The Rockstar Chapter 89

The next morning, Li Tiezhu was licked awake by Xiaojiu, and after feeding the cat, he instructed Qin Tao to take care of Xiaojiu, and then set off to Hengdian.

Xiao Jiu screamed heartbreakingly miserable, more annoying than that one.

Today is the day to make an appointment with the Three Kingdoms crew to go filming, Li Tiezhu is inexplicably a little apprehensive, thinking about it is exciting. I don’t know what role the director arranged, general? Minister? A famous scholar?

Li Tiezhu most want to play or Shijiazhuang Zhao Zilong.

Of course, that’s impossible.

He had less than three days and was destined to only make a cameo appearance, and on Wednesday, he had to go to the training base for another lesson.

The liquid is not allowed to get on the plane, so Li Tiezhu had to take the train. Li Tiezhu used a flat plate on the train to make an arrangement for Rolling Yangtze River, and after the song was sold to the Three Kingdoms crew, Li Tiezhu left it alone.

Originally, the theatre group themselves went to find someone to arrange the song, and then found Li Tiezhu to record the song after it was arranged.

But after Li Tiezhu got the ability to arrange the song, he couldn’t bear to see this masterpiece being “spoilt”, and planned to copy the divine arrangement in his mind.

When he came to Hengdian, it was already 1:30 in the afternoon.

Li Tiezhu, carrying a canvas bag and an insulated food box, came to the set of “Pretty Hyejin” and was stopped. So, he had to squat outside the door and wait for the cat to pick him up.

Then, ten or so group actors also squatted over.

“Bro, this theatre group is looking for group actors? Where did you get the news?”

“Ah? I’m waiting for someone here.”

“Liar! Must be waiting for an actor to be recruited, or maybe there’s a line.”

“Trying to eat alone?”

“Young man is not decent, we are all Hengdiao, we have to help each other.”

“I really don’t have much news, I’ll wait for my cat …… my friend, she is the star of this drama.”

“The main star? You still know big stars like you?”

“What’s wrong with me me?”

“You came to run the show and brought your own food? The crew has boxed lunches.”

“I guess I wanted to pack and beat it back for the night.”

“Brothers wonderful ah, why did I not think of it.”

Li Tiezhu wondered, how come there are more than twenty people around?

Do I look like a group actor?


Li Tiezhu is not considered handsome, more durable, but less easy to remember the characteristics, coupled with this group of group actors basically do not watch the programme, he was not recognised is normal.

Not long after, the cat wearing a mask a trot out, looking around how can not find Li Tiezhu, but was surrounded by a group of group performers some embarrassment.

“It’s a star, right?”

“Leng Ba! Leng Ba teacher ah.”

“So pretty!”

“Can I have your autograph?”

“Me too.”

Li Tiezhu pushed aside the crowd and walked in, “What autograph? People work so hard in theatre all day long, how can they have time to give you autographs? Do you want me to sign for you?”

Also, my cat is injured and bleeding.

The group actors were upset and clamoured:

“What’s it to you? The other teacher, Leng Ba, didn’t even say anything.”

“That’s right, who do you think you are, you sign.”

“You’re a bad chap.”

Leng Ba’s eyes lit up, pulling Li Tiezhu and running away, saying to the group of actors, “Sorry ah! I’m really quite busy today, next time. Sorry!”


The group actors were collectively confused, so that guy is really a friend of the big star? It made us wait here for half a day, we thought we were recruiting group actors!

Why didn’t you say so earlier? This chap is a real dog!


“What took you so long?”

“Came by train, changed trains twice.”

“How much faster it is to fly, and you’re saving money blindly, what’s the point? It’s so rustic.”

“No, I’m carrying soup, I can’t get on the plane.”

“You ……”

Leng Ba suddenly stuttered, looked at Li Tiezhu, the corner of his mouth imperceptibly hooked up a smile.

Li Tiezhu raised the food box in his hand, “Red dates, peanuts, beef bone soup, added motherwort, beneficial to qi and blood.”

