The Rockstar Chapter 99

The originally restless live audience, seeing the two tutors angrily leaving the table, was also encouraged, instantly drumming up, clamouring and shouting in a chaotic mess.


“Go Li Tiezhu!”

“Rubbish tutor!”

“Ye …… me XXX ……”

“Get out of The Voice ……”

“King Leather Pants Shabby!”

“Take it off the air, shitty show!”

There was more talent on the pop-ups, exasperated with talent:

“Ethan zoomed in!”

“Put it in the wrong direction, the wild is on the left.”

“The two teachers are wrong? Li Tiezhu can’t be eliminated? What kind of character is Chen Isen kicking the table?”

“Silly dog die away!”

“It’s me I can’t stand it either.”

“Those two are real dogs, and big stars, they don’t even want their faces.”

“Royal music, pfft ……”

“Engine singing, hahaha ……”

“Tie Zhu is so pathetic, being hacked.”

“Don’t panic, there’s still the resurrection match, Brother Serious will definitely return as the king.”

“I’m not coming back, I’m not coming back to this rubbish programme.”

“Right! Strike.”

Wang Zegang was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan: “Director Hong, what are you waiting for? Cut the live broadcast ah! Then you personally go on stage to stabilise the situation and then resume the live broadcast.”

Hong Bo ignored, head down, drinking water, some people’s hands stretched too long, really take me as a clay Bodhisattva?

Wang Zegang shouted towards the exit, “Teacher Ethan! Teacher Han Hong! You guys don’t leave first.”

Ethan Chen was already at the door and couldn’t hear him.

Han Hong slowly waved his hand towards Wang Zegang without answering, and gave a roar in mid-air:


Her voice was extremely penetrating.

Although Chen Ethan was angry, he still turned back at the entrance of the passageway when he heard that it was Han Hong’s voice, and his attitude was not good to say the least.

Wang Zegang cold sweat straight down, Han Hong teacher called Ethan, finally there is still room for redemption.

Chen Ethan: “I am not going to go back, they are simply insulting music ……”

Han Hong: “I said wait for me, sister take you to jerk off.”

Chen Isen froze, then laughed and shouted towards some fool on stage, “Hey! What are you still being stupid for? Go jerk off ah! Sister Hong’s treat!”

Ethan really liked Li Tiezhu, not the trainee kind of appreciation, more like treating a little brother.

It starts with talent and ends with character.

At the word, Li Tiezhu twisted his head and looked at him with firm eyes, I …… am not hungry yet.

No, it is I can t go yet.

The old man can t just be black for nothing, this time will be reported! If it was before, Li Tiezhu would have peeled off his leather trousers and hanged him to beat him. Now can not, level high can not use the old means.

What to do?

Li Tiezhu began to call the system for the first time ever:

Laozi wants to fuck those two, you quote a price!

System father you coarse come!

[Revenge items are automatically generated according to the host’s situation, priced at 10 IQ points.]


Li Tiezhu didn’t even blink an eye.

Can be stupid can be stupid, but absolutely can not be bullied, humiliated, this is the only bottom line of Li Tiezhu, after all, even the cat was counter-jerked not?

[Consuming 10 points of intelligence value, revenge item purchase success]

Current intelligence value: 85 points.

[Ding! The host opens a new mission, congratulations to the host for opening a new challenge ……]

New mission? A new challenge?

Not a revenge project? Labour’s kryptonite.

[Revenge mission: live on Jitterbug in 24 hours, seriously appreciate the superior taste of royal music, practically implement the explosive power of engine singing, and pay homage to your two mentors. With ten songs. Completion goal: The number of people in the live broadcast room breaks ten million, and the number of fans breaks ten million. Reward: IQ value 20 points + Beginner’s Singing]

There’s still money to be made?

Li Tiezhu slightly excited with a little sadness, it turns out ……

My singing ability is not even elementary ah?

