The Rockstar Chapter 92

Nie Yao held the potatoes and looked at Li Tiezhu, stunned, this is the fucking Three Kingdoms! Li Tiezhu is obviously a harmonic star, how can he be so good at music? It’s a delay in acting!

Qian Lao smiled bitterly, “If I had known, I wouldn’t have spent that wasted money on arranging the music.”

Gao Xixi also could only shake his head, “It’s settled, Li Tiezhu this version! It’s really absolute. Tomorrow, Old Qian you take the demo and go to Donghai, give you three days to record this song with Li Tiezhu.”

Time was tight, but Old Qian patted his chest and guaranteed.

Li Tiezhu: “Then please reimburse the money for …… arranging the song, I purchased the material inside the composer APP, and spent a total of 1,052 yuan, thank you.”

Qian Lao slapped his head: “I damn well spent more than 100,000 yuan …… to hire a studio to arrange the music.”

Li Tiezhu looked at Qian Lao with the eyes of a fool, you foetal god!

Gao Xixi took out his mobile phone and sent Li Tiezhu a WeChat red packet of 2,000 yuan, then laughed: “Good! I’ll give you 2,000, the extra is your pay for acting!”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you, Director Gao, you are so generous. Brother Yao, please open a hotspot for me to receive the red packet.”

“Isn’t your mobile phone always connected?”

Nie Yao was stunned again, brother, what are you thinking? You’re getting a white scoop! And you didn’t report your round-trip travelling expenses, and you didn’t even have enough money for the airfare.


Early the next morning.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining 5 points of film and television achievement value]

So little?

Li Tiezhu said goodbye to Director Gao and Brother Yao, went to the cat to get back the insulated food box, took the plane back to East China Sea, and quickly returned to the flat.

Qin Tao was so excited that he was in tears, and then he stopped because the tears stained his wounds and hurt. In one day, this bastard was scratched by the cat with a dozen or so cuts, on his hands, legs, and face.

“Isn’t Little Nine quite well-behaved? You bullied it, didn’t you?”

Shrinking in Li Tiezhu’s arms, the kitten was docile, and took the time to also bare its teeth towards Qin Tao, who was unable to defend himself, it was clearly the cat that did it first. I also have a cat, but why is this one in your house so wild?

In the past two days, Qian Lao was busy with the music thing, Li Tiezhu was often called to “guide”, Li Tiezhu which will ah? I can only ……

A phone call to the teacher Ethan please come.

Chen Yi Sen’s professional is not cover, with his help, after two days of fighting on Monday and Tuesday, finally the soundtrack is done, only Li Tiezhu recording link.

But …… on Wednesday Li Tiezhu has to go to the training base.

Moreover, Li Tiezhu singing this song always feels not quite right, compared to that world’s teacher Yang gap is too big, never satisfied.

Wednesday morning.

Li Tiezhu used the cat cage to bring Xiaojiu to the training base as well, there is no way, as soon as Li Tiezhu left it screamed miserably, this cat is very clingy, unlike that one that is so independent.

Nine o’clock.

Chen Isen gathered the six members of his group in Li Tiezhu’s training room and opened the keywords of the current issue sent by the programme team.


This issue’s keyword, always a lot more normal, about time can sing a lot of songs, friendship, love, dreams, memories ……

Ethan discussed with the trainees about choosing songs, and encouraged Li Tiezhu and Yi Xiaomao, the two bitter originals, especially Li Tiezhu who still had to record “Rolling Yangtze River”.

Everyone dispersed and got ready for the ten o’clock class.

During the break after lunch, Li Tiezhu was in agony, he auditioned three songs, they were all good but didn’t really fit.

What to choose?

Next door, Yi Xiaomao was high on drugs – tonnes of two taels of moutai – and only went in for most of an hour and started singing:

If one day I become rich

My first choice is not to travel the world

Lying on the biggest, softest couch in the world.

Eat, sleep, wake up and eat again for the rest of the year.


