The Rockstar Chapter 83

At 7.30pm, the countdown to the first round of the finals of East Coast TV’s Super Voice.

10, 9, 8 ……3, 2, 1-

“Welcome to the first round of The Super Voice Season 6 Finals, this programme is created by East Ocean TV and Penguin Video and broadcast live at the same time! Aired under the title of …… ……”

On the gorgeous stage, the host, Shao Hua, spoke extremely fast as he made the opening and briefly introduced the contestants of the six regions and the rules of the finals.

“As in previous years, this year’s grand final starts every Saturday night at 7:30pm, with a total of five rounds, six if you count the resurrection rounds, and lasts for a month and a half.”

“For the first round, it’s still the classic ‘mentor blind audition’, as the viewers can already see, the four grand final mentors are already in place, do you know who they are respectively?”

“Ha! I don’t know either! Director Hong refused to reveal anything, only saying that each of them is the pinnacle of the Chinese music scene. So, we can only wait for the competition to start before we can get a glimpse of the real thing.”

This was already considered an old trick of The Voice, where every season’s finale brought in superstars as mentors, but never revealing any hints beforehand.

The seats of the mentors are surrounded at first, so even the audience can’t see what the mentors look like.

They can only be seen when they turn around for the contestants.

The four mentors, each with six choices, would not usually use all of them in the first round. After listening to the thirty contestants, they would choose one or two to fill up the quota from the pending contestants.

First round, thirty into twenty-four.

The contestants are eliminated at the beginning.

So getting a mentor to turn around is not an easy task.

There have been many times on this show where the division winners have been eliminated in the first round. It can be said that after entering the finals, the thirty contestants are in equal positions and are all …… newcomers.

“Here comes the …… Big Spin!”

Shao Hua summoned the classic props of The Voice Grand Final mentors’ blind auditions, a computer-controlled grand carousel with the avatars of the thirty contestants on it, and Shao Hua called out to stop.

The results of their choices were also visible only to Shao Hua, with the audience seeing a question mark.

The carousel began to spin and drew the southern region contender Li Ming, a contestant who was clearly a bit flustered and went on stage to sing a song called “Flying Rainbow”, and none of the four mentors turned around and exited the stage in dismay.

The second, third ……

After the first five contestants sang, there were already three selected and two mentors turned around.

The two mentors are music industry titans, one of the earliest song queen of Chinese pop music, Yehenara, and half of Chinese rock music, Wang Feng Wang Leather Pants, is considered to be a regular mix of variety show music big brother.

Wang chose Lin Xiao, who also has a smoky voice, and Xu Nuo, a rocker from the northern region.

Yehnela chose Zhang Yeochen, a great singer from the overseas region, who debuted in the Peninsula Idol group and came off the group to participate in The Voice today. With her beautiful voice and solid singing skills, she turned around the two mentors, and in the end, she chose Yehnela, who was more suitable for her.

Viewers couldn’t help but wonder who the remaining two mentors were, and the pop-ups were heated.

“Summon Jay Stick tutor!”

“Zhou Dong is leading the team to play Heroic Glory, there’s no slot.”

“Walking CD – Lin Jiangnan?”

“Mike Jackson?”

“Upstairs is overdoing it, the dead are great.”

“Zhang Youxue!”

“How about looking for Liu Ward?”

“Wah took Dad to the Where’s Dad.”

The big wheel stops and the sixth person comes out:

Yi Xiaomao.

“This next contestant, known as a rare genius, he proved himself with his talent, he is shy and introverted, but is the king of the stage ……”

Shao Hua was rendering the atmosphere, drawing the audience’s eager anticipation and speculation.

Backstage, Mao Mei, who received the director’s notice, shivered straight and held her guitar, not so much to say goodbye to Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao as to seek comfort. Li Tiezhu had prepared, handed him a large bottle of Maotai, from the cellar of the Shun, anyway, the programme group spend money.

Yi Xiaomao gulped a large mouthful, his face instantly reddened, handed the bottle to Li Tiezhu, and then continued to shiver, even more nervous.

Drinking such an expensive wine, if you can not sing well it is so embarrassing!


It’s still tonnes of Erguotou for peace of mind.

Li Tiezhu comforted, “What’s there to be nervous about? Just sing normally and be done with it, go back and drink pig’s waist soup after singing, you’re a bit weak these two days.”

Qin Tao: “Blame the dance teacher.”

Yi Xiaomao mouth shivering: “I breathe all all …… are not smooth, how to sing ah?”

Qin Tao attached his ear and whispered, “If you don’t advance and become a big star, you can’t get a date with the dance teacher! In order to develop the dance teacher, unlock a new posture, in-depth ……”

Yi Xiaomao’s eyes lit up, his expression was determined, and like being a daredevil, he rushed onto the stage with a wail holding his guitar.

Li Tiezhu: “What did you say to him? With the same as playing chicken blood.”

Qin Tao: “Hey! I told him to study hard and try to get on …… every day.”

Tian Tian Xiang Shang?

Li Tiezhu solemn, really, for the dream of persistence is able to overcome cowardice. Just, chasing dreams is certainly honourable, but what’s wrong with your crotch?

You should pay attention to the impact of performing on stage!

On the stage, Yi Xiaomao slightly shrunken buttocks, cover up sitting on the bench, wait for the whole audience to quiet down, then began to play and sing his newly created ancient style song to go to the “Country of Water”.

The afterglow sprinkled a wisp of broken wave gurgling

In the evening breeze, the lights and shadows are soft and gentle

The lake’s water is clear and the shadows are turning.

Oil paper umbrellas with white flowers on a green background

Picking a lotus leaf and floating on both sides of the river

The long pavilion and the weeping willow

In the darkness, the mist does not disperse, and I cannot see the distant mountains.

The wind and the water are soft and gentle


A very beautiful and ebullient national style song with a rather original tune.

The audience applauded, then the first tutor, Wang Feng, turned around, and the second tutor who turned around was showing up for the first time, he was the last generation of the God of Songs in Xiangjiang – Chen Yi Sen.

The audience became even more enthusiastic and cheered continuously.

Some of them were cheering for Yi Xiaomao, but more cheers and applause were given to the God of Song in Xiangjiang, Ethan, first.

Yi Xiaomao’s fans were even popping up on the live screen to brush the screen, after all, the ancient style could not be written well, and they had been on tenterhooks for Sister Mao for a long time before.

The two mentors turned around and succeeded.

Yi Xiaomao in order to pursue his “dream”, forced to hold back the excitement to maintain the state, continue to sing.

The third tutor turned, Yehnela.

After the song was finished, he chatted with the tutors for a few minutes and then started to play Yi Xiaomao’s VCR, which is only shown to those who have advanced to the next level.

Through the VCR, the audience and mentors were able to learn about the contestant’s past. It was found out that Yi Xiaomao was called Maomao because of his previous job as a male nurse.

In the end, Yi Xiaomao chose tutor Chen Yisen.

Until now, the fourth mentor had not shown up, which inevitably made people more curious. Viewers are not only curious about who the fourth mentor is, but also curious about who can sing until he turns around.

Wang Feng, who was also a singer-songwriter, couldn’t help but ask Yi Xiaomao, who was about to get off the stage: “This national style song of yours is very different and innovative! A very subversive creative approach ah! I haven’t heard a similar writing style before, how did you come up with it?”

Yi Xiaomao: “Li Tiezhu taught me.”

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