The Rockstar Chapter 91

It turns out that someone has sent the episode of Li Tiezhu’s acting to Shake Tone, and the last part is Nie Yao being attacked by Li Tiezhu’s buttocks, especially asking “does it hurt?”.

Li Tiezhu, this bastard!

The speed of the comment section was quite fast, Nie Yao was angry and laughing, she didn’t know what to say anymore.

“But if Boss Cao had a Li Tiezhu under his command, he wouldn’t have let Sister Yun run away.”

“Li Tiezhu could make Zhao Yun blossom and perish on the spot at Changban Slope.”

“What flower?”

“Nie Yao, does it still hurt?”

“You’re so accurate, Serious Brother. Honestly, have you been practising?”

“Enhanced Millennium Kill!!!”

“Have a say, Nie Yao’s Zhao Yun is really handsome! Support this version of Three Kingdoms.”

“Have a say, Li Tiezhu’s marksmanship is good.”

Even though Nie Yao was a bit upset, there was nothing he could do.

He knew that it was the crew’s connivance that allowed this video to be posted to Shake Shack, and even, it was likely that this video was shot by the staff, and that Gao Xixi purposely put it on Shake Shack to hype up the heat.

Because, Three Kingdoms was going to be aired this weekend.

Domestic dramas have begun to learn towards American dramas in the past two years, filming and broadcasting at the same time.

Three Kingdoms is no different, with two episodes per week, and it will take about ten months to finish. It’s scheduled to air every Saturday night at 10pm, right after The Super Voice.

And, it is aired on five TV stations plus two video apps at the same time.

This is also the reason why Li Tiezhu was dragged to the set by Gao Xisi even though he was still in the critical period of the competition. Gao Xixi couldn’t leave, so he had to call Li Tiezhu to discuss the final arrangement, and then immediately rushed back to Donghai to record the song.

The first ten episodes of Three Kingdoms had already been produced, and the opening credits were also done according to “Rolling Yangtze River East Passes Away”, just waiting for the title song to be finished.

Li Tiezhu opened his mobile phone, and Shake it up blew up, receiving several thousand more @s.

“Brother Yao open a hotspot for me. I’ll go to Jieyin to help you out!”

“Is your mobile phone out of traffic? Here, scan it. Is it connected?”

“It’s connected, I’m saving traffic.”

“You ……”

Li Tiezhu retweeted and replied to that video, “He’s not as good as me in martial arts, and by traditional kung fu point to point he’s already lost. Anyway, first time filming, thanks to Yao’s guidance.”

Who the hell is guiding who?

Nie Yao glared, “Why did you even repost it? Isn’t it helping me?”

Li Tiezhu: “Increase the powder ah, you also forward it, absolutely increase the powder. I have the experience to help you increase your powder.”

Nie Yao: “I don’t fucking need it.”

Although it’s basically impossible to break a hundred million fans or something on Shake Shack ……

But what if it is?

Li Tiezhu continued to brush his mobile phone after posting, and there was traffic anyway.

Nie Yao, who was the victim, of course wouldn’t retweet it and continued to bake potatoes and swipe his phone.

If Gao hadn’t entrusted Li Tiezhu to him, Nie Yao would have gone to play cards with the other main actors, but Li Tiezhu didn’t have enough to eat and insisted on baking potatoes.

Then Li Tiezhu brushed to the cat, recently, as long as he brushes the jittery voice, the first ten must be one of her.

This video is very unfriendly.

At the top, the striking red video title: the popular actress was tragically humiliated by the newcomer.

In the middle is the content of the video: the western competition, Zhao Liya, forcing Lengba to learn cat calls, then putting a cat collar on Lengba, singing about learning cat calls, as well as leaving Lengba, who is wearing a cat collar, alone and embarrassed at the end.

A few rows of subtitles at the bottom: this is beyond the scope of the show’s interaction, Zhao Liya, who regards herself as having a deep background, blatantly humiliated Leng Ba on the show, and the latter, as a mentor, tolerated it for the sake of the show’s overall situation.

