The Rockstar Chapter 84

Ethan: “Li Tiezhu? He taught you to write songs? But I saw on Super Boot Camp that you were the one who taught him, writing songs on a tablet.”

Yehenara laughed, “Yeah, I heard that he doesn’t even know how to write music with five lines. Is that true?”

Yi Xiaomao shook her head seriously, “No! Brother Tie Zhu is old at writing songs, he just doesn’t know how to use a tablet. I didn’t write this song like this before, it’s an imitation ancient style kind of thing, and then, when I heard Li Tiezhu’s accompaniment next door, I was scared …… silly as a whole that a national style song can still be written like this? So, I spent half a day today making drastic revisions, and I didn’t even eat lunch or dinner.”

Wang Feng: “Oh? He wrote this new national style as well? Did he write it well or did you write it well?”

Yi Xiaomao: “Of course he wrote it well, I’m not as good as one tenth of his song.”

Yehenara smiles oddly: “Really?”

Yi Xiaomao nodded: “Really! I learnt his method …… If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have known that national style songs could be written like this, I cracked up. When I drank cashew soup at noon, I asked him if I could learn his kind of style, and he said it was okay and helped me change the song together, although …… he didn’t help much.”

Huh! Too true.

The pop-ups were also clear-cut, Yi Xiaomao’s fans and Li Tiezhu’s fans were supportive, the others’ fans were upset, and when it came to the finals, the fans were extraordinarily divided.

“Go for it Mao Sister! Li Tiezhu is great, you guys learn from each other to improve.”

“I am a serious gang member, I haven’t paid attention to Yi Xiaomao before, but from just by this honesty of Xiaomao, support.”

“After all, it is my decent brother cover!”

“Mao sister fan, thanks to the pig’s foot soup of Zhengjing brother, feed my family Mao sister fat again.”

“It’s fattened up! Next time it won’t be a stick-to-the-ground squirming type street dance, it’ll be a drill ……”

“When I was in the divisional round, I thought Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya were a good match, but I didn’t expect the finals to kill a Mao Sister …… I’m rooting for the Mao Sisters!”

“When will Li Tiezhu appear? Mama Wan Yun is waiting for you!”

“Suddenly I’m looking forward to Tie Zhu’s national style original!”

“That bumpkin Li Tiezhu is uneducated, can he write ancient style?”

“Get to know ‘Rolling Yangtze River Eastward’.”

“Understand ‘Cool’.”

“Good lord, there are actually people who think Li Tiezhu can’t write national style, two songs already!”

“Yi Xiaomao is silly, what the hell is he singing.”

“This song has no melody at all.”

“Sit and wait for Luo Fei Yan to arrive.”

“Justin, Luo Fei Yan, and Cai Xukun are considered stars, what are these two?”

“A civil servant, a male nurse, pfft ……”

“It’s a pity that Xiao Zhen also ran off with Li Tiezhu, originally kinda powdered his face value, turned Kun Kun.”

After briefly exchanging a few words with Yi Xiaomao, Ethan went up to the stage and hugged him.

Yi Xiaomao advanced and prepared to go down.

Wang Feng said, “Thank you, great song! Also looking forward to the new song from the Western Champion Li Tiezhu, I wonder how many times he’s going to come out.”

Chen Yisen picked up, “Shao Hua, you smoke well and let Brother Zheng Zheng come out earlier, otherwise I’m afraid it’ll be hard for the fourth mentor to show up!”

Yehenara said, “Isen, are you saying that the fourth tutor, is here for Li Tiezhu?”

Chen Ethan: “No, I am thinking that Li Tiezhu is the most certain to be able to sing the fourth tutor to the turn. Yes, I’m a fan of Li Tiezhu’s songs, I like the songs he wrote.”

Wang Feng: “That’s an exaggeration, you’re the God of Song.”

Yehnela smiled gently.

On the stage, the reels stopped and Shaohua was slightly staggered, really speak of the devil.

