The Rockstar Chapter 81

At 1:40, Zhao Liya was lying on the sofa resting, and her assistant Wen made her a cup of brown sugar water and put it next to her.

Zhao Liya breathlessly thanked, sometimes quite envious of Sister Wen, chubby, she is not in pain every month, even the first day to go bouncing. But what about her, it’s the third day and she’s still in serious injury sufferer mode.

“Classes are coming up this afternoon, are you feeling any better?”

Li Tiezhu suddenly walked in carrying a thermos box, probing his head.

Zhao Liya: “Why are you here?”

Li Tiezhu opened the thermos box: “To send you some pig’s foot soup, you this added motherwort, than brown sugar water pipe.”

Zhao Liya pretty face a red: “You …… jang know?”

“Today, when you turned over the medicine in your bag, I saw that you brought auntie’s napkin, a brand with our class flower. Later, and then found that your face was not good when you recorded the programme.”

“Where did you get the motherwort?”

“Found it in the grass downstairs, fresh. My old man stews motherwort pig’s foot soup for Aunt Liu every month, I’m not as good as him.”

“Do I still have to thank you?”

“You’re welcome, you and I don’t talk about that, drink.”

Wen quietly came to the door to give the staff that everything in the room just now had to be cut out and not put on the programme.

Looked at Zhao Liya to finish the soup face rosy up, Li Tiezhu on carrying a thermos box back to their own training room, and then take over the landlord Xiao Zhen drive away, immediately to class.

For Xiao Zhen, Li Tiezhu is very sober, this is a poisonous snake with poisonous fangs pulled out, good feeling is not there, but why “good brother” CP up, so act it.

Xiao Zhen also very on the road, obviously can see from each other’s eyes mockery and malice, but this does not affect their “brotherly love”.

Li Tiezhu has also become less pure.

Since Li Tiezhu and Yi Xiaomao are together, the programme team temporarily adjusted and assigned only one teacher to them, according to Li Tiezhu’s schedule.

In the afternoon, Li Tiezhu’s lessons were music theory and dance.

The music theory teacher was a teacher from the East China Sea Conservatory of Music, a big handsome man in his thirties, with a meticulously combed big back hair, gentle and elegant. Half a minute later, the middle-aged handsome man went crazy, his hair was all messed up.

Li Tiezhu Are you the devil?

“Wow …… This is a five line score! So awesome looking. The first few times I recorded a song it was them calling me when it was done, I didn’t study it.”

“Hairy, you know it too? I didn’t expect that.”

“Do you have to know pentatonic music to compose? Simplified sheet music is pretty good too ……”

“Teacher, please teach the lesson, I want to learn so much.”

“No! Teacher you don’t give up, I have a good attitude to learning, the book mountain has a road of diligence for the path, the sea of learning is not the end of the bitter boat.”

“It feels harder than a maths class, right Qin Tao, why did you fall asleep? The teacher is in class! No manners. Oh yeah, you don’t have to go on. Teacher? Do you want some pig’s foot soup?”

“The teacher was so good, it’s a shame I didn’t understand any of it.”

Luckily there was a Yi Xiaomao next to him, so the music theory teacher didn’t completely break down, I’m a university teacher not a primary school teacher.

Yi Xiaomao is self-taught and knows how to get started as a layman, patiently explaining to Li Tiezhu.

Gradually, Li Tiezhu also touched a trace of the doorway.

Exhausted and almost exhausted music theory teacher left, dance teacher came, Qin Tao instantly do not sleep, energetic said to follow along with the dance, Yi Xiaomao red face, words are not complete.

The dance teacher is young and beautiful, wearing only a small vest twenty centimetres long, as well as tight enough to gully trousers. Teacher tied a ponytail, style, raising hands and feet are rhythm, appearance is also considered beautiful.

Qin Tao licked his small belly and danced awkwardly, all kinds of fancy operations to attract the teacher’s attention, and even deluded one-handed handstand.

Yi Xiaomao’s expression is awkward, drunken penguin-like, sluggish and clumsy.

