The Rockstar Chapter 93

Soon the spicy langoustines were on the table.

Several people seven hands and feet to eat, Zhao Liya scratched out a small plate, intending to wait for a little cooler and then packaged, also followed them to peel up.

Ethan ate two will not dare to eat again, Yi Xiaomao spicy red face is still fighting, Xiao Zhen is not willing to show weakness, after all, the old man is an iron brother ah how can I lose to the hairy girl?

The strongest fighting force is the three Xichuan people.

Ethan sipped his water and asked, “Tie Zhu, is it too late to start writing a song tomorrow? If you have difficulties, remember to find me, I’ll compose with you. It’s also considered learning from you.”

Before Li Tiezhu had a chance to speak, Zhao Liya said, “He has no problem! I’ve seen it with my own eyes, he’s so fast that it comes out in a shoo.”

“Pfft! Cough cough cough ……”

Yi Xiaomao, Qin Tao, Xiao Zhen three choked with laughter at the same time, this sister’s car is slightly fast.

Ethan squeezed his eyebrows and looked at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu was confused.

I’m just fast, what’s wrong? What’s so funny?

Zhao Liya hurriedly explained with a red face: ”I mean, he can sing directly when he gets inspired at once, just like that song ‘Learning to Catcall’. Talking about writing songs fast! Not the other ……”

Li Tiezhu: “What else is fast?”

Zhao Liya: “……”

Hurry to pack up and leave, Zhao Liya is embarrassed to stay.

Xiao Zhen choked and burst into tears, it was already spicy but also choked on the windpipe, and his voice was hoarse: “Cough cough! I can’t, my voice is broken, I can’t rehearse today. Throat hurts, hot and spicy pain.”

The old racer, Qin Tao, backhandedly said, “Who did this?”

Xiao Zhen was confused: “……”

Li Tiezhu: “Blame me?”

“Puh-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose-goose ……”

The first one who laughed out loud was actually Zhao Liya who was packing, and then, this niece’s cheeks were red, carrying the packing box and ran away, a slip of small broken steps so fast that stumps appeared.

Several men in the room looked at each other, we have not reacted to it ……

So talented and quick-witted?

Girls are so amazing!

Li Tiezhu didn’t know what they were laughing at, was my laughing point too high? What’s so funny?

After eating almost, a few people dispersed.

Before leaving, Ethan encouraged Li Tiezhu a few words, but it has nothing to do with the competition, it is about the theme song of “Three Kingdoms”, the recording cycle is too rushed.

Tutor Ethan was weird and nice.

In the past two days, he not only gave Li Tie Zhu a lot of help in arranging the song, but also corrected and improved his singing skills.

Even tonight, Ethan even offered to go with Li Tiezhu to record the song, he knew that Li Tiezhu’s current strength could not completely eat that song. That song is too classic, Li Tiezhu’s arrangement is even more divine, such a good work, a slight flaw is blasphemy.

Li Tiezhu’s heart is quite big, after everyone left, he alone took out the tablet and began to catch up with the drama, a great drama that he has watched since he was a child, but never finished. After having a tablet, he could finally catch up, and the base had free WiFi.

“It’s not the power I inherited, it’s the dream!”

“I will change it! My fate is up to me.”

“This world, I’ll guard it!”

“Shining Deja Transformation!!!”

On the crayfish to see the Ultraman, exciting a match, Li Tiezhu look scalp numb hot blood, how to look at the crayfish are small monsters, destroy them!


[Ding! Super Training Camp” broadcast, congratulations to the host to obtain 16 points of variety art achievement value!

Current intelligence value: 96 points.

Remaining intelligence value: 0 points.

Music Achievement: 87 points.

Variety Achievement: 138 points.

Film and Television Achievements: 5 points.

In the recording studio, Li Tiezhu is still fighting, singing a dozen times does not feel right, gradually a little demoralised, he knows that this is his own problem.

Not just singing, even …… character?

“Blue Mountain? Or milk tea?”

“Milk tea, thank you.”

“Do you know the longest it’s taken me to record a song?”

“No idea.”

“Six months.”

In the lounge, the inch-haired Chen Yisen was even uglier, but smiled kindly as he took a sip of coffee and patted Li Tiezhu’s shoulder.

Li Tiezhu gratefully said, “Thank you.”

The initial title song of Three Kingdoms had been recorded as early as the beginning of the year, while Li Tiezhu’s Rolling Yangtze River East Passes Away came too late and could only be rushed on an ad-hoc basis, the pressure was imaginable.

Unlike “Big Fish”, Li Tiezhu has a good voice and a strong soprano, and, that song incorporates her confession to her mother, so naturally she sings it well. So, although “Big Fish” was also rushed, it didn’t encounter the problems this time at all.

Li Tiezhu took a sip of milk tea and said, “Teacher Ethan. Actually, this song should have been sung by an old singer, I was too selfish.”

Chen Ethan: “After the show, call me Ethan.”

Li Tiezhu: “Okay Teacher Ethan.”

“Indeed, this song is not suitable for you. Letting someone else sing it is the best choice, that way …… you can never become a good singer!”

“What does …… mean?”

“Because you’re afraid of challenges and don’t dare to break through.”


“Remember when I told you I recorded that song for six months? That song didn’t suit me at all, even everyone in my team was against me singing that song. But, I loved that song and I was going to sing it well. In the end, I succeeded! It’s one of my biggest hits.”

“I see, I’m going to continue recording it.”

“No! You need a break, let’s talk about something else. I remember you said on the show that the coffee wasn’t as good as Banana’s milk tea, have you ever been in love?”

“Nope! I didn’t fall in love early.”

“Then you ……”

“The class flower is my classmate, she put the milk tea on the table to wipe the blackboard, I just returned to the classroom after being lectured by the homeroom teacher, Qin Tao lied to me and said that he invited me to drink milk tea, at that time he was also drinking lemonade, so I believed it.”

“Really drank? How much did you drink?”

“A mouthful …… of small half cup. And spit bubbles into it, my first milk tea, I’m so happy.”

“And then?”

“Then, I returned to her, she did not want, I had to buy a cup to compensate her. She held quite a grudge, and later talked about me about it, and often asked me to buy her a milk tea and a film at the weekend.”

“Oh! Did you treat her?”

“I’m not stupid, how could I invite her?”

“You …… pfft-”

Chen Isen laughed so hard that coffee spilled out.

Li Tiezhu was bewildered, Teacher Ethan is really a monster, inexplicably laughing and jerking, completely unlike a normal person.

After some regulation by Chen Isen, Li Tiezhu also relaxed a lot, after drinking milk tea to continue to record the song, the state is still not right, but Li Tiezhu is not in a hurry.

Chen Yisen according to Li Tiezhu’s voice, put forward some targeted suggestions, Li Tiezhu one by one to try, speculate, optimise.

At four forty in the morning, the sky is already slightly bright.

The song was finally recorded.

The final product Li Tiezhu is very satisfied, a little different from the original version, but the quality is also superior.

This is all due to Mr Ethan, and, this matter originally had nothing to do with him.

“Teacher Ethan, let’s go, I’ll treat you to breakfast.”

“Go. If you were so generous earlier, wouldn’t the class flower’s milk tea be casual?”

“I’m the one who invited her, milk tea is so expensive.”

“This milk tea is not the other milk tea, forget it, remember in the future, you must be generous to pretty girls, understand?”


Li Tiezhu was confused, no wonder, I invited Zhao Liya to eat nine yuan ice-cream, so she and I became friends, I wrote a song for Miss Lengba, so she became a cat.

Girls are so amazing!