The Rockstar Chapter 88

The audience gasped in amazement, celebrity talker Shaohua was too shocked to gram speak, and the three mentors were confused.

Li Tiezhu’s face blindness attacked: who is this person?

The pop-up screen knows the insiders:

“I give 100 points for this operation.”

“Ethan’s brain circuits are no one’s fault, running to shave his head halfway through the recording.”

“This determination is big.”

“Li Tiezhu is afraid that he wouldn’t dare not to pick him.”

“Who has my serious brother been afraid of?”

“Li Tiezhu, let’s not talk about you shaving your head, he won’t even blink if you chop off your head.”

Wang Feng’s leather trousers are almost cracked: “Play so big?”

Han Hong: “This robbing manoeuvre is worth a thousand words. High!”

Yehenara: “Ethan is going out on a limb here! You’re fighting so hard, what if he doesn’t choose you in the end?”

Sitting in the tutor’s seat, Chen Yi Sen smiled with a folded face, “This is my robbing speech! Tutor Wang Feng, do you want to go backstage to change your skirt? Tutor Yehnela, don’t put pressure on Li Tiezhu, who he chooses is his freedom. I, am merely showing my sincerity, that’s all.”

Shaohua was finally able to push the programme segment down, saying, “Teacher Ethan’s sincerity is evident to all of us. Next, Li Tiezhu, please say your choice out loud.”

Wang Feng leaned forward, his face full of tension.

Yehnela frowned slightly and clasped her hands in front of her chest, her fingers quietly pointing at herself.

Ethan smiled slightly.

Li Tiezhu said, “This kind of link really doesn’t go into adverts?”

The originally nervous audience burst into laughter. It’s okay, it’s very proper brother.

The mentors also laughed bitterly, spoiling the atmosphere!

Shaohua: “Hey! There’s no adverts, thirty contestants blind auditioning, how can you have time to put adverts on? And the director said you’ve seriously overstayed your time ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Tutor Ethan.”

Shaohua: “Congratulations Tutor Ethan!”

Chen Ethan instantly bounced up from the tutor’s seat, and then began to twist his waist and swing his hips in a hot dance.

Wang Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Yehenara: “On what grounds? What makes him better than me? Just because he shaved his head?”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s not the shaved head. It’s about eye contact! I thought his bubblegum hairstyle was quite gracious and good looking at first.”

Chen Yisen’s dance instantly froze.

The other three tutors laughed their heads off, this reason was acceptable, absolutely acceptable.

Chen Isen: “Then why didn’t you stop me when I shaved my flat head?”

Li Tiezhu spread his hands, “I don’t know either. Besides, your hairline is so high, shaving your flat head doesn’t look good.”

Chen Isen: “……”

Then, under Shaohua’s guidance, Li Tiezhu hugged tutor Chen Isen, and briefly exchanged words with the other three tutors, preparing to exit the stage.

Chen Isen said, “Wait! What was the name of that song just now?”

The crowd then reacted to the fact that after chatting for so long, they still didn’t know the name of that subversive national style song.

“East Wind Break.”

Li Tiezhu hugged his erhu and retreated in the audience’s warm applause, and came backstage to be even more vigorously bragged about by a few well-connected contestants.

The competition continued.

Xiao Zhen, Luo Fei Yan, Justin, Cai Xukun and other well-known players were each selected.

Zhao Liya’s song “Like a Dream Order” was also ebullient, and she was successfully selected for Teacher Han Hong’s team. Only, because of Li Tiezhu’s “Breaking the East Wind” jewel in the crown, the song wasn’t too stunning.

By the time the programme came to an end, each mentor had chosen five people, each leaving one spot open.

Then, Mr Hong Bo reappeared in the jungle.

In the face of ten pending contestants, Hong Bo used his unique “want to speak but stop method” to hold out for twenty minutes before announcing the last four spots.

