The Rockstar Chapter 94

After sleeping for three hours, Li Tiezhu rushed to the base again, refreshed, and went home in the afternoon after class, Li Tiezhu began to catch up with the drama again. After recording the song, the mood is extraordinarily relaxed.

While jerking the cat and watching Ultraman, it is very tear-resistant.

“Cut! Ultraman!”

Qin Tao had a look of contempt as he passed by after taking a shower.

Xiao Jiu: “Ow~”

Li Tiezhu: “What’s wrong? Can’t you watch Ultraman when you grow up?”

Qin Tao smiled high and deep: “I’m smacking you for only watching it now, I finished it before I was eight and watched it again last year. Which episode did you see?”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

So ah, men are still children when they are older.

[Ding! The host’s behaviour triggered a special offer wit, rewarding a special song priced at 1 IQ point, do you want to buy it?]


Li Tiezhu knew he couldn’t just buy a song, in case the system had a discount.

You can’t try out the special offer songs?

Li Tiezhu frowned, looking at the title of the song is more suitable for the keywords of this issue, but who knows? After thinking carefully, he still clicked to buy.

Once he heard it, Li Tiezhu was really fragrant.


On Friday night, a new episode of Super Training Camp was aired.

“Li Tiezhu you contain shit!”

“Was I wrong? Fatty, you’re definitely stingy with money, thanks to me trusting you so much! It’s the same Huami tablet, why does Yi Xiaomao’s have a stylus and I don’t? On the contrary, mine is even more expensive!”

“You’re the high end version! 512G ……”

“Hammer! You table want to exempt me, I’ll fucking kill you motherfucker! Cut to death!”

“Come on, let’s see which one kills which one! I’m not afraid of you!”

Mao Mei held her stylus and cried, “Stop it, stop it! I don’t usually use pens, so I’ll give it to you, Brother Tiezhu, so don’t argue.”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you. Bring Xiaojiu’s cat food over.”

Qin Tao: “Thank you, Xiao Mao. Okay, cat food to soak milk not?”

Yi Xiaomao: “???”

Xiaojiu: “Meow~”


“Mao-chan got set up! Serious brother and postpartum brother are such dogs!”

“Excessive! Bullying Mao Mei’s innocence.”

“Li Tiezhu has also turned bad, by the way, what does he need a stylus for?”

“Kneel down!”

“Taking a stylus, it’s actually for doing exercise books on a tablet ……”

“Normal, serious brother next year’s college entrance exam.”

“The programme team didn’t let him bring his summer homework, how much does Brother Ching Ching love to study? A model for my generation!”

“The key is that Brother Ching is working so hard and still failing all his subjects, pfft ……”

“29 points in maths.”

“Li Tiezhu’s learning style, right, he focuses on participation!”

“Figure what ah? You’re not writing a song yet Tie Zhu? The competition is tomorrow!”

In fact, Li Tiezhu had already written a song, the special song is incense, this song is good, advancing to the next round should not be a big problem, right?

This round, Li Tiezhu’s state was extraordinarily relaxed.

Even Xiao Jiu was successful in stealing the show. Many members of other groups have slipped to interact with Xiao Jiu, of course, Xiao Jiu does not care about these demonic goods, milk fierce milk fierce.

Backstage, Hong Bo and Wang Zegang looked at each other with no words but a thousand tears.

What’s going on?

We have invited twenty professional planners, why can’t we steal the show? Li Tiezhu is toxic, right?

Wang Zegang was eating snail powder, and his mouth was like spraying manure:

“Li Tiezhu has always been so able to steal the show, do not blame him, but those so-called idols, stars, simply can not let go, planning a good plot they can not go out to play, their own have no point of view, who can blame? I think they are big stars! You see people Xiao Zhen ……”

At this time, Xiao Zhen is playing billiards with people, Xiao Zhen shameless, either himself into the white ball or a variety of others to do the ball, lose a game to earn five dollars, how cool!

