The Rockstar Chapter 86

“Four turns! Amazing, isn’t it? I’ve been saying for a long time that Li Tiezhu’s writing of national style is a masterpiece, after all, he was able to write ‘Cool’ in one night.”

In Yuezhou, Leng Ba and Sister Mimi had a rare chance to take a break from their busy schedules and watched the live TV broadcast at the hotel.

Sister Mimi nodded her head, a little helpless, “The song is good, but it’s not so bad that we have to put off our evening entertainment, right? Isn’t it the same to watch the recording tomorrow to see the highlights?”

Leng Ba said, “Which is deliberately in order to watch the live broadcast ah, I’m just too tired these days, lazy, hey ……”

Mimi: “You! It’s also true that you are not a mentor anymore, and this show has nothing to do with you. However, remember to keep in touch with Li Tiezhu and keep the relationship good.”

Leng Ba was so shocked that he hurriedly waved his hand, “I don’t have any friendship with him, just general ……”

I am not a cat!

Mimi: “He doesn’t even pay you to write songs, and you still don’t know enough? How good is good? Keep it up! From now on, cheat more songs from him! Got it?”

Leng Ba: “No problem, he doesn’t dare to take money from me.”

Hey! He pays me every day!


On stage, Li Tiezhu is figuring out who to pick after he sings, and the three mentors turn around… Tangled up! Happy Trouble.

Who knows, a friendly can not be more friendly chubby also turned around.

Now there is no need to be entangled.

Li Tiezhu put away his erhu, stood up, and nodded his head towards the three tutors one by one, Chen Yisen, Yehnala, and Wang Feng: “Thank you!”

The three tutors politely and gently nodded their heads in return.

Then, with his legs together, Li Tiezhu respectfully bowed ninety degrees towards the fourth tutor without getting up. Not saying a word of thanks, firstly it was a crime, and secondly saying it was far from enough ……

Facing Li Tiezhu’s ninety degree bow, the fourth tutor did not have the slightest consternation, and looked kind: “Get up, child, let me take a good look.”


Li Tiezhu straightened up and even turned round.

He was all smiles, it was so nice to see her at this show!

“You’re eating pig feed, aren’t you?”

The mentor laughed before shaking his head in jest.

Li Tiezhu had a silly grin on his face and scratched his head.

Han Hong looked at the other three tutors with a dumbfounded look on their faces and casually explained, ”When I knew him, he was this tall, a little bit taller, you know? Skinny as a monkey, skin and bones. I’m not sure if you’re a good person, but I’m a good person! You are so tiny a little guy, how do you ……”

Said Han Hong reached out and compared the height, felt high, and then down ten centimetres.

Li Tiezhu: “Auntie, ten years.”

“Yes?” Han Hong froze, “06, 16 years, it’s really ten years, ten years and three months. You are seventeen this year? I remember you’ll be eighteen next month, right?”


“How have the years been?”

“Good! I’m fine, my dad’s fine, and the money the family owes is paid off.”

“That’s good, I said I’d come to see you the other day, but I found your ‘misunderstanding’ cleared up and I was busy, so I didn’t come.”

“It’s fine, when you’re free, I’ll treat you to hot pot.”

Li Tiezhu was so excited that his dialect came out.

Han Hong said, “Well, wait until I return to Xichuan.”

Li Tiezhu: “To be had.”

Of the three tutors, only Yehnela found it rather boring, Wang Feng had a puzzled look on his face, while Chen Yisen even looked at Li Tiezhu and then Han Hong with a melon eating expression.

The audience on the scene and watching the live broadcast, except for a small number of those who had eaten melon, most of them were not clear about the reason.

Who doesn’t know Han Hong?

National music team leader, major rank.

However, what relationship does he have with Li Tiezhu, this bumpkin? Listening to them chatting is also very familiar with the appearance, strange.

At this time, the host Shaohua came up and explained, “I believe many viewers must be puzzled as to why Li Tiezhu and Tutor Han Hong are so familiar with each other, right? In fact, they had crossed paths ten years ago, when Li Tie Zhu was seven years old and his mother was seriously ill ……”

In three words, Shaohua made the relationship between Li Tiezhu and Han Hong clear, and handed the scene back to Li Tiezhu: “Do you already have a tutor of your choice?”

Li Tiezhu nodded his head before he could answer.

Han Hong said, “Originally I didn’t want to turn, at the beginning I heard that you wrote the song, really, I have followed your competition. At first I didn’t want to turn because …… it wasn’t appropriate. Then I turned because you really wrote this song so well! It opened up a new realm, what realm? It’s like, it’s ……”

Li Tiezhu: “National style songs are the most beautiful!”

Han Hong: “Yes, the song is beautiful and the words are even more beautiful. As that little white fatty said before, you didn’t just create a song, but a whole new style of song. Technically that song ‘Cool’ was a bit of that, but this one is more pure, a perfect combination of national style and pop. So, I had to spin it! But you can’t pick me, we know each other. If you’re going to win, you have to win in name only!”

Yi Xiaomao: Hm? Who’s Little White Fatty?

Other people saying fat is an insult, but when Teacher Han Hong says fat, that’s simply describing a fact.

“I see! Thank you!”

Li Tiezhu wasn’t smart, and now his 96-point IQ was slightly stretched, comprehending not too much, but he didn’t need to burn his brain either.

Just trust her.

Originally heard Han Hong and Li Tiezhu s touching past, bubble head Chen Yisen has been absent, Li Tiezhu certainly will not choose him, but who knows the sudden peaks and turns?

Ethan’s excitement was overflowing, “Right, you can’t pick teacher Han Hong, or else the programme group is shady.”

Shao Hua said, “Shady isn’t so bad, right? Tutor Ethan, this is too much for you, beware of the programme team deducting your salary. Thank you teacher Han Hong’s review, the next three other tutors ……”

Wang Feng took the brunt: “This kid is very talented and writes good songs. But your singing is the short board, almost pure amateur …… But you have a good voice, come to my group, I can not only guide your singing, but also discuss creative techniques with you, look at the other three here, one can not fight. I’m the only original singer!”

Yehenara instantly disliked back, “Who hasn’t written a song yet? Ethan has written one, Sister Hong, you’ve written one too, right?”

Han Hong nodded, “Writing for fun.”

Wang Feng: “But you guys mainly sing songs written by others, Li Tiezhu and I are self-reliant, originality is what keeps us grounded ……”

Chen Yisen: “You don’t write as well as Tiezhu.”

Wang Feng: “Grounded …… Hey!”

“Besides, you write rock, Tiezhu hasn’t sung rock.”

“You’re enough, I have so many good songs too.”

Chen Yisen: “I know, I mean there’s not a single song written by Li Tiezhu so far that isn’t at the level of a hit song, can you do that?”

Wang Feng laughed in exasperation and stretched out his leg, pretending to kick Ethan, and said to himself, “Mustn’t you put together a sufficient number of songs for an album? Those are ignored.”

Chen Ethan: “Alright, you continue to review.”

Wang Feng: “I, I, where did I just say?”

Chen Isen: “Originality is what you base yourselves on ……”

Wang Feng: “Shut up. Originality is what we are based on …… based on …… tsk! Never mind, good songs, good originality, just come to me.”

Damn, I was disrupted by that bubble head, I was going to play a wave of pussy.