The Rockstar Chapter 95

Li Tiezhu: “Doesn’t it go off when you twist it half a turn? I thought it was a clockwork or a mechanism or something.”

Zhao Liya touched the row of words engraved under the octave box: “That’s not a clockwork, it’s just a switch and a countdown, this octave box uses button batteries, here, look at the back here there is a fast little plate, unscrew the screws can be removed. You don’t think it’s broken, so you haven’t opened it to see?”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “I was afraid of breaking it.”

“Isn’t it already ‘broken’?”

“It still looks good.”

“Do you know what type of button battery to get?”

“What’s a button battery?”

“Hey! Give it to me, I’ll take it back and get you a battery to replace it.”

Li Tiezhu hesitated for a while, but still gave the octave to Zhao Liya, and added: “Trouble you, be careful.”

Zhao Liya: “What is this octave box tune?”

“To Alice, it’s a famous piano piece you know? Oh yeah, you play the piano too. It was played by my friend himself and recorded in. Ah! That’s right! Since it was recorded in, it must be on battery, why didn’t I think of that ……”

Li Tiezhu was a bit square.

“What’s her name?”

“Ya Ya.”

The answer was correct, and Zhao Liya walked away clutching her computer and octavo box, “Cheer up! It might not be that easy for you tonight. Hang in there!”

Li Tiezhu: “???”


In the evening, the second round of the Super Voice finals, the internal battle between the teams was fought. This round was simple, six people from each group competed, two were eliminated and four advanced.

After the contestants sang, they were judged by three other mentors other than their team’s mentor, and either advanced or eliminated.

After Shao Hua introduced the rules of the competition, four went up to the stage and drew the order of competition, resulting in Wang Feng’s team being the first to go out, Han Hong’s team being the second, followed by Yeh Nara’s team, and lastly, Chen Yi Sen’s team.

The strength of Wang Feng’s team that went into battle first was on the weak side, and there was not much suspense for the players to advance, and in the end, Luo Fei Yan, Xiao Zhen, Lin Xiao, and Watanabe Xizi advanced.

Han Hong’s team was very strong, the competition among the contestants was fierce, in the end, Xu Nuo and Chen Zilan were eliminated, and Zhou Qian, Zhao Liya, Yun Yang, and coco advanced to the next round without any problems.

Zhao Liya’s performance in this round was rather average, her vocals were still good but her song writing was not too impressive.

She was dissed by Yehenara, saying that if she can’t write a good song, she should sing someone else’s song and not be too blindly confident.

Zhao Liya hit back on the spot, “I remember the programme is called ‘Super Voice’ not ‘Super Song’, when did good or bad songs become the standard of judgement? Isn’t it judged on singing ability and voice? Or does it mean that with the same singing ability, you can get a better result if you sing a better song?”

Yehuda: “I mean there are so many good songs, why can’t we sing them?”

Joelia: “Personally, I think that being able to take a mediocre song and make it sound good is what makes a really good voice. I can’t do it yet, but I can learn and improve, so why speculate? Avoid the challenge?”

“Nothing wrong with that! Well said kid!”

Han Hong defended the boy on the spot, and the audience applauded.

The first sister of the music world?

Other contestants are afraid of you, I Zhao Liya will not spoil you, just your voice still a sister? And you’re still looking for the moon in the water? My Auntie Mao Min will hammer you!

Wang Feng snickered, why are you messing with her?

She’s the granddaughter of Zhao, a national treasure and one of the most powerful jetsetters in the music industry, is she any good? Do you expect her to be like her father? Her father is a genetic mutation.

Besides, she does sing well. Only Zhou Shallow is better than her in this group.

Chen Yisen: “Very good! You should communicate more with Tie Zhu, he teaches you to write songs, you teach him to sing, improve each other, and drink milk tea when you’re not doing anything, how nice.”

In the end, Yehenara voted for elimination, Wang Feng and Chen Yi Sen’s advancement votes, and Zhao Liya advanced with no surprises.


Backstage, Qin Tao watched the live broadcast and watched in wonder, “Zhao Liya is awesome! Even the mentors dare to dislike her, no wonder the cats are afraid of her ……”

Glancing at Li Tiezhu who was tinkering with his mobile phone, Qin Tao was suddenly filled with reverence, Li Tiezhu is even more powerful! Even this kind of ferocious thing can be subdued, really qualified to be my brother.

Li Tiezhu was sending a message back to the cat:

“Why are you apologising for no reason? Why did you apologise to me? Do you not want to be a cat anymore? Got a boyfriend? It’s okay, it’s something I did wrong, but can it wait until I’m in the top ten?”

The system mission is important, getting into the top ten to get 50 points of intelligence value is not afraid, not having a cat is quite good, the heart is not lost.

As a result, the cat returned:

“You have to hold on! Blame it on me! When I get back, the plane the cat is on is leaving soon! Wait for me!”

What the hell?

Li Tiezhu in a dilemma, and then, the mobile phone rang again, an unfamiliar WeChat to add him, reaching out to point to reject. Then, see the note:

“Do not point to reject, you have stolen my milk tea.”

Class flower? Why did she add me?


I have to go back to school next term, for the sake of my life, Li Tiezhu clicked “Confirm” with a trembling hand, not daring to refuse.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this, but I’m going to be able to do it,” he said:

“Xiong Da cheer! Even if you are eliminated, it doesn’t matter, you’ve been on fire for a long time, you don’t need to go all the way to the end of this show. Understand? You have to be open-minded when you encounter setbacks. It’s okay for you to be stupid, but you can’t go to extremes!”


What the hell?

Li Tiezhu suspected that he had added a fake class flower, the voice was her, but when did she become so gentle? Could it be that she is planning to take revenge on me? No, I am not afraid of the sky and the earth, and I am not afraid of the iron blood real man Li Tiezhu …… has to goad a wave:

“Thank you class flower, come back and please drink milk tea and watch a film.”

Remember the teachings of teacher Ethan!

“Wow! The Iron Tree is blossoming! You know what to do! Bear, remember to be strong. Okay, get back to me after the game, I’m going to play with the puzzle.”

Ah ……

The class flower really is brewing some big plot, isn’t she? It must be! Heh, I’m smart enough to predict it.

After all, she was so …… creepy and gentle this time.

There’s definitely something wrong.

Attitude change because I’m red? Doesn’t exist! Don’t even think about it. After all, she’s the famous class flower!

Think about it Li Tiezhu is also quite miserable, because of a momentary mistake, was the class flower to the eye, the whole half a year like years of misery. Help her to play meals, sweep the floor, buy milk tea, not to mention, and even have to help her copy homework, buy auntie towels …….

Shame on you!!!

It was not easy to stay up until the summer holidays, to participate in a programme was again remotely stared at by the class flower!

Didn’t she go abroad to play? Can you watch good sound even abroad?


As for Young Wang, who was preparing for the gaming tournament with his fox friends, when he suddenly heard the news from his assistant, the whole person was not well.

“Tsk? Is my name still good? Really Nima …… Li Tiezhu! Can’t get into the top ten.”

Although he was laughing, there was a ghostly light flashing in Daoshao Wang’s eyes:

This innings, it’s a bit subtle!