The Rockstar Chapter 96

The Hanhong Battle Team bidding is over, and the Yehenara Battle Team is up next.

There was a little twist during the process, Cai Xukun was criticised on the spot by Chen Yi Sen and Han Hong for being pretentious, but Yeh Nara defended Cai Xukun so that Chen Yi Sen, who was going to vote for elimination, changed his vote to promotion.

Chen Yisen is not afraid of anyone, mainly because of Yeh Nara group of other people singing is also very bad, only previously in the Peninsula girl group debut Zhang for Chen, voice singing is superior.

So, he didn’t even want to pick, whatever!

Wang Feng voted for promotion.

Han Hong’s elimination vote was raised high: “A bad singer is a bad singer! I don’t care how many fans he has, not as many as me anyway.”

Hao Heng!

In the end, four people, Cai Xukun, Zhang For Chen, Zhou Yiran, and Xiao Yu, advanced.

The last team to fight, Chen Yisen’s team, six people in the backstage to extract the order of appearance, as follows: Xi Menghan, Wang Chu, Justin, Yi Xiaomao, Lin Kai, Li Tiezhu.

The first to appear is “three thousand years out” of the “absolute beauty” Xi Menghan, a small fresh song, so that the judges nodded their heads in approval. Her singing skills are not good, but her position as an idol singer is good enough, and her team will not pick difficult songs for her.

After Han Hong commented on the shortcomings, he still voted for advancement.

Yehnela and Wang Feng each commented, mostly encouraging, and then both voted for advancement as well.

Xi Menghan was almost certain to lock up the promotion spot.

A unanimous vote for advancement?

Han Hong hissed softly and looked towards Yehnela and Wang Feng, thinking how was it different from what was discussed before? Wasn’t it agreed that when it came to a level like this that wasn’t up or down, the first one would vote to advance, the second one would vote to be eliminated, and the third one would ultimately take the final shot?

Or did you two decide that this level was good enough? If Yehnela can’t hear the good and bad, then it’s fine, but Wang Feng, you don’t have any problem with your ears!

Chen Yisen was also shocked, this is it?

A unanimous vote?

However, at least it was his own trainee, so naturally, Chen Isen wouldn’t say anything, only his expression was slightly odd.

The second to appear was the second in the Central Region, Wang Chu, with solid singing skills, but his voice and rhythm were not handled well, and he ended up with two votes for advancement and one vote for elimination.

The third was the winner of the overseas group, mixed-race rap pretty boy Justin, his strength was nothing to write home about, three votes to advance.

The fourth, Yi Xiaomao, stumbled a bit when he went on stage… Is this bottle of Maotai a fake bar today?

The programme group doesn’t do people any favours!

After drinking the fake wine, Yi Xiaomao’s song is actually a little wild, “If I Become Rich One Day” is easy to sing, and the level of improvement is great, and the fake Moutai is really better than Erguotou.

Three votes to advance, he himself can not believe, I’m so good?

Chen Yisen poured cold water on him: “Xiao Mao, don’t be proud. You’re not qualified for three votes to advance, it’s the teachers who hold you up, and you have to work harder.”

The fifth contestant to appear was Lin Kai, a contestant who was mediocre in every aspect, sang a mediocre song, received a mediocre critique from Teacher Han Hong, and a mediocre elimination vote.

Wanting to cry, Lin Kai reddened his eyes.

Then, the peaks turned.

Yehenara votes for promotion: because Lin Kai works hard.

Wang Feng voted for promotion: because Lin Kai’s voice is suitable for singing rock.

Han Hong finally realised that something was wrong, and suddenly twisted his head, his gaze crossing over the two of them, Yehnela and Wang Feng, who were racking their brains to praise Lin Kai, and finding Chen Yi Sen at the other end, whose eyes were also perplexed.

Chen Isen looked at Han Hong and shook his head slightly and unnoticeably.

The audience was confused.

The live pop-up screen was even more fancy:

“You can advance by working hard?”

“That’s it? My grandma could have made it!”

“Is the voice only good for rock a bit? It’s fucking groovy for a pop singer, isn’t it?”

“Li Tiezhu expressed Alexander.”

“Don’t worry, according to this voting standard of theirs, Li Tiezhu’s strength, absolutely unanimous promotion.”

“Too optimistic, brother.”

“Could Li Tiezhu still be eliminated? Hahaha ……”

“Don’t crow your mouth, okay?”

“No way! Has the mentor got shit in his head?”

So far, the situation in this group was slightly bizarre, with three three-vote advancers, two two-vote advancers, and one remaining unseen Li Tiezhu.

The Voice programme group in the early stages of the competition are based on the mentor’s opinion and votes to ensure the standard. At a later stage, leaving aside the mentor to the audience vote as the standard, to ensure popularity.

This has been an open secret.

The reason is also very simple, the initial selection of a number of good level of contestants, later rely on the popularity of the success or failure, make money is important, how to choose people will not be wrong.

In the end, this is just a variety show in the shell of a competition.


East China Sea Airport, Leng Ba with a black mask tea-coloured glasses, the whole face covered tightly, she did not carry any travelling gifts except for a small backpack, quickly weaving in and out of the crowd, trotting to catch the exit.

After getting into a taxi, Leng Ba hurriedly took out the tablet from her backpack and opened the Super Voice live broadcast.

“Congratulations to Yi Xiaomao for advancing unanimously! Here comes the final member of Tutor Ethan’s battle team – Li Tiezhu.”

Catch up!

Leng Ba turned up the sound of the tablet and stared at it with an apprehensive face, chattering:

“Sing well, sing well, make sure you advance!”

“Little girl, are you watching the programme too? What are you thinking about, that’s Li Tiezhu, he’ll definitely advance, if he’s eliminated, it’s a shady show, hahaha ……”

The driver was chatty.

Leng Ba is speechless, if the programme group has no shady practices, I wouldn’t have to put down the matters of the drama group and run back!

It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault!

The driver was still rambling, “You like Li Tie Zhu too, right? So do I. My favourite song is ‘Someone Like Me’… Tsk, I was driving at the time, and it made my eyes tear up. ……”


Accompanied by the audience’s applause, Li Tiezhu appeared on stage:

“The keyword for this instalment is ‘time’, and the song I brought is called ‘Junior’. Time, can change everything, but also nothing. As boys, even when we grow up we will still watch ‘Ultraman’, we will watch cartoons, we will be excited when the main character transforms, and it is difficult to drink ice …… for ten years to cool the hot blood.”

Ahem, such a classic word, it was carried from the system’s song introduction.

The applause was extraordinarily warm, after all, there are quite a lot of livestock under the field who carry their daughters-in-law to peek at Ultraman.

I le a good boy! Watching an Ultraman, but also the damn ten years to drink ice is difficult to cool the hot blood? Original I so high-end? How do I not know?

Adjust the breath, although Li Tiezhu knows that this song is not top, but after all, it is a special price, and it is also better to listen to.

Li Tiezhu remained confident and hummed:



A different life

Make yourself happy

Let go of obsession

And the weather will be fine


The road is underfoot

It’s not really complicated

Just remember that you are you

Wow ……

Oh, ……

I’m still the same teenager I was before and I haven’t changed a bit.

Time is just a test

The faith planted in my heart has not diminished at all.

The boy in front of me still has the same face as before.