The Rockstar Chapter 97

The audience danced along with the song, and the pop-up screen in the live broadcast was also a voice of praise, Li Tiezhu wrote this song about himself, right? Optimistic and upward, three views are very positive!


I’m still the same teenager miya

I’m still the same teenager miya.

I’m still the same teenager miya

I’m still the same teenager miya

Li Tiezhu finished singing and bowed.

The whole room is moving with joy, the applause is surging like a tidal wave, and the pop-ups in the live broadcast room are even more like meteors crossing. Calling for unanimous advancement is not a few, after all, another quality original ah, and, Li Tiezhu actually …… sang rap.

Even, as if Li Tiezhu’s singing skills have broken through a lot of ah, is it an illusion?


A flat in Kyoto, Xiao Yueyue cupped his face and looked shy: “I am also still the same teenager as before, or the same face at first.”

The only person accompanying him to watch the programme today was Rapunzel, Guo Da Lin shook his head, “Hmm! No, Brother Yue! Your face was not swollen in the beginning, it was a burrito before the onset, now it’s a faceplate.”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Nasty! Who hasn’t been handsome yet, a good man doesn’t mention his courage back then.”

Guo Da Lin: “Is your ear okay?”

Xiao Yueyue: “Tiezhu and Iron fixed advancement, this song is also good to listen to, the feeling is for me to write. Suddenly also a little embarrassed …… hum!”

Guo Da Lin: “So the symptoms are mental instability right? This side advises the family to be prepared.”


On the show, Shaohua walks up to Li Tiezhu: “Congratulations to contestant Li Tiezhu for completing another great original song, it’s great, I personally love this song.”

Li Tie Zhu: “Thank you.”

Shao Hua looked towards Chen Yi Sen who was smiling brightly and even showing off a bit, “Teacher Yi Sen, how do you review this song?”

Chen Isen shrugged and bristled, “Li Tiezhu is one of the strongest originators …… I’ve ever seen, except for Old Zhou, Zhou Dong.”

Wang Feng’s eyebrows jumped slightly.

Shaohua rounded off, “Isn’t it too exaggerated?”

Chen Yisen shook his head, “Without any semblance of exaggeration, this stage has his advantages and quite a few flaws, especially for original singers, the limitations are particularly great. Arrangements, accompaniment, harmonies and the tight creation time are all extremely unfriendly to original singers, but it doesn’t matter. I’m sure you’ll all see the ‘on fire’ Li Tiezhu tonight, after this show is over …… at ten o’clock, of course.”

Shaohua: “You mean the first episode of ‘Three Kingdoms’? Li Tiezhu sang the title song?”

Chen Isen: “Yes! Li Tiezhu wrote this high-quality ‘Junior’ song when he had to rush to record the title song, it’s really something that even I didn’t expect. He fully deserves to advance unanimously!”

Shaohua laughed, “I can see that you appreciate contestant Li Tiezhu, but I still have to remind you that you don’t have a choice in this round.”

Chen Yisen spread his hands, “I know.”

Shao Hua said, “Alright, next we have Mr Han Hong to comment.”

Han Hong did not speak right away, but looked at the two on the right before slowly saying:

“Teenager is a good song, it’s not easy to create it in two days, and Li Tiezhu’s singing has improved and become much more solid. My favourite thing about this song is the lyrics. This is the value that my Chinese teenager should have: to go forward, the initial heart will not change!”

Yehnela Ying:

“Li Tiezhu’s singing has improved a lot, Teacher Ethan has laboured a lot! As for this song, it’s good, the melody is catchy, once learnt, it’s not bad overall. However, there is still some gap from what I expect from Li Tiezhu! Cheer up.”

There were praises and criticisms, but overall praise was still predominant.

Wang Feng glanced at Yehenara, then said in a low voice:

“I have a different opinion from Tutor Yehenara, the song is good, really well written. The accompaniment arrangement is almost there, it doesn’t have a big impact. On the contrary, it’s the singing, it’s a bit of a deduction, several high notes where you should have used falsetto but you used a real voice, it’s not effective. And the breath is very unsteady, almost every line is shaky, it affects the overall effect. Especially the rap parts, which are simply unlistenable.”

Okay, so the two have diametrically opposed views.

Ethan was confused, were these two really musicians? Are we listening to the same song?

Han Hong moves, I’ll change to a comfortable sitting position and watch you guys perform in silence.

Yehenara: ”There is no problem with Li Tiezhu’s singing! His tone is pure, and his breath and rhythm are all well held, so how is there a problem? Even if there’s a problem, it’s a problem with the song writing.”

Wang Feng smiled disdainfully, “What’s wrong with such a good song? You tell me what’s wrong with it? His singing is purely amateur, we are the Voice, didn’t Zhao Liya say before that success or failure is based on voice and singing!”

“Come on, I’ll tell you where his song is not well written, you don’t not love to listen ah Tiezhu, sis appreciate you! It’s for your own good to give advice, right? I’m now targeting him Wang Feng, don’t look at him as having made a name for himself, but his aesthetic ability hasn’t been improved.”

“A pop song, what kind of cultivation and elegance are you pulling on me? Besides how am I low on aesthetic ability, I ……”

“You have high aesthetic ability? A pair of leather trousers all year round, this taste is no one else.”

“I don’t know how to appreciate? What about you? Saying that Li Tiezhu doesn’t have singing skills, then first of all you have to have singing skills yourself, right?”

The two looked at each other angrily, it seems like the next moment will set off the table, the atmosphere is very well set.

The audience were dumbfounded, really quarrel?

The pop-up screen also got high.

Li Tiezhu stood dumbfounded on the stage, and even reached out to scratch his hips, Xiao Jiu had recently lost his hair. So, what is going on with these two tutors? Just comment properly, why are they still arguing? Does the tutor who talks too much get a bonus?

Han Hong gaze calm, wandering the world for decades, experienced a lot of big scenes she is not strange, this circle out of what kind of strange things are not unusual, because it is deformed and twisted.

This play is wonderful, it seems to have been rehearsed.

On the other side, Mr Ethan’s expression also changed from confusion to condensation, he who had rolled out of the entertainment industry in Xiangjiang was equally experienced.


Shu Du, Zhao family villa.

Liu Wan Yun inserted her spoon into the watermelon and lost her appetite, “If your father was there, the old man could spray Yehnela and Wang Feng to death, and treat the audience too much like fools, right? What a load of shit, the two of them have problems.”

Zhao Muye: “The old master has a bad temper and likes to argue with people.”

“Your father doesn’t curse indiscriminately, he never has any evidence and curses people convincingly. Unlike you? Goosey, wimpy ……”

“I call this rational.”

“So do you think these two are right?”

“No, but they’re mentors, with the power of life and death in their hands.”

Liu Wan Yun said uneasily, “Li Tiezhu is going to suffer.”

Zhao Muye lowered his head and smiled, then forced himself to be serious again, “Hey! Showbiz is in a mess hearts are not ancient ah ……”

Well done!