Putting aside Chen Yi Sen’s meticulous guidance and coaching, Li Tiezhu sings purely by voice, without the slightest skill to speak of, the entry level.

Wait, ten songs?

Let me listen to …… forehead! Well, it’s really only suitable for repaying the two mentors ah! These songs are amazing, superb.

It was hard to draw back his energy from the system, and Li Tiezhu saw Teacher Ethan flailing at him.

Chen Ethan: “Come down ah! Still singing my arse, with your talent, with your work, you still need this crap show?”

Li Tiezhu said, “No! You have to do things with a beginning and an end. It’s not good for you to stop halfway like this.”

Chen Yisen: “You puffer! Believe it or not, I’ll K you?”

Li Tiezhu: “You can’t beat me, don’t waste your effort.”


Han Hong patted him: “Let’s go, just the two of us, this child ah, axis very much! I just like this shafting energy of his!”

Shaohua seized the opportunity and rushed over to softly persuade the two tutors to go back. Naturally, no one cared about him, but invited him to go jerking together, Shao Hua said that can not, I recently not only mouth ulcers, but also constipation.

Meanwhile, in the area where the director’s team is located, Wang Zegang’s legs are all soft, finished: “Director Hong? Director Hong! Do something!”

The whole of Northwest China was in chaos!

Hong Bo held up his gold-rimmed glasses, calm as a match, and said with the skilled “want to say something” technique:

“No hurry, don’t be anxious, can’t panic when things happen! Wang ah, you see this mess, right? There is nothing, more chaotic only good it …… a programme that is not in my control, what ……”.

Wang Zegang: “???”

Big Brother! What time is this? Still keeping it in suspense?

Hong Bo bet a mouthful of Thousand Year Old Mountain: ”What …… need is there to exist? Either give me absolute power or destroy it! This water Thief Gil is hard to drink and wants me to drink it every show! KAM!”

Drip-drip-drip, the phone rings.

Wang Zegang was shocked, who didn’t mute their mobile phone at work?

When the commotion in the field started, Hong Bo turned the mobile phone ringer on, and he picked up the phone: ”Hello? Ah, this is it? Bye.”

Hanging up the phone, he continued to drink his water.

Wang Zegang’s face was suddenly solemn as he saw the name of the caller on the mobile phone screen, and his pupils widened.

Sure enough!

I’m still a little white ah!

Ticktock ……

The phone rings again.

Hong Bo picked up the phone and looked at it for five seconds before picking up the phone, “Well …… well …… why don’t you think about it again? Ah …… this is okay.”

The surroundings were extraordinarily noisy, and Wang Zegang could not hear what the big brother on the other end of the phone said.

Hanging up the phone once again, Hong Bo looked at the frozen Li Tiezhu on the stage, as well as Shao Hua, who was trying his best to persuade Han Hong and Chen Yisen, and then looked at the chaotic and noisy audience behind him that was like a battlefield, and then finally dropped his gaze on the two mentors who were still in their positions.


As soon as Hong Bo reached out his hand, Wang Ze Gang delivered the microphone, and finally, it was time for this mess to stop! After all, the price had been negotiated, so it was time to stop in time.

Deng Deng Deng ……

At this time, a familiar guitar sound rang out, and through the live sound, the sound was not small, and it overshadowed the other sounds for a moment.

Hong Bo, who was about to go on stage to “quell the rebellion”, froze, what is that guy going to do?

The audience also stopped and looked at the guy playing the piano on the stage.

Under the pretext of “eating spicy string thin constipation will be fine”, dragged Shaohua to the exit of the Chen Yi Sen also stopped, and Han Hong together to look at the stage.

The two tutors sitting on the stage, also frowned, they are not afraid to make a big deal, anyway, they are “for the good of Li Tiezhu”!

Li Tie Zhu played the guitar a few times, then put it down again, and said, “May we go out for half a lifetime, and come back as teenagers!”

Then, he chose to sing cleanly:

I’m still the same teenager as before

I haven’t changed a bit.