Li Tiezhu can t help but spit out, Mao Mei is a waif without pursuit, unlike me, if I become rich, I will …… take it and donate it.

Then how happy?

Or a different way, all saved up, regular donation bank interest, not cool?

But I have to say, Yi Xiaomao this song is written with a thief, Li Tiezhu chipping a little envy, well, is grey Gil envy.

It’s good to have talent!

Unlike me, only the system ……

Straight up barfing out songs and here they come, no creative experience or labour process at all, not fulfilling.

Count on begging and auditioning tomorrow.

There are new crayfish in the fridge, a full five pounds, go for the whole spicy crayfish.

Cooking makes me happy.

Hot oil under the ginger and garlic, sautéed PI Douban sauce, and then under the large onion knots, stir-fry a few into the dry chilli segments and pepper …… plus a small pile of hot pot base and rock sugar, add beer to boil, and finally down into the crayfish.

Gobble gobble gobble ……

A large pot of spicy and fresh spicy crayfish, rolling in the pot.

Chen Yisen choked as soon as he entered the door, “Achoo! Ah-choo …… What are you doing? So spicy?”

Xiao Zhen drilled in, “Ma Xiao, teacher Ethan, this is spicy crayfish, can you eat spicy?”

Ethan: “Can eat a little. Which group are you from?”

Xiao Zhen: “Teacher Wang Feng’s group, Li Tiezhu and I are best friends! I smelled the aroma downstairs and guessed it was him cooking and came to mix some crayfish. Hey!”

Then, Zhao Liya also drilled in with a helpless face, “Good day teacher Ethan. Tie Zhu, Teacher Han Hong said for you to share a catty with our group.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah? How come everyone knows I’m boiling crayfish?”

Zhao Liya: “Two floors away Teacher Han Hong smelled it, we all smelled it, maybe the hood didn’t work.”

Li Tiezhu: “Hush! This is the titleholder, not to blindly speak the truth.XX integrated stove, fry a hundred chillies are not afraid, choking cough cough cough …… dog pussy titleholder! Grass! Cough cough ……”

Xiaojiu jumped out of the cat cage in protest, “Meow~”

Xiao Zhenchong grabbed the spatula: “Brother you go rest, I’ll turn the pot for you ……cough cough cough ……”

Ethan had already chosen songs for the four contestants, and came over to care about the two struggling writers of originality, “Tiezhu, how’s the song writing going for you and Xiao Mao?”

Li Tiezhu: “Listen, he’s singing it, I’m totally uninspired, I’ll write it tomorrow.”

The sound of singing came from the lounge next door:

Become Rich

I’m getting rich.

How many people waste time day and night?

Getting rich.

Cough cough cough cough…

“Li Tiezhu, brother! Are you cooking hot pot? I’m choking to death, my throat is smoking.”

Okay, Yi Xiaomao couldn’t sing anymore either, slipped out and waited to nibble on the crayfish.

On the other hand, Zhao Liya entered the door and saw the little Persian cat with its teeth bared, froze for a moment, and then laughed, a slightly wild laugh.

Qin Tao also really couldn’t help himself and laughed lowly, ”How was it? Very detailed, right? Called Little Nine.”

Zhao Liya’s expression became even weirder:

“You know that too? Details, quite detailed ah! Even the name is …… so meticulous, at a glance, it’s not the handiwork of Li Tiezhu’s dorky melon, moreover, this trumpet is also weirdly fierce looking.”

Qin Tao pointed to the claw marks on his face, “Fierce! Fierce to batch explosion!”

Zhao Liya sympathised with Fatty for a second, squatted down, pointed at the kitten that bared its teeth at her, and drank low:

“Shut! Mouth!”

“Meow ow …… ow ……”

Xiaojiu shrank back into the cat’s cage in fear, shivering and whimpering in a small voice.

Qin Tao admired to the ground, really is a woman standing at the top of the food chain, small and large size.