The Rockstar Chapter 90

While Li Tiezhu was eating, Sheng Lun searched with his mobile phone and finally knew who Li Tiezhu was, he didn’t watch Super Voice, he heard that he is now very hot, and made it to the finals.

No wonder, being so close to Leng Ba who had been a mentor, it would be strange if he didn’t make it to the finals.

As soon as Li Tiezhu finished eating and wiped his mouth, Leng Ba handed over half a bottle of mineral water.

Sheng Lun didn’t dare to look directly at it and looked down pretending to read the script.

“Let’s go, you drink more soup.”

“Good. Remember to buy cat food, I mean …… real cat food for Xiao Jiu.”

“Got it.”

Li Tiezhu left without looking back, the Three Kingdoms crew is quite anxious, not because but the runners, is the lack of title song.

Shenglun: “Lengba, it’s not early, let’s pair the play again ……”

My goodness!

Leng Ba holding her mobile phone is sending voice: “I just forgot to tell you to buy kitten cat food, Xiao Jiu is only half a year old, adult cat food can’t be bitten, it’s best to soak milk and feed it.”

Shenglun Buddha, cat food is also fucking toxic!


“Have you ever learnt martial arts?”


“That’s good, how are you doing? I’ll see about getting you a role.”

“Not that I’m not modest, I’m supposed to be the good kind!”

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Li Tiezhu met Gao Xixi, the halibut head recognition was quite high, Li Tiezhu actually recognised him at a glance. Then, Gao Xixi looked at the livestock as if he circled around Li Tiezhu twice, and began to ask enthusiastically.

“Who did you learn from?”

“Brother Long and Brother Jie.”

“The kings of kung fu, Jackie Chan and Jet Li?”


“Where did they …… teach you?”

“TV, I learnt them both from primary school, and later learnt a bit of Wu Jing, not systematic enough. But I’m still very able to fight, our village I fight the most powerful, the site then the competition is relatively large, I can only fight about three ……”

“Er …… Tiezhu, I am talking about performance type martial arts, not fighting. Then it is not learnt?”

“I can backflip.”

“Never mind, then can you ride a horse? This scene is Chang Ban Po, and there’s more horse theatre.”

“I’ve ridden oxen and mules and pigs. But I can nail a horse’s paw, and my second great-grandfather’s family raises horses and mules.”

What a composite talent!

Gao Xixi stroked his halcyon head with emotion, “If I make a comedy in my next play, I’ll definitely get you to play an important role.”

Li Tiezhu was stunned, “Director, am I that good?”

Gao Xixi: “……”

Soon Li Tiezhu’s role was confirmed, a gun soldier, not a lot of drama, mainly with his companions to poke Zhao Yun with his gun, and then be stabbed to death by Zhao Yun with a sword, and then kicked away.

Even, there is a line, “Uhhh!”

On the battlefield, Li Tiezhu, together with a group of gun soldiers, changed into costumes with a rancid smell and received a more exquisitely made lance, Li Tiezhu curiously broke the head of the lance.



It’s made of plastic. It’s not strong.

Li Tiezhu raised his hand towards the man who issued the prop and called out, “Leader, your gun broke.”

Props teacher was about to go ballistic, a look at the high director personally inserted to “experience life” star, had to force to hold back, after all, is to write the theme song for the play of the big brother, can not afford to mess with.

The props teacher handed him another handful: “This time do not break ah! It’s more than eighty dollars a piece.”

Li Tiezhu nodded: “Oh, so expensive? The quality is still so poor.”

Props teacher: “……”

Then, the ten or so gunmen, along with Zhao Yun’s character Nie Yao, came to the shooting location to listen to the action director, Teacher Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s fight scene was quite beautifully designed and harder to execute, and he was very attentive:

“Later on, your movements should be neat ……”

Li Tiezhu looked at the white-robed and silver-armoured Nie Yao and couldn’t help but squeeze over to express his envy: “Wow! You’re so handsome, just like the Zhao Yun I imagined. But the white horse you’re riding isn’t white enough, I think Zhao Yun should ride a white horse, like the Tang Monk kind.”