Li Tiezhu feel tasteless, two guys who have never seen the world, one is like a wild boar in heat, a seemingly shy but the trousers are up.


My cat is much more attractive than her good looking, jumping is also better than her, I was forced to jump with the cat, I acted steel pipe.

The dance class was enjoyable, and the teacher coquettishly complimented the three of them on their uncoordinated limbs.

After four o’clock, the class was over.

Yi Xiaomao took out his book to go to the lounge to write a song.

Qin Tao cheered him on:

“Cheer up! Little Hairy, write well! When you’re famous, ask that teacher out to do some tinkering, and use all the 18 skills, and then describe them to me.”

Yi Xiaomao was so nervous that he dropped his pen, Fatty can read minds?

Qin Tao also looked at Li Tiezhu: “You also …… forget it, you have Persian cats, and white rabbits, can not see these ‘mediocre powder’. The gap between man and man ah, is bigger than man and dog.”

Li Tiezhu: “Dog, go to find an expensive hot pot to book a private room, when an assistant does not do the right thing for a day.”

Qin Tao: “Pig, can there be an authentic hotpot in this East China Sea?”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s hot pot on the line, if you can’t book it, I’ll cook dog meat hot pot here at night.”


At 7:30pm, Li Tiezhu treated himself to a hotpot, the whole Xichuan players plus Yi Xiaomao, counting some assistants, ten or so people.

The TV was playing the programme “Super Training Camp”, the contestants appeared one by one, among them, the way Li Tiezhu carried Yi Xiaomao to enter was the most flirtatious, attracting countless pop-ups.

“Serious brother! What did you do to my little hairy girl? You can’t bear it even if he’s weak?”

“Let go of Mao-mei, let me do it.”

“Has Mao-mei been drinking?”

“Oh, so it’s heatstroke, Mao never lets me down!”

“Am I the only one who saw the Sophie in Zhao Liya’s bag? Portable.”

“The gap between the training rooms this season is also too big, right?”

“Li Tiezhu’s guess was too accurate!”

“What’s Banhua’s Milk Tea? A chain shop?”

Mysterious figure – a certain class flower is also watching the show: yuck! Shameless! Even if you stole the drink, you even spit bubbles into the milk tea cup, even though it was Qin Tao who lied to you and said he bought it for you, what do you mean by giving it back to me later?

“Yi Xiaomao chose the wine cellar? Hahaha!”

“Xiao Zhen has changed a bit recently.”

“Good sound knocker!”

“Li Tiezhu’s stewed pig’s foot soup looks so delicious.”

“Is Fighting the Landlord okay?”

“The actual hammer ‘Li Tiezhu Explosion History’ is undoubtedly, the other players have no drama.”

In the programme, Li Tiezhu admired the refrigerated pork waist: “Tomorrow, fry a waist flower, to make up for you, Xiao Zhen, you see that you have no blood on your face recently.”

Xiao Zhen: “What if this pig also has kidney deficiency? I …… cut out this section!”

Qin Tao: “Also make up ah! The maths teacher taught me that negative and negative make up for positive.”

Yi Xiaomao: “Pfft ……”

“What? Li Tiezhu is going to fry waist flowers tomorrow?”

“Xiao Zhen has weak kidneys?”

“Kidney deficiency Gongzi’s sense of variety has skyrocketed recently ah, black to pink.”

“Postpartum brother is really good at maths.”

A maths teacher kneeling long: sinful apprentice on the top, subject to the teacher a worship, put away! The old man’s stunt teacher selection this year, it is estimated that again …… you two have delayed me for two years!

Hot pot shop, Li Tiezhu’s waist flower are hot old before putting into the mouth, he again and again and again distracted.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host of the variety arts score rose another 21 points, a total of 115 points, to obtain “variety arts fledgling” medal, a reward for the ability to primary song arrangement + song audition function].

Variety achievement rewards song arrangement?

This was not important, what mattered was that Li Tiezhu’s knowledge of music theory had strangely increased.

Also, what was the song audition function?

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