Han Hong: Zhou Shallow, Zhao Liya, Yun Yang, Liu Xiao Xiao, Zheng Yilong, coco

Wang Feng: Luo Fei Yan, Xiao Zhen, Lin Xiao, Xu Nuo, Chen Zi Lan, Watanabe Xizi

Yehnala: Cai Xukun, Zhang Fuchen, Zhou Yiran, Li Kaoru, Zhuang Qi, Xiao Yu

Chen Yisen: Justin, Li Tiezhu, Yi Xiaomao, Xi Menghan, Wang Chu, Lin Kai

The match was officially declared over.

At eleven o’clock, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao returned to the flat and were surprised to find:

There was an extra cat in the house.

Pure white kitten, six or seven months old, a not too pure Persian cat. It also comes with an exquisite cat basin, crystal cat litter, a black cat collar presented by Zhao Liya, and – a two-story cat nest.

The little Persian cat exploded throughout, baring its teeth at anyone who approached it, milky and ferocious.

The cat said in WeChat that she had her assistant purchase and deliver it.

Li Tiezhu then knew that when the game played VCR, countless viewers were asking Li Tiezhu where the cat was. Still the cat is thoughtful ah, this thing can not wear help, keep it.

On the contrary, when Qin Tao saw the cat, the whole person is not good, you master and slave duo are so rigorous ah, this counter reconnaissance details to do, really enough ……

Cat breeder: “Cat, give the cat a name.”

Captive cat: “Called Xiaojiu, the role I played inside the three lives.”

Cat Breeder: “As long as the cat is happy.”

“Today this song ‘East Wind Break’ is simply amazing, Mimi and I are stunned. My house master Sai Gao! I want to go to the scene to see you compete, but unfortunately the roadshow is busy, and tomorrow I have to go to Hengdian, I’m exhausted ……”

“Drink more hot water.”

“You give the rabbit smash stewed motherwort pig’s foot soup, but you tell me to drink more hot water? In the end who is your pro-raising ah?”

“How do you know? The programme team cut it out ah.”

“If you don’t want people to know unless you do! The cat is really angry.”

“You came to that one too? How long has it been?”

“Last night.”

“You’re going to the Heng shop tomorrow, aren’t you? I’ll bring you soup.”

“Really? What are you doing here?”


“Uh-huh, the cat waits for you.”

“Transfer $0.50, memo: money for cat, cat rest well.”



In the evening, taking advantage of the effort of simmering soup, Li Tiezhu used a ham sausage to domesticate the little Persian cat, but as soon as Li Tiezhu left it, it screamed and was scared in the unfamiliar environment. There was no way out, in the end, Li Tiezhu had to put the frightened kitten on his bed to sleep.

This night, the live version of “East Wind Break” swept through all major music platforms.

Penguin Music New Songs Chart #1, almost instantly topped the charts.

Number two on the Jitterbug Hot Songs chart.

Third on Net Depression Cloud.

Kudos fifth.

And thousand degrees, penguin, scarf hot search, “east wind break” are ranked in the top five, a time of the wind without two.

Famous music critics have praised it, and some wrote music reviews overnight, almost all of them praising it.

The song “East Wind Break” shook the music world!

The most exaggerated is to play the game after hearing the song Zhou Dong, overnight sent a scarf praise:

“Ouch, not bad oh! This is the direction I have studied for a long time, I want to write a song like ‘East Wind Break’, but I was delayed by the game! Li Tiezhu is good! Chinese songs are the dopest! If Li Tiezhu maintains this level of creativity, his achievements will definitely be no less than Lin Jiangnan and me! We are witnessing the rise of a superstar! @Lin Jiangnan”

Lin Jiangnan bib:

“@me in the middle of the night, thought you were going to return my sunglasses. However, this song is really awesome, listening to Li Tiezhu’s ‘East Wind Break’ I suddenly got inspired and am writing a song, tentatively titled ‘Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle’.”

Jay Stick replied, “Stealing my new car, you still have the nerve to ask me to return your sunglasses? I also stay up all night to write a song, the new national style, the name I have thought of a good ‘chrysanthemum residue’.”

A bunch of replies below @ZhouJieStick:

“I doubt you’re driving!”

“Driving a new car?”

“So Lin Jiangnan drove Zhou Dong’s new car? Wow, indescribable ……”

“Your circle is so messy!”

“This really is the car that goes to the child-inducing garden.”