This guy’s sense of variety has skyrocketed lately.

Hong Bo did not speak, his face was a little odd.

Wang Zegang exclaimed, “Li Tiezhu is a BUG, for him not to steal the show, unless he is eliminated, ha!”

Hong Bo suddenly looked at Wang Zegang weirdly.

Wang Zegang shivered, “What …… is going on?”

Hong Bo was helpless and covered his nose, “Yesterday, someone helped Wang Da Shao to greet him, saying that he didn’t want Li Tiezhu to advance. I don’t know if it’s true or not!”

Wang Zegang: “That dog said he ate too much shit, right? Where did Li Tiezhu mess with him?!”

Hong Bo: “I don’t know what the grudge is, but he’s a shareholder of Donghai TV and one of the promoters of our programme.”

Wang Zegang: “So what?”

Hong Bo spread his hands, “I can ignore him, and I support Li Tiezhu to advance. But I’m worried about the other mentors being affected, as well as other out-of-the-box tricks and whatnot. You know, this show of ours, the divisions and the finals are the same, the first three rounds rely on the mentors and the last three rounds rely on the fans. Li Tiezhu’s fan base is undeniable, but if he doesn’t make it to the last three rounds ……”

Wang Zegang: “I’m not the director of Super Voice, it’s none of my business, all I know is that once Li Tiezhu is eliminated, the ratings of the programme will be halved, absolutely. You watch it!”

Hong Bo had a tangled face, “……”


The following day, Saturday afternoon.

Li Tiezhu tinkered with the arrangement of this new song when Zhao Liya came holding a computer.

Li Tiezhu was enthusiastic: “I had the programme team buy ice cream and put it in the freezer, I’ll go get it for you.”

This time it was authentic Haagen Dazs, the programme team was really rich.

Zhao Liya took the ice cream, “The piano accompaniment is recorded, you open the tablet, I’ll pass it to you.”

Li Tiezhu slightly fawned: “Thank you, you’re so nice.”

This was the most perfunctory thanks Zhao Liya had ever heard, so she rolled her eyes, “Why did you let me record the piano accompaniment for you? Is that why you let me have the piano room? You had a premeditated plan.”

Li Tiezhu received the accompaniment file and added it to the tablet while saying gratefully, “You’re overthinking it, the main thing is that the piano accompaniment inside the APP is AI-generated.”

Zhao Liya smiled, “It’s not naturally bad to listen to, right?”

Not bad, this guy still knows that this young lady plays the piano well. Appreciation level is good!

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “No! The main thing is that it is expensive, you do not want money. Why did I not think of it before, wasting a lot of money, hasty …… What other instruments do you know?”

Zhao Liya: “……”

Suddenly the ice cream in his hand didn’t smell good anymore.

Sure enough, I was the one who overthought it.

In order to accompany Li Tiezhu, she had already received a heavy blow once.

With the stupid idea of “how are you going to reward me for helping your love beans”, she went to Wan Yun’s mother in the morning to pamper her, and then Wan Yun’s mother gave her a shot to the heart and replied:

“You still have this honour? Cherish the opportunity and play well. By the way, record it and send it to me when he sings it, so mum can listen to it in advance.”

Not cheerful.

Zhao Liya silently stared at the old octave box on the table, waiting for Li Tiezhu to arrange the music, after all, she still had a secret mission.

Not long after, Li Tiezhu finished arranging the song and began to try to sing.

Zhao Liya opened her mobile phone to record, and her eyes lit up, sure enough, Li Tiezhu is a monster! This song is so combustible. In the end, although she was extremely reluctant, she could only praise it sincerely:

“It’s so good, I wrote it in general this time ……”

“Sing it.”

“I don’t want to sing, where did you buy this octave?”

“A friend gave it to me. It’s years old and broken.”

“Is it broken or out of battery?”

“Huh? Is it on battery? Please take a look for me.”

“True enough! I should have thought of that ……”