At the end of the video, in big red letters, Zhao Liya used “cat” to humiliate Leng Ba, suspected to imply that Leng Ba beX raised.

This X is very essence.

A week after the end of the competition, Zhao Liya and Leng Ba suspected of having a grudge, in the jitterbug is not a new topic, both fans have long been torn.

Originally the wind has gradually calmed down, who had thought that suddenly this video string red, both sides of the fans once again war.

Some people even @ Wang Da Shao underneath, I heard that he is pursuing Leng Ba, could it be that he has already succeeded in his adoption? There are also people dissing Wang Da Shao, except for the high level of casting, the other are all scum.

This video can be fire, is the last sentence of speculation.

Li Tiezhu looked at the video and blushed, these people are idle, rumour mongering is rumour mongering …… actually masked right? Scary!

X-raised? Tamed?

Soon after, Leng Ba, who was getting ready for bed, updated her Shakeology account with a video clarification with the text:

I have known Leah for many years, we have a good relationship and often joke with each other, please do not make malicious speculations and rumours, otherwise, I will use the law to defend my reputation. @hotpot should be eaten standing up

The video features three still-clear old photos of sixteen-year-old Leng Ba and eight-year-old Zhao Liya eating lamb kebabs on the streets of Dihua eight years ago.

Meaning, we two are good sisters for many years, there is no conflict, and there is no such thing as X-raising.

After apprehensively posting the video, Lengba cursed, these guys have nothing to do, don’t mess with the rabbit smash, okay? Fear fear fear. Fortunately, she and the rabbit smash’s fathers and mothers are musicians, and they have met before, and it’s not too bad to say that they are good sisters.

Rabbit Smash, don’t tear down the stage! The cat surrendered!

Coldba shivered.


Who’s your sister with you? Zhao Liya’s side hugged her mobile phone and laughed out loud in triumph for a few moments, the cat smashed the goat and made you bare your teeth at me, then quickly replied.

Hot pot should be eaten standing up: ”Sister Leng Ba still has the photo? Send it to me. Ah! I miss the lamb kebabs in Westland, the one across from your house is especially good.”


Leng Ba read the reply and collapsed on the bed in a deficient manner, Rabbit Smash finally made a comeback.

This was finally a truce.

This storm, finally in the cat and rabbit’s tacit cooperation, was dissolved into nothing, the two sides of the fans finally shook hands and made peace, the melon crowd also dispersed.

But Wang Shao was as if he had eaten overnight rat droppings, he had seen Li Tiezhu holding rags at Leng Ba’s house last time, but after calming down, he was not believing in anything about raising cats.

However, today, Sheng Lun sent a message saying that Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba were too close, and now, such a video popped up.


At 1am, Gao Xixi rushed over again after filming the night scene, and also brought the music director of this film, Teacher Qian.

After meeting each other, Mr Qian took out his computer and played the two versions of the arrangement demo that he had asked the music studio to do, one version was purely ancient style, and the other was a combination of Chinese and Western.

In the hut, it was stiflingly hot, and the smell of mosquito coils was a bit pungent.

Qian Lao: “Which version do you like? Personally, I tend to favour the first version, it’s very much in the Qin-Han style.”

Gao Xixi nodded: “Not bad! What do you two think, Nie Yao and Tie Zhu?”

Nie Yao gnawed on a baked potato with an innocent face, “Me? Does my opinion matter?”

Gao Xixi: “It doesn’t matter, so what about you, Tiezhu?”

Nie Yao: “……”

Li Tiezhu frowned: “None of them.”

Gao Xixi froze, Nie Yao held back her laughter and ate her melon, and Teacher Qian’s expression was ugly.

“Don’t be angry Elder Qian, the arrangement is very professional, it’s just slightly puny, it feels like it can’t hold up to that era of waves and waves. I also have a version here, it’s rather skimpy, so let’s make do and listen to it ……”

Then, Li Tiezhu took out the tablet to play the “original version”.

Three minutes later, the playback was completed.

The small room was silent.