The Rockstar Chapter 98

On the spot, Shao Hua interrupted as he saw the two tutors getting more and more stiff:

“Both of you, this is a critique of the contestants, not a critique of the tutors, so you don’t need to point out the deficiencies for the other party, and you’re not earning this kind of money either! Let’s go back to contestant Li Tiezhu.”

Yehnela smoothly said, “I am not arguing with Mr Wang Feng, I just don’t like him targeting Li Tiezhu. I appreciate Li Tiezhu, I like every one of his songs, and his voice and singing style are quite good, very good for a kid.”

Li Tie Zhu: “Ah?”

Yehenara: “You are a creative genius, that’s why it’s all the more important to improve your musical taste and strive to create better works!”

Li Tiezhu: “Oh.”

Wang Feng: “Tie Zhu, listen to me. I won’t harm you! Much less target you!”

Li Tiezhu: “Hmm.”

Wang Feng: “I’m telling you, there’s no difference between music and music, there’s only the difference between singing well or not! What you have to do is work hard to improve your singing skills!”

Li Tiezhu: “Yah!”

Wang Feng: “As a singer, singing ability is the hard skill to eat! When you sing in the future, ah, pay attention to using more abdominal and pelvic resonance, don’t directly dry roar, and you can study my common engine singing style!”

Li Tiezhu: “Hey?”

Engine? Engine? Do you exhaust when you sing? Do leather trousers bulge?

Yehnela grabbed the words: “with the singing method has nothing to do, you study more western classical music and Chinese classical music. Believe me, my family used to be considered a royal relative, hundreds of years of royal music cultivation precipitation, some of the music it’s undisputed elegance.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ooh~”

Royal music? Good bullish look oh, however, isn’t that emperor of your family later reformed by labour?

Li Tiezhu wasn’t smart, but he also felt that something was wrong.

Shao Hua forced control of the scene: ”Alright, the two tutors are on point, thank you! Anything else you want to express, let’s vote instead, okay? Hey? Teacher Han Hong, are you listening to me?”

Han Hong froze, his gaze shifted away from the two playwrights, and said, “Sorry, too wonderful to watch and get lost.”

Seeing through and not saying anything!

Shaohua smiled awkwardly and unobtrusively, “Then, please ask the three tutors to vote for contestant Li Tiezhu. If Li Tiezhu receives three promotion votes, he will directly advance to the next round. If he receives two advancement votes, he will have to compete with Wang Chu and Lin Kai for the last advancement spot. Mentors get ready, three, two, one!”

Han Hong: Advancement.

Yehenara: eliminated.

Wang Feng: eliminated.

Shaohua: “……”

In my innocence, I never thought there was such a vote! This will be the Waterloo of my hosting career!


“Ouch not bad~”

Zhou, who had been tsk-tsking a few minutes ago, was no longer smiling, though not in anger, and shook his head.

“I say, it can’t be like this, right? It’s not easy for the Chinese singing world to produce a good seedling, you ……”

This was the break room of a certain versus game show, and the competition still had some time to go before it started. So, a few people were accompanying Zhou Dong to watch the live broadcast, since he was inspired last time, Zhou Dong also started to pay attention to Li Tiezhu.

Diagonally across the room, Wang Dazhao was gulping down clouds with a cigar in his mouth, “Do you think I’m bad or stupid?”

Zhou Dong wanted to say you are bad and stupid, but still held back, “You are not stupid.”

Wang Da Shao sneered, “Isn’t that right? I’m just simply bad and not stupid! Will make a big deal to greet under my own banner? Let someone do away with Li Tiezhu this round? The movement is so big that even you have heard about it! What do I want?”

Zhou Dong did not say anything and looked at him.

Wang Shao nodded, “That’s right! Xi Menghan! She’ll burn a lot of incense if she gets into the top ten at that level, and I’ve arranged it in such a way that it doesn’t conflict with Li Tiezhu. It’s not like she’s competing for first place, top three, or even top five, so why should I bother? Do I have a grudge against Li Tiezhu?”

Zhou Dong thoughtfully, “Eh?”

Wang Shao then a little embarrassed: “Yes! There is a little bit of bad blood, but then think about it I was probably cheated, that person deliberately use him to disgust me, I’m not so bad as to go after him. Besides, there’s still the resurrection match. Can the current Li Tiezhu block it? Although I’m annoyed with this fool, ……”

“Let’s believe you for once.”

“Love to believe or not. Li Tiezhu can’t block anyone, so they won’t let Li Tiezhu enter the top ten.”

“Ouch! That was a good kick by Ethan.”

“I’ll go, this is the show I invested in! What’s going on?”


“Pfft …… hey hey hey hey hey ……”

Chen Isen suddenly laughed, arching his back and twisting his head to look at Yehnela and Wang Feng, his face red as a pig’s liver, and his veins bulging at the corners of his forehead.

Han Hong’s face was indifferent.

The person in question, Li Tiezhu, cocked his head and fumed, two mentors, one supports my singing, one supports my creation, and supports me and eliminates me.

Senior, you two are really good at this!

The whole audience was silent, originally most of them were ready to applaud and cheer Li Tiezhu’s advancement, but they were suddenly fed a mouthful of shit.

Even a small number of not powder Li Tiezhu, also did not expect this result, Li Tiezhu no matter how to say advancement is still no problem.

Live pop-ups are even more screen ?????

Live, even the chief director Hong Bo stayed, it seems that this is not a certain big young man can do the extent of ah, it seems to reach out to a lot of big men, really …… put the old man this director as a night pot?

Yehenara smiled at Li Tiezhu, “Tiezhu, don’t blame sis, sis really quite appreciate you, I this elimination vote is not against you, it is against Wang Feng.”

Wang Feng said indifferently, “Me too, Tie Zhu you are great, cheers.”

Li Tiezhu: “Wow~”

Although Shaohua was hard to understand, as the host, he could only announce the result, “Unfortunately, this round Li Tiezhu ……”


Chen Yisen exclaimed, then collected his oddly oozing smile and looked at Wang Feng, “It can’t be changed?”

Wang Feng shook his head.

Then, Chen Isen looked at Yehenara again, “I changed your vote for you in your round, so?”

Yehenara: “It’s different, Ethan, it’s about my musical principles.”


Hara Nima!!!

The crowd starts to whisper, with some yelling “shady”.


Chen Ethan stared at Yehnara for a few more moments before he sluggishly sat back down in his chair, a deep sense of powerlessness striking his body as he was deep now in his chair, his brow furrowed and his expression stiff.

I, Chen Isen, will not allow others to bully my own brother.

Shao Hua continued, “In that case, then I have to announce that Li Tiezhu Tao ……”


A table in the tutor’s seat flew out and rolled two and a half times on the ground in front of the stage.

Chen Ison kicked the table away.

The whole room fell silent and the atmosphere was treacherous.

Then, Chen Isen rolled over and jumped off the tutor’s seat, removed the microphone on his body, slammed it on the ground, and walked quickly towards the passage with a sullen face.

“Teacher Ethan?”

Shao Hua was baffled, he left again? Eh? Again? Yeah, this is the second time!

Yehenara said, “What does he mean? Who is he scaring?”

Wang Feng: “Incompetent rage.”

At this moment, a chubby figure walked past in front of the two of them and did not look at them, but they both instinctively shrank back.

Han Hong trembled as he walked towards the entrance of the passageway, “I’m also incapable of raging a handful of times.”