The Rockstar Chapter 9

Li Tiezhu along with the other nine handsome men and women on stage, and then logically grabbed all the focus. After all, today’s Li Tiezhu “yellow robe”, want not to attract attention are difficult.

Not to mention, this week, he has always been the biggest hit of the focus, full of topic.

“Contestant Li Tiezhu, last time you were dressed as a civil servant, and today you are dressed in this outfit, may I ask what is the deep meaning?”

The host forced a smile and handed the microphone to Li Tiezhu, who was wearing a kangaroo takeout outfit.

The few contestants next to him had already started snickering.

Li Tiezhu’s gaze was dull, “The deep meaning is that the security guards wouldn’t let me come in for the competition, and it was a pretty young lady who gave me the idea that I pretended to be a takeaway man to blend in. You programme team …… is not professional!”

The backstage makeup removal Zhao Liya’s mouth slightly hooked up, stupid is stupid, the vision is not bad.

The host asked again, “Why did the security guard not let you in?”

Li Tiezhu: “Because there is no my name on the promotion list. Today, my friend spent a thousand dollars to help me rent this suit, and also ordered fifteen dollars of snail powder, snail powder I ate even if, this thousand dollars, the programme group reimbursement?”

“Eh ……”

The host was confused, reimbursement?

Director Wang Zegang blackened his face.


Not to mention the audience at the scene or in front of the screen, the contestants on the stage had already laughed their heads off, this one should go to participate in the Hilarious Comedians.

“Reimbursement! Report!” The host wiped the sweat from his forehead, luckily the director’s cue board on stage instructed him, otherwise he didn’t know how to chat, “Last time you sang ‘Someone Like Me’ and it was a hit, today you’re participating in the main competition, what’s the song you’re singing?”

Li Tiezhu was dumbfounded, “Huh?”

Host: “The track you’re singing today? It’s what song to sing.”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “Ah …… I forgot.”

“The name of the song can be forgotten?”

“No, I forgot to prepare the song, these days the site is a little busy moving bricks, often overtime to come ……”

“Pfft, ahem. You are in the construction site …… not, then what are you going to do? Now pick a familiar song?”

The host was also baffled, really?

Are the programme’s requirements so low now? Can even a bricklayer from a construction site enter the main round? Fake? It must be fake!


Li Tiezhu is really forgetting.

At first, he thought about waiting until the start of the competition to buy the song, so as not to lose his wits early, and then he was distracted by the plagiarism furore, plus the security guards at the door blocked ……

Originally IQ is not enough to use Li Tiezhu, then buy a this one to forget.

On the live screen, the pop-ups flew by in a row:

“Serious brother cowhide!”

“Decent people never prepare.”

“Sing ‘Someone Like Me’ again to guarantee advancement.”

“How dare you sing it when the wine pen has posted the composition script paper on the internet?”

“No matter what, with his alternative dress and plagiarism scandal, Serious Brother has caught fire!”

“Serious Brother slapped them in the face and directly wrote a song live.”

“You think writing a song is like taking a piss? You can operate it with one hand?”

“It’s not safe to drive with one hand!”

“Who covers songs for serious people? It’s all live song writing.”

“Composition grad students call it straight from the inside.”

On the scene, under the gaze of the host and the audience, Li Tiezhu was suddenly a little shy, his cheeks a little red, and he said shamefully, “Let’s not choose, I usually don’t listen to many songs, I don’t know many songs. Why don’t they sing first, and I’ll go write one next to them?”

“What? What? Compose a song on the spot?”

The host is going crazy, which company packaged this earthy style? There’s no such thing as blind Jie Bao blowing! What if he capsizes?

If you dare to blow, we don’t dare to believe you!


“Wow! It’s really a live composition yeah, unbelievable, it’s been six years since The Super Voice, and this is still the first one to compose a song on the spot ……”

“Can you host? Go and interview the others, look at a few contestant aunts next to you, waiting for the flowers. Also, I’m going to work on a new song, watch to disturb me.”

Li Tiezhu said in a serious manner.

Host: “……”


“Auntie contestant?”

“Serious brother is mighty, I’ll come to burn paper for you next year at Qingming!”

“It’s really a live composition, the sculpture is explosive!”

“Crap! The prophet in front of me, I’m going to kill you! It’s really written live!”

Although the contestants were also eager to be interviewed, except for Serious Brother Li Tiezhu, the other nine contestants were all too serious, with no slots, and the interviews tasted like wax.

Soon, the order of competition was determined and the contestants went to the waiting area to take their seats.

Halfway through removing her make-up, Zhao Liya’s palms became slightly sweaty. It’s not true, is it? Writing a song live? Is Serious Brother so fierce? Obviously looks silly ……

The last group is starting.

Because of the number of people, this round of contestants sing only half of the song, and with the judges’ comments, each contestant almost two minutes just.

Li Tiezhu came out in the seventh place, that is to say, he only has twelve minutes to “write a song” time.

The contestants one by one on stage to sing, but the camera often falls to the corner of the Li Tiezhu face, who let him pretend to be a big pussy it.

In front of the camera, Li Tiezhu’s gaze is stagnant and motionless.


“First time I’ve seen a song written like this, crying with laughter o(╥﹏╥)o”

“Can’t you act like it?”

“Wouldn’t be giving up, right?”

“You guys really believe that, don’t you? It says it’s a live song writing, but it’s actually prepared in advance.”

“It’s just a set up by the programme team, if you’re serious you’ll lose!”

“Hey no, you don’t really think that minstrels can write songs too, do you?”

“Even though Brother Serious looks like he’s dazed, I’m sure he’s fully concentrating on writing a song (dog’s head to save his life).”

“Yeah, he’s never as simple as being dazed!”

“Hearing you say that, I’ve also noticed that Serene Brother’s eyes are starting to sharpen.”

Sharp my arse.

Li Tiezhu was simply gawking.

After all, he simply wouldn’t and didn’t need to write songs, directly spending IQ points to buy them at the mall was it. Only, these songs are too expensive, a song from five IQ points.

Moreover, he would need at least one more song to kill the top ten next time.


Li Tiezhu is very hesitant, it is said that the average IQ of chimpanzees is 70.If you mess up like this, the nature of the species has changed ah!


The host’s “line” has triggered a special offer, do you want to see it?


Li Tiezhu was bewildered, is there such a function?


[Due to the host triggering the special offer mechanism, purchasing the lyrics of the associated track only requires 1 point of intelligence. May I ask whether to purchase it?]

Special offer? What the hell ……


Li Tiezhu made an instant decision.

IQ is not enough, do not waste time thinking, after all, after thinking, most of the answers are also wrong.

Cheap is fine.

[Ding! Purchase successful!

In Li Tiezhu’s empty little brain, the melody and lyrics of the song instantly surged out, deeply rooted in his memory.

“It’s pretty good, like a children’s song.”

Li Tiezhu muttered to himself, that’s it, the song he spent 5 points of intelligence to buy might not sound better anyway.

After the previous six contestants finished singing, it was finally Li Tiezhu’s turn.

The host said, “Thank you to the judges for their wonderful comments, as well as the contestants’ wonderful singing, below, please welcome the seventh contestant, contestant Li Tiezhu, to the stage.”