The seventh contender was confirmed: Li Tiezhu.

Of course, the audience on the spot and watching the live stream didn’t know, and the four mentors on the field didn’t know for a while either.

Yi Xiaomao got off the stage and thanked Li Tiezhu, then happily went to the side with Qin Tao to discuss dance knowledge, very professional, studying postures and positions and whatnot.

Receiving a notice from the staff, Li Tiezhu adjusted his breathing and took the erhu provided by the programme team to appear on stage.

The moment he stepped onto the stage, the audience of one thousand people at the scene burst into an uproar.

Huge waves of applause followed.

The applause ……


Not all of them were Li Tiezhu’s fans, most of them were watching the fun.

Li Tiezhu nodded his thanks and slowly sat down in front of the microphone.

The four tutors were stunned, such a big movement? The chairs were shaking, thought it was an earthquake.

They had headphones on for better listening to the contestants singing without being disturbed by the scene, but they were still startled by the cheers and applause that filled the room. The live audience was too exuberant, and the mentors started to talk to each other loudly.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s that Cai Xukun or Xiao Zhen, right? So popular?”

“It could also be Luo Fei Yan.”

“Piano Princess Zhao Liya is also a possibility.”

Ethan secretly rubbed his hands together and laughed strangely, “I guess I probably know who it is! You guys wait and listen. I’m going to be the first to turn around, so don’t try to steal it from me!”

The three tutors who had shown up had long since removed their barriers, and only the fourth tutor’s seat, still covered by the four barriers, was visible to anyone inside.

Li Tiezhu came to the vertical microphone and lowered his head as the accompaniment sounded.

Dingdong dingdong ……


Yehenara skimmed her mouth, what the hell, singing a national style your accompaniment starts with a piano, is this a national style? Points deducted!

Wang Feng frowned: “Piano? What key is this?”

Yehenara shrugged, “It seems to be original, messing around. Say goodbye to the national style.”

Wang Feng: “The soundtrack is not too natural, the piano is the material of the composer APP ……”

Ethan unexpectedly suddenly got high, stood up and shook his head with a face of enjoyment, popping blind karaka.

Use the piano to play the national style?

That’s awesome!

Moreover, this beautiful intro …… is not bad for a nerve knife!

Under the barrier of the fourth tutor, a chubby hand, fingers tapping rhythmically on the arm of the chair.

The state of the audience is also polarised, one part dances with the beautiful rhythm, the prelude to the song of the serious brother is so good! The other part was dumbfounded, whether it sounded good or not was another matter, where was the promised national style?

Serious, you’re getting off the point, aren’t you?

Dingdong Dingdong ……

The piano sounds like a spring gurgling through the forest.


Ethan danced and suddenly pressed the button with both hands and slumped towards his chair.

Turn around!

It took less than ten seconds to turn around before he even heard the opening song, Ethan Chen was the first one in six seasons one.

Wang Feng and Yehenara both turned their heads to look, this guy is crazy, right? If you’re this casual, you’ll be scolded to death by the netizens. It will also affect the professionalism and fairness of the mentor group, didn’t the director give him a clear explanation of the rules?

Turning around in an instant, Ethan jumped up from his chair again, dancing around and spitting out his tongue.

Slightly slightly!

I told you I didn’t guess wrong, right? Hahaha!

Not bad for me ……

When Wang Feng and Yehenara saw Ethan in this state, they frowned even more, who the hell is on stage?

After the two ups and downs of the piano prelude, to the thirteenth second, the piano suddenly weakened, and the pipa sound rose, the big pearl fell to the jade disc, the tone was exquisite, and the song came with it:

“A cup of sadness

Standing alone at the window

I’m behind the door

Pretending you’re still here



Kneel in seconds!

The God of Xiangjiang Song, Ethan, suddenly raised his hands, bent over at ninety degrees, and made three worshiping gestures in a row, followed closely by the entire audience learning to do the worshiping posture together.

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