The Rockstar Chapter 82

Li Tiezhu is happy, in the future, you do not need to blindly select a song based on the title and synopsis, you can audition for ten seconds, however, you can only audition for a maximum of three songs per day.

Then don’t waste the opportunity, first try to listen to three songs today.

If you don’t find the right one, you’ll have another chance tomorrow.

Li Tiezhu found three songs in the system mall with titles that seem to be national style.

The first song “difficult to read the scripture”, good, but so difficult to sing ah, and Cantonese, change the Mandarin version is very laborious, Li Tiezhu feel that he can not hold.

Moreover, it is not a national style.

The second song “When is the bright moon” is also super good, classical national style!

That’s it, right?

Li Tiezhu burned himself another slice of tripe, thinking that anyway, the trial does not cost money, and the expiry date is invalid, so listen to the last song as well.

The title of the song is a bit strange!

Then ……

“Cough cough cough ……”

Li Tiezhu was so excited that he choked, his face reddened, and he dried a can of old Wang Ji in one breath.

“The tripe burns your mouth ah?”

Zhao Liya rolled her eyes helplessly, I should have known not to sit next to you, you are drinking my old Wang Ji.

Li Tiezhu ignored her, he was buying songs in the system.

[Ding! Pay 5 IQ points, song purchase successful]

A national style song can still be written like this? The melody is beautiful and innovative, and the lyrics are too classic, right? The erhu soundtrack is even better, but the singing style is a bit too special …… The gods of that world are really awesome!

This time, Li Tiezhu didn’t even have a heartache for the IQ value.

Current IQ value: 96 points.

Remaining IQ value: 0 points.

Music Achievement: 61 points.

Variety Achievement: 115 points. (Awarded the “Debutante” medal)

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.

At this point, “Super Camp” is coming to a close on TV.

Instead of leaving, the contestants were picking their way through the night, choosing songs, arranging them, and sight-reading them to keep them busy.

Xiao Zhen was continuing to knock on doors, his turnover today was only sixty dollars.

However, the five people from the western region arrogantly went out en masse to eat hot pot. They also took Yi Xiaomao, who had planned to compose all night, into forced captivity, on the grounds that:

Who are we going to dunk if you don’t go? The western civil war is more hurtful.


On the day of Thursday, Li Tiezhu focused on spying on Xiao Mao s sister after class.

Yi Xiaomao is different from hangers on like Li Tiezhu, he is a real genius, teaching himself to write songs for less than a year, but the level is already very high.

Yi Xiaomao writes songs with Huami Tablet, an APP called Composer, which supports simple and five-line scores that can be converted to each other. The software supports simple score and five-line score, which can be converted to each other. It also has the functions of composing, lyrics, arranging and mixing, etc. Although it is not at the level of a recording studio, it is very practical to be used for creating songs.

After the afternoon class, in two hours, the still-drunken Xiaomao sister had already composed the basic tune of a national style song, only the melody was not beautiful enough, and it was still being revised.

Li Tiezhu succeeded in stealing the teacher and made it as he did.

The arrangement and soundtrack of the first few songs were not up to the best standards, and there was a gap with the original version of that world, with a similarity of less than ninety percent.

Including the song “Big Fish”, which was made up later, it was not as good as it should have been.

The arrangements and backing tracks have been dragging their feet.

Now it was good that Li Tiezhu possessed the ability to make primary arrangements. He could make demos on the tablet and let the teachers help adjust the details.

As long as the soundtrack library could find enough material, he could do ninety-nine percent.

After all, he had the original version in his head.

Qin Tao quickly went to the mall to buy a Huami tablet, Li Tiezhu’s hands are raw, not very good at using it, but gradually familiar with it.

Composer APP everything is good, is to spend money, two hundred and four per month, Li Tiezhu meat pain. What’s even more painful is that, in addition to the basic material in the soundtrack library, other materials have to spend extra money, excessive.

Wearing headphones and drumming for a night, Li Tiezhu still purchased that big god’s work to roughly copy out.

On Friday, Li Tiezhu closed the door to “create” in addition to the class, the degree of completion of 60%.

Because of his focus on creation, Li Tiezhu hardly showed up in the Super Training Camp broadcast on Friday night.

On the contrary, the other contestants equipped with “professional variety planning” crazy steal the show, Luo Fei Yan, Cai Xukun, Xiao Zhen, Justin and so on, simply show their skills pandemonium.

I heard that Cai Xukun also organised a basketball game, and then …… was Xiao Zhen chased after ten caps, obviously, Xiao Zhen is intentional.

I fucking let you have a high level, so that you can play the professional league!

Let you …… rob me of the first place in the east.

Li Tiezhu, Zhao Liya and Yi Xiaomao, such creative players are the most miserable, people can just choose a song and rehearse it, they need to compose, arrange and make a good accompaniment by themselves.

However, it makes the fans of the three people open their hearts, variety or not variety is not important, can see the idol’s creative scene is worth more than anything, even if you can’t hear the melody.

Instead, there are more pop-ups about them than other scene-stealing contestants, how serious are they? You guys still have time to play variety show? Despicable.

Hiya, so angry!

“This bumpkin, Serious Brother, can actually write songs on a tablet?”

“Didn’t you watch the previous programme? He used to write on paper, then he learnt from Xiao Mao’s sister to use a tablet, and after giving birth, he temporarily went to buy a tablet.”

“Still Zhao Liya looks professional with a computer.”

“Zhao Liya drink more hot water.”

“Piano Princess is from a musical family, can’t compare ……”

“Yes, Yi Xiaomao is self-taught, and Serious Brother is still a wild one! These two, pure eating talent!”

“Mao Sister actually taught Serene Brother to write songs! Mao Sister Sai Gao!”

“Sai Gao!!!”

“I can’t help it if I don’t teach, what if Serious Brother and Postpartum Brother tie up Mao Mei? It’s a dark and windy night to keep your mouth shut ……”

“Don’t tell me, I already have a few G’s of footage!”

“When the time comes, Postpartum Brother will touch it again to make sure it’s a male! Pillar, let’s start.”

“Starting …… Are you serious?”

“I’ll put up five hundred, line up the third line can’t I? The hairy girl is super patient!”

“Bah! Shame on you! I’ll be fourth.”

There are no classes on Saturday, 13 August, leaving the contestants to prepare for the evening’s competition, with prepared highlights airing at 6.30pm to warm up for the show.

At noon, Yi Xiaomao stretched and put down his tablet, hesitant.

He played and sang the newly written “Country of Water” to himself again in the lounge, and couldn’t help but smile, Chinese style I’m also a thief when it comes to writing. Then he blushed, slightly shy, can not be proud ah!


You have to keep a low profile, the last time Zhao Liya wrote “Qingyu Case – Yuanxi” was very good, I wonder how she did this time?

There’s also the nerve knife Li Tiezhu, I heard two lines of his Three Kingdoms in Infinite Challenge and was simply amazed, so I’m sure he’ll write well this time too, right?

But, I, Yi Xiaomao, am not false to anyone!

I’m also a genius.

Just then, an erhu melody came from the next lounge.


Yi Xiaomao froze and listened, what tune? It’s so good, why haven’t I heard it before? This is the backing track for …… Li Tiezhu’s new song? He is matching the accompaniment himself! This damn godlike melody ……

Blitz X100!

It’s not, is it?

Yi Xiaomao, who was just full of confidence, instantly knelt down, can a national style song still be written like this?

That’s right, this is indeed a national style no problem!

No, no, I have to change the song. My writing style is too old-fashioned, and Zhao Liya is the same as pure imitation of antiquity, too earthy, too earthy!

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