Nie Yao forced himself to hold back his laughter, you dare to make small talk even when Big Brother Lin Feng is talking about theatre? Haven’t received a severe beating from Elder Lin, have you?

Lin Feng was really angry, “Li Tiezhu, listen to my play well.”


Li Tiezhu had a sincere attitude in the middle term, then quietly said to Nie Yao, “Why don’t you take a picture with me after the play later?”

Nie Yao: “Pfft ……”

Lin Feng: “……”

After a long time, Lin Feng finished talking about the scene that only lasted ten seconds or so, personally demonstrated a few key moves, and rehearsed the alignment and movements a few more times before informing the director that he could start shooting.

The first scene started.

Only three seconds.


Gosseyn scratched her head, crying and laughing.

Over there, Nie Yao was already squatting on the ground with laughter, bouncing from one to the other, tears coming out of his eyes.

Lin Feng had a dark face with a fierce look on his face.

Li Tiezhu picked the prop baby’s brain with the end of his gun and said to the director, “The quality of this Ah Dou isn’t good either!”

That’s right, Li Tiezhu’s first move with this gun soldier exploded Liu Zen’s head.

Settle the head and continue to act the second scene.

This time, Nie Yao smoothly swung the lances of the gun soldiers and killed three of them with a single sword, his movements dashing and handsome and heroic.

Li Tiezhu, who was at Zhao Yun’s back, spied the opportunity and stabbed out his spear, heading straight for Zhao Zilong’s buttocks.

“Ouch ooh~”

Nie Yao’s entire body bounced up, and his body even trembled three times when he was in mid-air, the blow wasn’t heavy, but it was sensitive. The killing power was not great, but the insult was extremely strong! Nie Yao subconsciously jumped up, staggering a bit after landing and turning back in horror.

Four eyes met.

Confirmed eyes, the one who stabbed and got stabbed.

Only to see Li Tiezhu still maintaining the movement of the gun out, a face of innocence: “You are too broken, I can not help but ……”

Nie Yao, who was originally a bit angry, froze for a second, and with a giggle, he laughed so hard that his saliva sprayed out, “Box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box… …your great master ……”

After a long time, Nie Yao stopped laughing.

Li Tiezhu was full of apologies, “Does it hurt?”


You’re asking the wrong question.

Gao Xixi laughed in the chair with a halogen egg head reflecting, unscrewing the mineral water and screwing it on again for fear of being choked to death.

Action director Lin Feng wanted to die, if this is the former Xiangjiang film industry, he swore to kill Li Tiezhu on the spot.

The third time, the fourth time …… the nineteenth time.


Gao Xixi wiped the sweat from his forehead, this scene finally passed, it wasn’t easy.

What have I been through?

Li Tiezhu poked off Zhao Yun s helmet, Li Tiezhu gun to take the opposite, Li Tiezhu action half a beat slower others out of the gun before he ha a bang to keep up, Li Tiezhu feet slipped fall fall and smashed down another gun soldier, and then only to see him a carp to stand up ……

Look at Lin Feng are about to go to the knife.

On the other hand, Li Tiezhu pulled Nie Yao to take a photo, posing for various fighting actions for others to shoot them.

Below that, Li Tiezhu had two more shots, one of him being kicked in the middle of a sword, and one of him flying out and knocking down a row of gunmen.

This time Li Tiezhu did not drag his feet, told Nie Yao in advance to kick hard and true, Li Tiezhu did not even act, directly “uh ah” sound flew out. The last shot is even simpler, tied to the pressure and pulled back to fall out, then finished.

Li Tiezhu the first day of the play killed, this one also stopped, because …… it is dark.

Gao Xixi led the team to move to another site to shoot the scene of the night attack on the city, Li Tiezhu and Nie Yao ate a boxed lunch in the roadside baked potatoes, tonight, the actors and crew are living in the field of the temporary boarding house, tomorrow morning to continue to shoot the Changbanpo.

The potatoes were not yet cooked, Nie Yao collapsed with laughter again, “Box box box box …… Li Tiezhu your grandfather, I swiped to myself on Jitterbug ……”