The Rockstar Chapter 87

It was Yehenara’s turn, and her focus was rather strange: “Li Tiezhu, how do you know how to play the erhu?”

Li Tiezhu: “My old man taught me, he also knows how to play suona, masonry, and pig killing ……”

“OK, OK! I mean didn’t you use the demo arrangement made by the Composer App? Why didn’t you use the erhu in there? Is it because the strings in there aren’t natural enough?”

“No, it’s the erhu soundtrack material that’s too expensive, and it just so happens that I can, so wouldn’t I just save it?”

Yehenara frowned: “Er …… you a song earn hundreds of thousands of people, still care about that point? Moreover, you don’t really play well yourself, your erhu is only at an introductory level ……”

Han Hong said, “He is frugal and accustomed to it, and, so far he has donated eight hundred thousand in the Hong Fund.”

The audience collectively offered a round of applause, and the pop-up screen was also full of praise.

Yehenara had to skip this section and said, “Don’t mind if I say this, I’m just pointing out the shortcomings. It’s true that you’re great at writing songs, but you’re pretty average at arranging and scoring music, your vocals are also a shortcoming, and your taste in music lacks some sense of sophistication. Come to my group and my team will help you with all of it. A professional arranger will arrange your music ……”

Li Tiezhu: “I like to arrange my own music.”

Yehnela: “……”

Chen Yisen collapsed in his chair with laughter, what does this auntie think? Doesn’t know how to arrange music, right?

A pure singer!

Li Tiezhu’s arrangement level is quite high, this is just an electronic synthesis arrangement ah, a trip to the studio, absolutely perfect.

Yehenara: “Arranging your own music is a good thing, I support you to arrange your own music. I mean come to my group, you can have a professional teacher teach you to arrange the music, pretty good right?”

Li Tiezhu nodded: “Pretty good, thanks teacher.”

Good is good, but how good can it be as good as the original version in my system? Moreover, it seems like Wang Pi Pants knows more about music than her.

Yehenara didn’t forget to add in the end, “Listen to sister and come to me. Wang Feng he out of the rock circle is average, too limited. Teacher Ethan …… you see his hairstyle you know, go to him easy to learn bad.”

Chen Ethan: “I’m going to shave my flat head next programme!”

Wang Feng: “Brother, so desperate? Where is the dignity of a mentor?”

Chen Isen: “If you don’t wear leather trousers in the future, Li Tiezhu will choose you, will you do it?”

Wang Feng: “Wear a skirt if you want.”

Yehenara: “……”

Shaohua smiled, “Okay, Tutor Wang Feng please behave yourself and don’t bring strange personal preferences to the show. Li Tiezhu, do you know who is the first tutor to turn around?”

Li Tiezhu: “I don’t know.”

Chen Yisen, who had an exuberant face as he prepared to speak, his face fell.

Shaohua said, “Next, please invite the first tutor who turned to speak, he turned at the tenth second when the music started, Li Tiezhu had not started singing at that time.”

Ethan stood up from his seat, smiled and pointed at Li Tiezhu with both hands, then, once again, he made a gesture of raising his hands in worship, and then, his right index and middle fingers were bent against the tabletop, making a kneeling gesture.

Finally, Ethan sat down.

The audience laughed.

Shaohua smiled along with them, “Very good review, thank you Tutor Ethan. So, does Tutor Ethan have anything to say in the grabbing session?”

Li Tiezhu was dumbfounded, how is one sentence without saying anything wonderful?

Ethan smiled, and with a turn of the eyes, he jumped from the tutor s seat, and then, all the way to run …… wildly into the backstage of the studio.

Shao Hua froze: “What is the situation? Letting you grab someone is not flashing them!”

Is the programme still recorded or not?

The audience was even more noisy, what is Chen Yi Sen going to do again? Huh? Why did I say again?

Get used to it, Ethan Chen has always been neurotic.


“What’s going on? Watching a show where the tutor runs away?”

“Did Ethan get diarrhoea?”

“Remember to bring paper!”

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

Wang Feng relieved himself, “He’s abstaining from the robbing session, just choose directly between the two of us. After picking, he’ll be back.”

Shaohua said, “I’m afraid that if I really choose, Ethan will come back and give me the Life Snatching Scissors Kick. Let’s just wait for him!”

Li Tiezhu said, “Should we go into a commercial?”

Shaohua: “What advert? We’re broadcasting the finals live and there are no adverts throughout the middle.”

Li Tiezhu: “Then you will broadcast my VCR, you see you are still a senior host, the programme links are off. Before you put the VCR you started the mentor review.”

Shaohua: “I …… I expected to be disliked by you, so let’s play the VCR.”

The VCR was one minute long and didn’t have much content, it was a simple introduction of the contestants, but Li Tiezhu’s was more special.

His tin house, the garlic seedlings he planted in the empty lot behind his house, those clothes he received at Hong Fund, the sketch of “Cool” he created on his workbook, and, his unbearable final exam report card.

He and his old man teamed up to cook and entertain the crew, and he went back to carrying cement for two hours after recording the VCR, otherwise he didn’t feel fulfilled.

His old man to Li Tiezhu stuffed a sack of bacon sausage, afraid of his son starved to death, but also tried to give the programme team “bribe”.

The audience watched the laughter, very wonderful.

However, there is a bug here!

The pop-up screen once again swiped the screen with soul-crushing questions from the viewers:

“Li Tiezhu, where did your cat go?”

It’s a good thing that Shaohua couldn’t see the subtitles and didn’t pursue Li Tiezhu, but instead began to ask Li Tiezhu about his life at the construction site, chatting idly as he waited for Ethan.

At this point, the programme team realised that the answer was in the background, so Hong Bo signalled for the camera to cut over.

Zhao Liya and Zhou Yiran were sitting together, holding the tablet and watching the live broadcast.

Zhou Yiran was also curious, “Right! How come we don’t see Li Tiezhu’s cat?”

“Pfft ……”

Zhao Liya laughed so hard that her whole body trembled.

“What’s wrong?”

“Haha …… cough! It’s normal to not see his cat, it’s weird to see it.”

Zhou Yiran was puzzled, “What do you mean? Liya you’ve seen his cat.”

Zhao Liya: “His cat ah, wild! It wanders around all day, usually not at home, and will only come back to rub against Li Tiezhu if it wants to. The cat often comes back wet in the middle of the night when it rains to drill Li Tiezhu’s nest. Li Tiezhu cat is different from ordinary people, he does not even need to feed, the cat can feed itself.”

Zhou Yiran suddenly realised: “Oh! That’s right, Li Tiezhu raising cats is a rural raising method, Persian cats can be raised so good hunting skills?”

Zhao Liya: “More than that, it also bites people!”


In a hotel in Yuezhou, Leng Ba, who was eating grapes, was furious. Rabbit smash, you don’t talk about martial virtues! The cat has admitted defeat, and you’re still whipping the corpse?

Also, who drilled into Li Tiezhu’s quilt in the middle of the night? We never sleep separately.

You’re making up rumours!

You’re legally liable, I’m telling you.

Then, Leng Ba asked Sister Mimi, who was reading the script of the new drama, “Sister, do you know where there are cats for sale in Donghai? Not the particularly expensive kind, just the ordinary ones.”


The crew cut the live camera back to the stage as Mr Ethan returned.

It’s Ethan-sensei, isn’t it?


Chen Ethan, wearing a round inch head that looked just like Li Tiezhu’s, jogged all the way back to the studio.

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