Leng Ba carried her hands behind her back, slightly arrogant: “Hmph, then I’ll reward you with a drink.”

The two of them came to a modest room one after the other, this is the lounge, Leng Ba had eaten her meal and was working on her lines with the male lead, the afternoon was one of their rival scenes.

The male lead was still confused, sitting frozen on the sofa reading the script, what was going on? A few minutes ago, Leng Ba glanced at her mobile phone, dropped the script and ran off in a panic, without even saying hello, leaving him alone here.

Seeing Leng Ba carrying a boy dressed in old-fashioned came in, the male lead is again a stunned, but the director has let go of the word not to bring outsiders into the theatre group.

Leng Ba let Li Tiezhu sit on his own sofa, and then moved himself to a folding stool, before remembering that there are other people in the house, embarrassed smile, said:

“Sorry! Introducing, this is the male number one of this drama, Sheng Lun. This is my friend Li Tiezhu.”


Li Tiezhu greeted respectfully.


The male lead frowned slightly, introducing me first? It seems that in this actress’s heart, the difference in status between the two of us is obvious!

Who is this guy?

Li Tiezhu opened the food box, gave a bowl of soup that was still warm, and put it in front of himself. Then got up, dragged up Lengba to sit on the sofa, Li Tiezhu himself sat on a small folding stool:

“Try, see if it’s cold, if it’s cold, find a way to heat it up.”

Lengba hmmm, ruffled the hair around her ears, and began to drink the soup, “It’s good, it’s warm.”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s good. Later I’m going to the Three Kingdoms film set, it’s a bit far from here, so heat it up for yourself at night, it should be enough for two meals.”

Leng Ba: “Well, well, good luck! Act well!”

Sheng Lun was left out to dry and couldn’t help but mutter, this guy is also an actor? I’ve never seen him before, he shouldn’t be famous. He is quite close to Leng Ba, this woman is not easy to deal with, she is cold outside the theatre.

Okay, just don’t delay the script, her soup is almost finished.

After finishing a small bowl of soup, Leng Ba suddenly said, “Did you eat on the train?”

Li Tiezhu: “No, the train meal is expensive.”

“So that means you didn’t eat? You let the cat, let me how to say you? I will go to see if there is still a boxed lunch, there should be …… you wait for me here.”

Coldba ran off again, in a flinty pose.

Shenglun: “……”

Relationship is not quite right ah, this woman’s state is too exuberant, walking a jump. Sheng Lun and Wang Shao have a good relationship, he remembers that Wang Shao was wildly chasing Leng Ba ah, no less than being thrown off face, two days ago, he also called to ask Sheng Lun Leng Ba’s situation.

“You are also an actor?”

Sheng Lun asked.

“Huh?” Li Tiezhu froze, “No, I’m not an actor.”

Sheng Lun: “Then how do you say you’re going to act in the Three Kingdoms theatre?”

“Gao Xixi told me to go, run the dragon set. Exactly what to act in, he didn’t tell me on the phone, I didn’t know until I went.”

“You’re familiar with Director Gao?”


“Then you call him.”

“No, he calls me.”


“Someone leaked my mobile number to him and at first I thought it was a scam call.”


Nice guy! I’m straight up good bloke!

O old Versailles!

Sheng Lun was topped almost myocardial infarction, Leng Ba personally go to get you rice is not enough for you to stink, but also Gao Xi Xi to phone to take the initiative to invite you to make a cameo?

At this time, Leng Ba came back, opened the box of rice to open the chopsticks, squatting to pick out the coriander in the beef rice one by one, before handing it to Li Tiezhu, his face is full of apologies:

“Sorry ah, only beef rice left.”

Li Tiezhu wolfed down his food: “Hmm! It’s fine, I just don’t like cilantro, I won’t die if I eat it.”

The corner of Sheng Lun’s eyes twitched, this dog food is poisonous!