too early, it will stew.”

“Oh! Why don’t you cut the pig’s feet into smaller pieces? If you stew it in one whole piece, the pig’s bollinger lid will be stewed bald and skinny ……”

“Do you cook?”


“Then I’ll tell you a hammer, turn down the heat and put the lid on.”

“Ow! Should I set aside some vermicelli seeds?”

“See if there’s any in the fridge, if there is take it out and soak it in warm water.”

The time was now eleven thirty, Li Tiezhu and Yi Xiaomao came to the living room and sat down, at the same time looking at Qin Tao who was licking the ice cream box.

Qin Tao: “Doing what?”

Yi Xiaomao said, “Shouldn’t we find something to do? What about going on a show, like we ……”

Writing songs or something, exploring music would be fine.

Li Tiezhu nodded his head in recognition, “Come to Fight the Landlord.”

Qin Tao got up, puckered his ditch, reached out and fished out a deck of playing cards from his fart pocket, so we could all potter around together.

Yi Xiaomao shocked: “No …… don t write songs?”

Li Tiezhu: “Serious people who write songs.”

Qin Tao: “Fifty cents to start, a bomb turned over, not capped.”

Go on the show, take it easy, usually it starts at five yuan.

Yi Xiaomao shivered: “……”

It feels like it’s going to be the end of the line.

Li Tiezhu: I’m not stealing the show, am I? I’m just simply bored, and you guys won’t let me bring my summer homework to play.

Dispatch room, Hong Bo picking his brain, this episode I broadcast it? Or should I broadcast it? Or should I broadcast it?

Wang Zegang sipping bamboo leaf green, a word …… steady!

Serious brother never lets me down!

At half past twelve, the programme team delivered the boxed lunch on time, and the three of them ate the boxed lunch while fighting the landlord. Yi Xiaomao won $7.2 alone, but he was not happy at all, and he always felt that the programme was unfolding differently from what he had imagined.

Li Tiezhu asked Yi Xiaomao: “Do you want to drink? Go to the wine cellar and get it yourself, there’s plenty. Qin Tao said that you drink on all the shows.”

Drink up! Get drunk and lose back to me!

My money for cats ……

Yi Xiaomao waved his hand, “I usually don’t drink much, I have stage fright, so …… I’m brave.”

Qin Tao steak rice: “Goat! You see brother at the time of the sea election calm as a horse …… er, count the ball. Do not mention it, do not mention it! Had I known that I also drink a bottle of erguotou, maybe today with you in the same arena.”

Li Tiezhu put down his boxed lunch and spread his hands, “Pretending to be a foul, a fine of 50 cents.”

Qin Tao threw out a yuan, no need to find it.

Dispatch room.

Wang Zegang opens the boxed lunch and looks at General Director Hong Bo with a slight show-off:

“Boss, urgently deploy a few scriptwriters who can come to the rescue, right? It can’t hold up any longer! The other contestants have all been squeezed out of their roles, and the only one who is more resistant to being beaten up is Xiao Zhen, or Li Tiezhu’s brother, who has finished knocking on the door and gone to drink soup. If this goes on, our programme will really become “The History of Li Tiezhu’s Explosion”!”

“Li Tiezhu Exploding History”, from the serious gang burst out of a terrier, “Super Voice” = “Li Tiezhu Exploding History”.

Hong Bo: “You’re the director and I’m the director?”

Wang Zegang: “Me ah.”

Hong Bo: “……”

That’s right ah, it’s now recorded as a competition routine, the programme is “Super Training Camp” and Wang Ze Gang is the director.

And, Wang Zegang said nothing wrong.

Hong Bo sipped his teeth, it seems not to play the set can not be ah, this guy comes with a halo to steal the scene. Li Tiezhu s drama, you cut it, unfortunately, do not cut it, all the damn are Li Tiezhu …… Even the postnatal brother who was eliminated in the sea election, all his meow is covered with drama!

Stomach ache ah!

It hurts so much that it’s sagging nymphets.

How come it’s so hard to carry this class of players?

So, a dozen professional variety show planners, urgently took a taxi to come to the base, with only one task: to plan events for the other contestants and steal the show with Li Tiezhu.

Would a dozen be too few?

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