The Rockstar Chapter 85

Just these four lines, the audience on stage erupted in thunderous applause and cheers. Indeed, the melody was too beautiful and gentle, and with the crisp and delicate pipa soundtrack, it was ancient, elegant and stylishly aesthetically pleasing.

Alternative ancient style, fashionable and trendy national style!

Wang Feng and Yehenara finally knew why Chen Yisen was as excited as Parkinson’s, this was his “idol” ah.

Moreover, although they don’t want to admit it, this original standard is simply the ceiling level of the Chinese music industry.

The singing skill is a little difficult to say it …… but Li Tiezhu’s voice was kissed by God, there is no way, the flaws in the technique, really can not wear out the beauty of the song.

It is impossible to say without turning around.



Wang Feng and Yehenara turned around at the same time.

Li Tiezhu sang with his head down, never noticing if any of his mentors turned around, and turning a deaf ear to the audience’s interruptions, focusing on his singing:

Who’s playing on the lute

A song of East Wind Break

The years are peeling off the walls

I see my childhood

I remember when we were young.

And now the sound of the piano

You haven’t heard my waiting

This …… backstage Zhao Liya listening to this euphonious and smooth singing, suddenly remembered someone, someone who suddenly came to her life, and then shooed away – that black and white “panda” pebble thrown away by her mother The owner of the black and white “panda” pebble that her mother had thrown away.

That was the young us, unable and incapable of guarding our friendship, now grown up, the sound of the piano, my waiting you have not heard.

You said let me practice hard and be a great musician, but you never heard me play the piano ……

The octave box I gave you, does it still make a sound?

Its batteries need to be replaced. I’m afraid you silly column doesn’t know that.

Zhao Liya is gloomy, Li Tiezhu on the stage is relaxed and sings at ease:

“Who’s playing on the lute?

“East Wind Break

The maple leaves colour the story

I can see through the ending

I’ll lead you along the old road outside the fence.

Years of smoke and grass

Even the breakup was silent

The singing is a pause, and the interlude rises.

Li Tiezhu’s hand shook, the strings were pulled, and the sound of the erhu rang out, poignant and melodious, beautiful.

Chen Yisen showed his teeth, although he was a star, he was such a sensual person to the extreme, hissing wordlessly towards Wang Feng and Yehnela: wow! This interlude, this erhu interlude, is simply superb!

Piano, pipa, yangqin, erhu ……

Odd pairing!

A perfect match!


The pop-ups have gone crazy:

“It feels like a national song nirvana.”

“Li Tiezhu is bullish!”

“Am I the only one who uniquely loves the erhu interlude played by Li Tiezhu?”

“I love it too, the erhu is simply unbeatable.”

“Li Tiezhu actually knows how to play the erhu, and he also plays it well!”

“What? His old man will also play the suona, funeral suona erhu are standard, Li Tiezhu is a ‘musical family’. Dog head save your life!”

“Musical family +1”

“May I ask how to evaluate this national style song by Li Tiezhu?”

“Soooo it’s done!”

“Wise eyes upstairs!”

“God-like work, I have no words to describe it anymore, I’m guilty of reading little.”

“I graduated with a PhD and I have no words to describe it either.”

“I graduated from primary school and I have no words to describe it.”

Kyoto, Huang Sanshi smiled and came to his daughter’s tablet: “Primary school graduate Huang Shao Shao also has an idol, it’s great, dad supports you, don’t let mum know. Send less pop-ups, your mum’s eyes can be poisonous, in case she recognises you, she’ll make you write another hundred pages of word post ……”

Huang Shao Shao white eyes: “Hush! Then you still put his first signature to Xiaoyueyue to change the key? Variety show winners and losers are that important?”

Huang San Shi said sheepishly, “No, that wasn’t his first signature, I lied to Xiao Yue Yue. His first time was for that deliveryman to sign, remember? He Li Tiezhu is not red, heaven forbid, there will be plenty of opportunities for him to sign for you. Listen to the song listen to the song, less ah, your idol this song is really well written! It’s just not good looking ……”

Huang Shao Shao: “Like you, when you were young and effeminate is called good-looking?”

Huang San Shi: “I ……”


“My goodness! It’s even better than the Song of the Five Rings, no thanks to my idol! Turn around, turn around, four turns! That fat guy you turn around, I can tell you weigh about the same as me just by looking at the height of your chair being pressed!”

Yundeshe Xiao Yueyue hissed at the TV screen, followed by a group of “kidnapped” brothers and sisters, even though there is no need to vote in this round.

Guo Gangde: “Are you dead or not? Xiao Yue Yue you looking for death don’t even involve the gang ah, on that does not turn around fat, can tender death ten you five me!”

Donkey Qian: “ooh ~ not so much, at most four and a half, smoke smoke.”


“Hiss …… I’m sweating my arse off, Lao Zhao, what do you think? Simply divine song ah! Tsk …… national style songs can still be written like this, I, Tie Zhu, am really a genius. What? Ya Ya? It’s better for her to come out later, so as not to lose face. I’ll go to bed when Tie Zhu picks a tutor, I know whichever one he picks anyway. The fourth one? Are you blind? Who else could that body type be?”

Mama Wan Yun’s wooden barrel soaked her feet with an impatient face.

Zhao Muye gave the queen to press her feet in her heart while bellyaching, my little princess’s song is the best, Li Tiezhu’s song is good, but …… dead open!


Backstage, Li Tiezhu’s closest Qin Tao and Yi Xiaomao are busy, no time to listen to him sing, after all, in the training room have heard.

Qin Tao took a pen and drew a matchmaker on the paper, explaining some kind of profound martial arts moves to Yi Xiaomao, the theoretical knowledge is quite solid, and the latter listened with great interest, with a look of clearing the clouds to …… see the sun.

On the contrary, Xiao Zhen this “iron brother”, keep saying to other players:

“Good to listen to, right? Original! Independent arrangement! He’s really written a great national style. Li Tiezhu my buddy, thick know fah! Tsk tsk …… especially the erhu interlude, listen to people’s scalp numb! Tiezhu bull! In the future you come to play billiards for free!”

No one wants to pay attention to Xiao Zhen, their own are not settled, you dejected ah?

Thirty into twenty-four, eliminating at least six.

Xiao Zhen: I’m not afraid, the programme group is impossible, let the billiard room, a direct profit unit closed.


Maple Leaf colours the story

The ending I see through

I’ll lead you along the old road outside the fence.

Years of smoke and grass

Even the breakup was silent

After the song, Li Tiezhu played another erhu piece, poignant and melodious.

Like the sound of the aftermath, it will not stop for three days.

The audience all applauded, this song is too good, refreshing a new understanding of the national style.

Different music, different national style.

Chen Yisen gave a standing ovation, howling with excitement, a real howl, just as exuberant as if he was having a concert. Wang Feng and Yehenara had to clap and shout along.

Just at the moment when the erhu performance ended ……


The fourth tutor, who had never shown up, pressed the button and turned around.

Four turns?

The audience was in an uproar, the fourth tutor …… was actually her?

The pop-ups instantly took off:

The big man descends! She and he finally meet, on the stage of the first round of The Super Voice!

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